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mwcampbellIs it true that the Ben has a built-in microphone as well as a speaker?00:32
mwcampbellIs audio part of the XBurst SoC, or is it provided by a separate hardware component?00:43
kristianpaulI think is part of the SoC yes00:45
mwcampbellHas anyone measured the minimum latency of audio I/O on the Ben, particularly when audio is going in both directions at the same time?00:47
mwcampbell(presumably using headphones for output, to avoid feedback)00:47
kristianpaulhmm dunno, i remenber some discussion on the mailing list but not sure if that included audio latency01:08
mwcampbellDoes the stock OpenWrt image on the Ben have Ethernet-over-USB and telnetd enabled by default?01:12
kristianpauljust first time you run it01:16
kristianpaulso you can set root passwd if i remenber well01:17
mwcampbellSo on the first boot, if I've connected the Ben to a Linux PC and set up the host according to the USB Ethernet instructions, I'll be able to telnet into the Ben without having to do anything on the device's console?01:19
mwcampbell(except power it on of course)01:19
kristianpaulyes you should01:24
kristianpaulha lovelly http://www.pvv.org/~oma/DeepC_Scandev_Mar2013.pdf01:25
mwcampbellGiven that the keyboard is so small, I wonder how many words per minute one can type on it, and whether it can be done effectively by touch only.01:27
mwcampbell(I get my Ben in a few days)01:27
kristianpaulah good (got Ben), wellcome  :-)!01:29
kristianpauli dint wrote too much on mine so i cant said honestly01:29
uncloudedI prefer the Ben's keyboard to that of my N900 but it's not the same as a real keyboard of course01:29
mwcampbellDid the Ben's price increase sometime in the past year? I read a couple of places that it was $99, but I got mine for $149 from Sharism.01:51
mwcampbellAlso, just curious, is Sharism the manufacturer or simply the main distributor?01:55
kristianpaulyes it was 99 before02:01
kristianpaulsharism/qi-hw actually free the device specs, electronic diagrams, software ports02:02
kristianpaulbut the device was not design by sharism it self02:02
mwcampbellI just found the mailing list post from last May when the price increase was announced. Good to know they have a third product in the works.02:06
mwcampbellI briefly thought about buying the Milkymist One since the core is completely open, but a pocket computer interested me more than a video synthesizer.02:07
mwcampbellplus the Milkymist is expensive02:07
kristianpaulWhy you buyed the Ben?02:08
mwcampbellI'm interested in a pocket computer that's designed to be hacked, as opposed to a locked-down, proprietary device.02:09
mwcampbellI'm not sure what application(s) I will write for it yet02:09
mwcampbellprobably something involving audio02:09
mwcampbellI'm not a hardware hacker, though I've done low-level assembler coding in the past02:10
mwcampbell(a long time ago, on an Apple IIGS, and then some x86 assembler on the PC)02:11
mwcampbellI wonder how many NanoNotes Sharism/Qi-Hardware had to commit to making and selling in order to get the price as low as it is. Just curious about how all that works.02:22
mwcampbellI have a product idea that could be done with that SoC but would require a somewhat different hardware design (different keyboard, maybe no screen)02:23
mwcampbellThe idea is a pocket computer designed for blind people, using a braille keyboard (total of 9 keys)02:24
kristianpaulI remenber i heard orders about of thousands per batch, no sure, altought if that amount really can keep prices low to be honest.02:25
mwcampbellThese things already exist. They're usually called note-takers, because they were first used for taking notes, especially by blind students, though more recent ones have PDA-like functionality02:25
mwcampbellthe existing devices in this category are mostly Windows CE based, and expensive02:25
mwcampbellWhen I get my Ben, one of the first things I'll do is find out if it can run the espeak text-to-speech program02:28
mwcampbellAnyone know of a way to add Bluetooth to the Ben?02:33
kristianpaulsince the lack of usb host, just remain a serial port or UBB bit banging03:28
kyakmwcampbell: i suggest that you start with exploration of existing capabilities04:05
kyakfo example it ships with flute04:06
kyakwgich btw is integrated with qstardict04:07
kyaki mean, dont waste your time inventing a wheel04:08
kyakoh, that would be flite04:53
whitequarkkristianpaul: hehe, that is an excellent set of slides06:57
whitequarkthe part about "braindead programming language" is essentially correct :p06:57
lekernelwolfspraul, https://github.com/stacksmith/fpgasm22:48
whitequarkit seems to be a lower-level variant of verilog22:52
whitequarknot sure what the point is22:53
lekernelno proprietary synthesis, mapping and p&r22:57
lekerneljust proprietary xdl->bitstream22:58
whitequarklekernel: source?22:58
whitequarkit strikes me as having extremely simple source for the project of such scale22:59
whitequarkI mean it's 2.5 KLOC of C++23:01
whitequarkI significantly doubt it does anything interesting on its own23:01
Action: whitequark is browsing the source right now23:01
lekernelit smoothes away some xdl ugliness23:02
lekernelnot sure if c++ 23:02
lekernelis so much better though ;)23:02
whitequarklekernel: the source is horrible but that's not the point23:03
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