#qi-hardware IRC log for Tuesday, 2013-03-26

hellekinJoural of Self-Assembly and Molecular Assembly (SAME) http://riverpublishers.com/river_publisher/journal_details_manage.php?page=journal_articles&issn=2245-4551&vol=1&issue=102:06
hellekingood night :)02:06
hellekindreaming of nanobots02:07
hellekin moin... There are the abstracts for the link I posted yesterday: http://riverpublishers.com/river_publisher/pdf/ebook/SAME2012_Abstract_Book.pdf11:54
lekernelhellekin, cool12:29
hellekinlekernel: MilkyGoo? :)12:59
hellekin///win 114:17
wpwrakcongratulations ! ;-)14:19
hellekin:] What's up wpwrak?14:20
wpwraki was congratulating you on winning one ... of whatever :)14:22
hellekinyes I got that. I was asking for news :)15:56
wpwrakah, busy job hunting. and fighting with the intricacies of mutt and accented characters. the two are related ...15:57
hellekinI need to write a CV. Last time I did that was in 1999 I think16:01
larscyou take the 1999 version and add one entry for what you did since then ;)16:28
wpwraklarsc: may also depend on what he's been applying for back then. e.g., if it was for membership in the British or Chilean armed forces, the old CV may emphasize items that wouldn't sit so well with a prospective Argentine employer16:34
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