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qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: atusb/fw/: echo back TX ACK sequence number; don't panic if driver times out TX (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-wpan/367c1ab02:19
wpwraknice. atusb can now overrun atben :)02:27
kyak(global variables in tcc) the last message from Rob is very valid. I just don't understand why he can't as easily expand it to multiple C files05:29
larschm, I find it real hard to say whether this was a April fools joke or not http://www.meetingcpp.com/index.php/br/items/a-look-at-c14-papers-part-2.html06:22
viricwpwrak: what do you think of the answer? http://lists.nongnu.org/archive/html/tinycc-devel/2013-04/threads.html07:32
viricI think I agree with Rob07:32
wpwrakviric: seems that K&R leaves this indeed somewhat unclear. but they also mention that it's commonly extended to multiple translation (compilation) units. not sure if later standards take a more explicit position there.09:35
viricwell, K&R (and c99, it's the same paragraph) talk explicitly about translation unit09:39
viric"If no definition for the object appears in the                            09:39
virictranslation unit, all its tentative definitions become a single09:39
viricdefinition with initializer 0."09:39
viricSo, *in a translation unit*, it ends up becoming *a definition*.09:40
wpwrakK&R also mention the whole program in the footnote09:40
viricwpwrak: what section?09:42
wpwrakindented paragraph in small italics at the end of A10.209:45
wpwrakpage 227 (K&R 2nd Ed.)09:45
kyaki think this equally applies to multiple translation units09:53
kyaki don't see a reason why it has to be different09:53
whitequarkare you *still* discussing `int a;`?!10:54
Fallenou_that's a pretty complex C instruction 11:19
kyaki can't help noticing that the whole discussion took place on the 1st of April :)11:51
kyakso people from tcc might have taken it as a joke anyway :)11:53
viricwpwrak: right I see the paragraph12:04
viric"Some implementations relax it by generalizing the notion of tentative definition."12:04
viricwpwrak: but iso C99 has the writing more like applying only to a single translation unit12:06
kyakdoesn't matter, because "it is in effect identical to the one stated here"12:06
kyaktcc needs a lawyer :)12:07
viricwpwrak: in fact, that 2nd edition says: "For objects with external linkage, it applies to the entire program. "12:07
wpwrakwhitequark: who cares about tcc anyway ? ;-)12:56
wpwrakkewl. seems that the flooding of buenos aires even killed the mobile networks. that doesn't ususally happen.22:11
wpwrakor rather, made them reset, kicking out subscribers. cycling the phone seems to bring back the service. tough technology :)22:28
whitequarkeh GSM22:42
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