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mwcampbellThe Ben NanoNote can act as a USB device but not as a USB host, correct?01:10
uncloudedas standard, yes.  some have experimented with USB HOST via extra hardware plugged in to the uSD slot01:14
mwcampbellWhat USB device classes can be implemented on the Ben?01:19
mwcampbellIs it just charging and serial console, or is there a USB device implementation in the kernel?01:20
uncloudedsorry I don't know.  it supports USB networking out of the box01:21
mwcampbellah OK01:21
mwcampbellDoes it hcarge the battery via USB?01:21
kyakviric: thanks!05:38
Fallenouwhitequark: I just googled something, and I ended up on stackoverflow ... on your answer :)13:40
Fallenouthe web is small13:40
Fallenouthanks for the answer ;)13:41
whitequarkFallenou: yeah :)14:19
kyakviric: awesome idea with css for feed_unread!15:27
kyakguess we should utilize css more15:27
viricwithout css, it looks quite bad15:30
kyakyeah, i made it red15:34
kyakviric: another small patch :)17:24
virickyak: patch rejected ;)  You didn't write a button18:27
kyakviric: i know, but it's the way the other links are handled18:42
kyakcrawlers? do you expose your feeds to the Internet? :)18:44
kyaklol, they will indeed follow it and mark your feeds as read18:44
whitequarkif you do, PLEASE make sure you do not invoke any destructive actions on GET18:44
kyakthat's funny18:44
kyakthis is kinds what happens, whitequark :)18:45
whitequarkI've been bitten by that, a delete link for a torrent web frontend which responded to GET18:45
whitequarkfucking PHP18:45
kyakviric: it's easy to make it button.. But it's going to be ugly as shit18:45
kyakfirst two links, then a button18:45
kyakwondering why crawlers are not followign buttons though18:46
kyakperhaps some do?18:46
whitequarkkyak: that's hardcoded18:46
whitequarkcrawlers only do GETs.18:46
whitequarkwell, unless they are malicious.18:47
whitequarkRails has a js plugin which makes the link send a POST when you click on it, or PUT/DELETE if that's semantic.18:47
whitequarkyou might want to employ this technique too.18:47
kyakwait a second.. all of these button are GET :)18:47
whitequarkthen crawlers might follow them.18:48
kyakand they probably will18:48
kyakviric: all your feeds are belong to crawlers ;)18:48
whitequarkthis is webdev 101 ;)18:49
kyakwell.. there are individual "mark as read" button per each item - which are also GET18:49
whitequarkalso here is a nice overview of attacks which will be applied to your webapp if it is ever exposed to the public internet: http://guides.rubyonrails.org/security.html18:50
virickyak: but crawlers don't follow form buttons18:50
kyakviric: how about making all three links on the main page as buttons?18:51
viricok, but we should write some function that writes buttons easily18:51
kyakyeah, there are plentyfull of bad things that can happen, but i really don't plan to expose it to internet. and i don't have too. At worst, i'll be running it on my server and tunneling the thing via ssh18:52
kyakviric: yeah, buttons handling is bad now.. Mainly because we need to construct the whole query, as i mentioned before - so each button form has inputs for all other possible states18:53
viricbut that can be made a function18:54
viricI'm busy with another thing now though :)18:54
kyaksure, it makes sense18:54
kyakare the params of the function fixed? like the first one is "show read", second "local images" so on?18:54
kyakjust passing booleans to this function18:55
kyakor maybe pass "param-value" as text?18:55
whitequarkrumor has it that they (the govt, bribed by 3G operators in Moscow) want to withdraw the rights to the 4G spectrum from the only sane operator19:09
whitequarkif that happens I'm fucking leaving this fucking country19:10
whitequarkhttp://www.vedomosti.ru/tech/news/10077971/chastoty_yota_zaputalis_v_sude?utm_source=twitter&utm_media=post&utm_campaign=vedomosti&utm_content=link :(((19:10
whitequarkbecause the spectrum apparently should have been auctioned or whatever19:11
kyak- ! ^)19:11
whitequarkthey already did that once, removing the WiMAX spectrum from the same operator. they proceeded to give an LTE modem to each of their clients, by courier, in a few days19:11
whitequarkI don't even want to know how much did that cost19:11
kyakso what's going to happen? The spectrum, which is now solely owned by one company (for not so obvious reasons), will be auctioned19:14
whitequarkthis probably was the only thing made in Russia of which I was truly proud. argh.19:15
whitequarkkyak: you don't understand19:15
whitequarkfor more than 15 years a cartel of three operators exist. MTS, Beeline and Megafon19:15
whitequarkthey do everything possible in order to forbid anyone else from entering the moscow market19:15
whitequarkTele2 e.g.19:15
kyakalso true19:15
whitequarkYota is very obviously a threat to them19:15
whitequarkI heard Yota has planned a VoLTE service19:16
whitequarkthis was probably a fatal decision for them19:16
whitequarkit is well known that spectrum auctions here are unfair, at best, or rigged19:16
kyaki'm not sure about that.. Yota was not doing well recently.. They closed several of their services, like Yota music19:16
kyakthe quality of their service is also degrading, as i hear19:17
whitequark(unfair because you e.g. cannot start deploy your network if you don't have spectrum, *and* you have to pay for spectrum even while the network isn't deployed)19:17
whitequarkkyak: degrading? not so, it is very good, from my experience19:17
kyakand it's not quite clear why a single company owns the spectrum anyway..19:17
whitequarkthat's a solid 1Mbit practically everywhere in the city19:17
kyakso it wasnt right from the very beginning19:17
whitequarkbefore you start about "right things", please proceed to disband the cartel.19:18
whitequarkotherwise it's plain hypocritical.19:18
kyakYota is the same "band". .nothing different19:18
whitequarkyes, there IS a difference19:18
kyakso it's just another fight between bandits19:18
whitequarknamely yota doesn't try to rob ME. they offer a great service for sane price.19:19
kyakthey are fighting for the money, we get to watch19:19
whitequarkI don't fucking care 19:19
kyakif they had a competitor, the price would be completely different. have a look at cable providers. I'm paying the same price for 8 years now, and my speed increased from 128 kbit to 80 mbit19:20
whitequarkI don't know if you're right about the rights to the spectrum or not19:20
whitequarkit might be either way19:20
whitequarkkyak: um what? it's the cartel which should have a competitor19:20
whitequarkand they obviously see one and try to deal with it19:21
kyakyes, they should have a competitor as well, i agree19:22
kyakeveryone should have a competitor19:22
whitequarkYota is good enough so that I bought a $450 smartphone specifically to use with their spectrum19:23
whitequarkit would be a pity if they die before I have a chance on that :D19:23
kyakwhat's that beast you got? :)19:24
whitequarkLGE971, basically Nexus 4 with LG firmware and LTE19:24
whitequarkwill reflash to cyanogenmod obviously19:24
kyakyou will have a chance if you come visit Sochi.. probably19:24
kyakthere are plans to deploy LTE there19:25
whitequarkMegafon already has LTE AFAIK19:25
whitequarkbut it's nowhere near Yota19:25
whitequarkplus it arrives tomorrow so...19:25
kyakhm.. what;s so different?19:25
whitequarkkyak: yota is strictly unlimited, no traffic shaping (download torrents or stream video as long as you want), and you pay for the reserved bandwidth19:26
whitequarkwhich you can update at any moment19:26
whitequarkmegafon obviously has much stricter and less advantageous to me options19:26
kyakbtw, does Yota work in the metro?19:28
whitequarkkyak: nope, but neither does any operator except Beeline19:28
whitequarkand Beeline's service is sub-par everywhere, much so in the metro.19:28
kyakwell, i'm sure yota is going to be just fine there.. The people behind it are not simpletons as well19:32
mwcampbellI read that the battery life of the Ben has been measured at about 13 hours when the computer is turned on and idle, with the screen off. That doesn't seem like good battery life for an idle system. Is there any potential for improving power management at the OS level?21:30
larscwell you can always suspend the system, in suspend the battery lasts a few weeks21:33
mwcampbellah, I didn't know the Ben had a suspend mode.21:34
larscnewer kernels even have that android optimistic suspend support, so the system goes to suspend when it is idle21:35
mwcampbellHow can the Ben be awakened from its suspended state? Does it have to be via the keyboard, or can it also be triggered by a timer or microSDIO card?21:46
Jurting_pc2Family photo: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/27664071/pic/rand/CIMG1046_lq.JPG :322:10
Jurting_pc2Too bad my school netbook is in school, otherwise i would have had a 10" too :P22:12
mwcampbellI read that the Ben can be overclocked. So can it be underclocked, too? And if so, would that increase the battery life by much?22:17
pcercueimwcampbell: I have numbers for the A320 which has a very similar hardware23:21
mwcampbellWhat is the A320 in this context?23:21
pcercueidingoo A320, a chinese handheld gaming console23:22
pcercueirunning a custom Linux distribution23:23
mwcampbellBTW, I'm a little confused about what Qi Hardware is. Is Qi Hardware a company, or simply the name of the community?23:25
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