#qi-hardware IRC log for Wednesday, 2013-04-03

wpwrakhmm, who is tracking the patches that should be on their way to upstream ? xiangfu ?16:04
kristianpauli hope so16:04
wpwrakspecifically, these two: 0020-qi_lb60-NAND-add-data-partition.patch16:07
wpwrakand 0008-qi_lb60-Don-t-use-3-wire-spi-mode-for-the-display-fo.patch16:07
wpwrakthe first is by xiangfu, the second by lars16:08
larsc*bing* *bing* *bing* And we have a lucky volunteer16:09
wpwrakanother issue is the boot command line. the one we get from u-boot doesn't have preinit, so it seems it'll need the kernel hack. i wonder if we wouldn't be better off adding preinit and put the issue to rest for good (this may break other distributions, though)16:10
wpwrakplan B would be to compile the command line into the kernel16:10
wpwraklarsc: thanks for volunteering ! ;-)16:10
wpwraklarsc: how was Romania ?16:11
larscwpwrak: I'm still here until friday16:11
wpwrakah, plenty of time to explore then :)16:12
larscor saturday I think16:12
wpwrakeven better :)16:12
larscplenty of time to explore the office ;)16:12
larscand in the evening the bars16:12
wpwrakyou have to have priorities :)16:13
larscthe plan for friday night is to checkout downtown and then just hop right onto the plane on saturday morning ;)16:27
pcercueiplane to where?16:27
wpwrakthat's clubbing at its best ! go out all night, take a shower, and sleep it off on the plane16:28
pcercueioh, you're in Romania, nice!16:28
larscI'm not quite sure yet whether I'm going to stick to that plan or not16:29
wpwrakkyak: atusb.c should now be ready for a moderate level of fun: git://github.com/wpwrak/ben-wpan-linux.git20:23
wpwrak(still in the master branch)20:24
--- Thu Apr 4 201300:00

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