#qi-hardware IRC log for Friday, 2013-03-22

wpwrakwhee ! connected again ! this time, internet access of the whole building was down (some fault that needed an electrician and the catv companies to work together)15:53
larscwelcome to the club, my internet was down for 4 days16:02
wpwrakwow. are we having global 3rd world week ? :)16:11
whitequarkhehe http://gcc.gnu.org/gcc-4.8/changes.html17:03
whitequarkgcc now shows errors in clang style17:03
larscI think it already did this in the previous release17:09
larscbut, yea, it's good to see that competition causes improvements on both sides17:09
pcercueidid what?17:21
larscshowing errors in clang style17:23
larscE.g. Error: Missing semicolon17:24
larscfoo(1, 2)17:25
larsc         ^17:25
pcercueilarsc: btw, mtune=mips32r2 doesn't seem optimal for the JZ17:39
pcercueisometimes mtune=r4600 gives better performance17:40
larscwell the xburst has it's own pipeline anyway17:40
larscso the instruction scheduling is probably never optimal17:41
pcercueibut that could be enhanced, no?17:41
larscyes, if you teach gcc about the xburst pipeline17:41
viricpcercuei: do you see big differences?21:19
pcercueiviric, well I'd need a real benchmark first21:21
viricok I thought you were there already21:22
whitequarklarsc: if only the improvements weren't about the look and feel.21:27
whitequark*just the look and feel.21:30
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