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hellekinmoin. Any plans for http://wiki.hfday.org/2013/ ?09:59
CalypHi folks! I got recommended to check you out fom the #hackerspaces chan. I'm looking to find collaborative tools for making OSH development, and was told to ask here. Any tips? 14:02
hellekinlekernel: what's new? The resolution, the DVI output, or both? 15:12
Fallenouthe DVI output15:13
Fallenouit's not anymore the usual VGA output15:13
Fallenouit's the new "DVI mixer" PCB15:13
Fallenouit proves EDID is working :)15:13
hellekinthank you Fallenou. So the Milkymist is now HD :)15:14
Fallenouhehe not exactly sadly15:14
FallenouI don't think you can output milky-like visualisation on the DVI port15:14
Fallenouor maybe you can :o15:15
Action: Fallenou got confused15:15
Fallenoulekernel: you can mix what would normally output from VGA port with a DVI input into the second DVI (output) port?15:22
Fallenouor you can mix two DVI input, and output the result through the VGA port ?15:22
larscthe second15:38
larscat least with the current hardware the board is hardwired for two receivers15:39
larscbut I plan to hack one of the ports on my board for output15:40
DocScrutinizer05wpwrak: now you're pope?19:14
DocScrutinizer05Bild (zeitung): "Wir sind Pabst!" 19:15
DocScrutinizer05dunno what's the Bild of Argentina19:16
whitequarkI want a /ignore command for life.19:21
whitequark /ignore pope ---> happy whitequark 19:21
larscyou can ignore him on twitter if you want to19:22
whitequarklarsc: but not people who talk about him19:22
wpwrakDocScrutinizer05: just saw it :-(20:03
wpwrakseems that he'll be a good pope. strongly against gay marriage (got recently allowed in argentina), abortion (still forbidden in most cases), and i'm sure he'll have more virtues.20:07
wpwrakthe sad thing is of course that there are lots of people here who are extremely religious20:08
lekernelroh, btw, segor has 0402 resistors - and they're not even grossly overpriced (1.60E for a 100x roll)20:46
wpwrakyou may just want to get a bunch of 1000 units strips for the E12 scale and be done with it for a good while20:54
wpwrakif you use vials to store the parts, the logistics aren't too messy either. http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/werner/tmp/vialtray.jpg20:55
wpwrak(there's much less risk of spills than with the common pill trays)20:56
wpwrakyou'll want to use proper labels, not "permanent" marker, though :)20:56
rohlekernel: nice to know. thanks21:49
rohbut luckily i dont need to handle those too often.21:49
lekernelthey're not much harder than 060321:50
viricwpwrak: finally someone put again Argentina on the map23:09
viricwpwrak: ( http://www.pagina12.com.ar/ )23:09
viricIn fact, knowing that the new master was Argentinian, we already had all bets to collaboration with the dictatorship :)23:10
wpwrakah, with which one ?23:18
viricsorry, 'a dictatorship' :)23:19
wpwrakbtw, pagina12 is pretty much an state channel these days. so don't read too much into their opinions.23:20
viric:) ok23:20
wpwrakwonder if it's good or bad for the country to have an argentine pope. what may be good is that he's been fighting with the government, so he may keep them occupied and from doing other nasty things. maybe he'll even get them to do to keep some of their promises regarding poverty, although that would be a true miracle (*). what's bad is that he may boost the anti-liberal influence of the church.23:26
wpwrak(*) the government brags a lot about helping the poor but does very little to help them. well, if they manage to get a tv set and electricity, they can now watch free "futbol".23:28
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