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wpwrakwhitequark: memory is somewhat slow, yes. i don't recall the exact numbers but at least your memory frequency sounds pausible. but i wasn't even referring to memory bandwidth but to memory size.00:11
wpwrak(good air) you're in china now ? :)00:11
whitequarkwpwrak: mooooscowww00:14
whitequarkbut yes I did think of china for a minute00:14
whitequark(memory size) yeah, 32 is too low for realistic linux in 2012 :/00:15
whitequarker 2013 already00:15
wpwrakit was even a great struggle to get urjtag to run on the ben. had to enable swap to compressed ram.00:16
wpwrak(urjtag uses a particularly memory-hungry approach for sending xilinx bitstreams)00:17
whitequarkyeah I remember that00:17
whitequarkright now there's a great deal of activity for integrating mips16 in llvm00:18
whitequarkI wonder how much that would save on ben, considering it'd support mips1600:18
whitequark(it's like thumb/arm, there's a trivial expansion step before instruction decoder)00:19
whitequarkI also wonder who the fuck needs mips anymore00:19
lekernelhi wolfspraul 14:37
lekernelwolfspraul, someone emailed me about buying a M1 and sharism.cc being down - what's your actual position on this? are you still selling M1s or not?15:14
lekernelI'm fine with either answer, and thanks for everything you have done for this project - I just want to know what I should tell him...15:15
lekernelif you don't reply within a week I will assume you don't.15:15
whitequarklekernel: he did sell an M1 here to someone, quite recently15:21
lekernelyes, but I got that email on Tuesday - after that IRC discussion. I forwarded it to wolfspraul, no reply yet...15:23
kyakviric: google reader is officially shutting down15:53
kyakprobably it's a good chance to think about migrating to something i can really control.. i don't want to rely on another web-site15:54
kyakhow is offrss doing? :)15:55
virickyak: perfect :)16:06
virickyak: that's what I use at least.16:07
viricit doesn't feature 'stars' or things like that though.16:07
kyakdon't need this crap16:22
kyakdo you "mark all as read" feature? :) i use this one very often16:23
kyakanyway, will try to build now.. not yet sure how i want it to run - all on my laptop and update feeds manually or have it run on my server...16:24
kyaki don't need to access it from other locations (or very rarely), so probably i will just run it locally for now16:25
kyaki wish it would understand opml format though..16:43
kyakviric: for now i'm using the feedurls.txt like you shown in "Usage"16:46
kyakthere is an error: offrss: offrss.c:128: open_meta: Assertion `f != ((void *)0)' failed.16:46
viricisn't opml a mess?16:46
viricwhat a bad software. :)16:46
kyakand then "Wrong format version in files/dilbert/feedinfo"16:46
viricha. I'll try16:46
viricdo you use trunk?16:47
viricah 1.3 is latest16:47
kyakviric: opml is basically is just xml.. perhaps it's a mess, i don't know - but it's an "industry standard" for RSS :) i don't see it a big problem, i can convert opml to offrss format though..16:47
kyakim usin 1.316:47
viricah you started "-w" without "-u" before?16:48
kyakok, it updated16:48
kyakthis is what i did :))16:48
kyaki then i pressed "update" in web ui16:48
viricand you got wrong format?16:48
kyakit's back to normal now16:49
kyakbut i think i can reproduce it.. i'll try to remove files and run again16:49
kyakso yeah, just run offrss -w in a clean directory and press "Update feeds" in web ui16:50
viricI can't see the format thing. But the Assert yes16:50
kyaki don't see the format thing now as well :)16:50
kyakyou need to press "use remote images"16:51
kyakthen you will see it16:51
viricon dilbert?16:52
viriccan't see it16:52
kyakon dilbert16:52
whitequarkuh rss fetcher in C16:52
kyakError parsing url http://img72.imageshack.us/img72/1486/angstvorclowns.jpg: curl error 2816:52
whitequarkI wonder how much security holes it has16:52
kyakthis is another message16:52
viricwhitequark: noone knows16:52
whitequarkviric: :(16:53
viricwill fix once reported. :)16:53
kyakdon't use rss feeds you don't trust :)16:53
virickyak: ah yes, fails to download it I think.16:53
viricI've seen much more security holes in php than in offrss. ;)16:54
viriceven ruby.16:54
kyakviric: sometimes it just sits in "Updating..." forever.. iguess it's because of errors16:54
virickyak: network timeouts16:54
viricthe timeout is hardcoded somewhere, if you don't have patience.16:54
kyakok.. anyway.. let's see how it goes.. i've packaged offrss for arch linux in the meantime.. https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/offrss/16:55
viricAh brave16:55
viricare you an arch maintainer? or anyone can package that?16:55
kyakit's user repository16:55
virichaven't you added podofo? :)16:56
kyaknope :)16:56
viricIt's a nice feature.16:56
kyaki decided to go one bit at a time16:56
viric:) ok16:56
kyakbtw, i'm building as make PDF_CFLAGS= PDF_LDFLAGS= PDF_OBJECTS=16:56
kyakprobably easir than to comment those things16:56
viricup to you16:56
viricMaybe I should use some USE_PODOFO=1 or so16:57
kyakoh yeah, would make sense16:57
kyakviric: is it possible to use spaces in "feedid"?17:01
kyakgives me some errors17:01
virickyak: no. spaces separate from url17:01
virickyak: updated the Makefile thing in trunk17:02
kyaki see.. you use that as a file name17:03
kyakand you are blacklisting many symbols :)17:04
viricfor people like whitequark 17:04
viricI don't remember much of the code now. hehe17:05
viricit just worksf or me.17:05
kyakluckily, you don't have to remember the code for it to keep working :)17:05
viricnah, it's C.17:06
viricIt's not like .. the server upgraded from php4 to php5, or python2 to python3, ...17:06
kyakviric: luckily, you missed the '\t'17:15
kyakwhich works fine instead of the space :)17:15
kyaknow i have "dilbert?arse" directory (or dilbert^Iarse)17:16
kyakno, probably not so fine17:17
kyakthe tab gets swallowed in web interface17:17
kyakwhat google does.. is it uses the feed url in address bar, not feed name17:20
kyakgogole reader17:21
viricaddress bar?17:21
kyaki mean, you could use http://localhost:8090/http://feeds.feedburner.com/DilbertDailyStrip instead of http://localhost:8090/dilbert17:22
kyakof course, url encoded17:22
virictricky google.17:22
kyakor even could use some internal auto-generated identifer17:22
kyakbut these are fantasies..17:23
viricis this mess in order to get a unique string from opml?17:23
kyaki thought dilbert%20arse would work.. but it displays the literal string. ok17:24
kyakviric: i want to have spaces in feed names :)17:24
kyaklikes "Films 2013"17:25
virichm ok17:25
viricfilesystems can handle spaces17:25
kyaknot "Films_2013"17:25
viricI use underscore17:25
viriclet me check17:25
viricI can reproduce the wrong forma17:34
kyakmeanwhile, i was trying to exclude space from banned chars and use | as a separator of feed name and feed url.. but it breaks something - i see empty feeds17:35
virickyak: https://viric.name/cgi-bin/offrss/info/91f9fc3e3817:36
kyaklemme try this17:37
kyakwhat about char bad[]?17:38
viricannoying in bash17:38
viriclet me check that blacklist :)17:39
kyakperfect, it works!17:39
viricthe title_to_filename thing is not for your feed names17:40
viricit's for the posts17:40
kyakah, ok17:40
virickyak: https://viric.name/cgi-bin/offrss/info/539a77f2df and this is for the 'wrong file version' thing17:40
kyakviric: did you accumulate enough changes to bump a new version? :)17:41
viricI'll make a new version if you test it more :)17:41
kyakor probably it's better to try it on some real data..17:41
kyakyeah, that;s what i meant17:41
kyakso now i'm off to convert opml file to offrss format17:42
kyakError: not authorized to clonet: 0  received: 017:44
viricno? ouch17:44
kyakwhen trying to fossil clone17:44
viricpermissions updated17:45
viricyou are good at finding problems17:45
viricthank you :)17:45
kyakthe first time i see fossil.. it returned me some kind of "password"17:45
kyakshould i keep it?17:45
viricyou can override it whenever you want17:46
viricif you run "fossil serve", that's the password for the Admin17:46
viricin fossil, each system has users, passwords, permissions, web, ...17:47
viricif you run "fossil ui", you have the whole offrss website offline :)17:47
kyakthat's interesting.. you like to use things noone seems to be using :) i mean, fossil, podofo, nix.. Affero GPL17:47
kyaki never heard of these before17:47
viricI can't understand the trends17:48
virickyak: if you have a webserver, remember offrss works as CGI17:51
viric(if you don't want it locally)17:51
kyaki guess i have no other options but to write opml to offrss script using... i don't what what.. D? :)17:52
viricI write most in Go nowadays :)17:52
kyakyeah, that's not mainstream :)17:52
viricoffrss would be much less lines in Go17:53
viricbut if written in go, I'm not sure if it would work in the nanonote. It's tricky on its virtual memory.17:53
virickyak: podofo is a lib; not to be known by people other than programmers. That's the easiest thing I could find for the task.17:54
kyakviric: got it about CGI..17:54
kyakthere's a mupdf17:54
kyakit kind works on Nanonote17:54
viricisn't that for reading pdfs?17:54
kyakit probably is.. yeah, you need creating17:55
whitequarkviric: I'd be interested in results of running go code on NN17:55
whitequarkbut it doesn't compile to mips iirc17:55
viricwhitequark: gccgo does. I use it on mips64.17:55
kyakviric: is it safe to remove the .fossil file now?17:55
virickyak: no17:56
kyaki thought so.. 17:56
viricwell, safe for what?17:56
viricYou'll have to clone again if you want the reposotiry17:56
kyakwell, do i need that file to update the repo?17:56
viricit's "the repo" :)17:56
viricmercurial and svn use a directory, and in it, .hg or .svn. But fossil stores it to a file apart.17:57
viricyou can put it wherever you want though.17:57
kyakhow would fossil find that file if i move it?17:57
viricyou'll have to open it again17:57
viricor checkout17:57
kyakok.. it's clear17:58
viricthe local checkout has a ".fossil" file that points to it17:58
kyak.fslckout in my case17:58
viricah that.17:58
viricSome relevant people use fossil: sqlite and fossil of course, tcl/tk, ... and some people try to move the openbsd/netbsd/pkgsrc too18:00
kyak..and i'll write this script in tcl18:03
virickyak: the pdf generation works nice with the firefox pdf.js :)18:03
kyakwhat is it?18:03
virickyak: I mean the in-firefox pdf viewer18:04
kyakbut still, i would need to compile with podofo18:04
kyakis it right?18:04
viriccouldn't be easier18:04
kyakpodofo is so cool that it's not even in arch user repos18:05
kyakso would have to package it first :(18:05
virictime for 70:CA:018:05
viricno? oh. :)18:05
viricsee? you found what needs to be fixed in the world, and you can fix it!18:06
kyakyeah, "the world" :)18:07
whitequarkuh pdf.js18:16
whitequark"because you totally need 2G of RAM and four-core CPU to open a three-page pdf"18:16
lindi-whitequark: 2 GB of RAM is very cheap, I'll take that any day over having to use some non-free reader18:18
whitequarklindi-: now multiply that by number of pages18:21
lindi-whitequark: that doesn't sound very realistic18:21
whitequarklindi-: nevertheless, the fact that it eats orders of magnitude more resources than it should, is18:22
lindi-whitequark: well it's a tradeoff of course, if it was easy to make it use less resources I'm sure they would :)18:23
whitequarklindi-: that's the point. there is some weird notion going on right now that everything should be written in html5+js18:23
whitequarkwhereas that's a good choice or not18:23
lindi-whitequark: well, they wrote it. you can write something else if you want? ;)18:24
whitequarklindi-: that is a well-known fallacy ;)18:24
lindi-whitequark: pdf.js in chromium seems to only have RSS of 58 MB with 14-page pdf18:25
whitequark"you don't need to be a chef to recognize burnt food", etc.18:25
whitequarklindi-: yeah, I'm looking at their last version right now18:25
lindi-or hmm, wrong tab maybe18:25
whitequarkit's far better than it was. still, their demo page ate 500MB of RAM18:25
lindi-it's probably this one that uses 217 MB18:25
whitequarkI also wonder how would it perform on something slower than my top-notch i7 from 2012.18:26
whitequarkand with less than my 10GB of RAM, etc.18:26
whitequarklindi-: don't forget the "GPU Process" worth 350MB18:27
whitequarkand "Browser" of 400MB18:27
viricthat pdf.js doesn't take that much18:56
viricI bet acroread takes much more18:56
kyakviric: can it NOT download images?19:55
kyaki mean, i'm fine using remote images.. but when i do -u, it just downloads the images19:56
viricI never thought of that19:56
kyakbtw ive converted my opml file19:56
viricI'll try to add some option...19:56
kyaknow just waiting for the feeds to update.. these images take a long of time19:57
kyaki'll cleanup the conversion script and give it to you, if you interested19:57
viricadd it to the ticket about opml19:57
viricif you don't mind19:58
kyakok, i'll do that19:58
kyakit seems that OPML is free20:00
kyaki don't know why you stressed it out in the ticket about "non-free" :)20:01
viricme? nonfree?20:01
viricI didn't open that ticket20:01
kyakah, ok, you were refering to the service20:01
kyakbut opml is not only used by google20:01
kyakviric: how many last items does it download?20:02
kyakor does it download the whole feed?20:02
viricwhole available20:02
viricdo people publish long feeds?20:03
kyakit's just that i got >100 of feeds20:03
viricIt seems that your rss experience is quite different than mine :)20:03
kyaki need to cleanup... probably :)20:03
viricBut it's very refreshing20:03
kyaki think it's ok downloading the whole feed.. but downloading images should be optional20:04
viricmaybe optional per-feed?20:05
kyaki don't need that kind of flexibility :)20:06
kyakbut why not.. if it's easy to implement20:06
kyakare you thinking about some kind of flag in feedurls.txt?20:06
viricwhat character you don't need'20:07
viricok, can you give *some*?20:07
kyaki found out i have name having "ยป" in it :)20:07
viricutf8 ftw20:08
kyaki'll get rid of it20:08
kyakit's utf-820:08
kyaknot sure.. 20:08
kyakso you are asking about the separator between url and the flag"20:09
kyakwhat if you decide to add another option in a future? you would have to find on more character :) maybe better to keep space and parse string with strrchr from the end?20:10
kyakviric: i added the script to the ticket. Sorry i couldn't find how to attach files20:31
kyaktime to sleep now20:31
whitequarkviric: who cares about acroread?20:33
virickyak: no, I mean that a char could introduce keywords. like  *noimages*20:34
virickyak: ahm right, attach disabled to anonymous20:35
kyakviric: "*noimages*" is OK for me20:37
kyakviric: just found a problem in the script; i would need to replace those & and similar shit from XML with something valid20:46
kyaki'll check it later, need to go now20:46
viric:) ok20:46
viricthank you20:46
kyaknp! and thank you!20:47
wolfspraullekernel: thanks for the heads up. the shop goes down quite a bit lately, I just reset it and it's working now23:40
wolfspraulas for the m1 buyer, does h:d still have stock? I tried to contact them for about a half year or so on various channels, but they were amazingly consistent in not replying :-) so I don't know whether they still have stock and/or are selling23:41
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