#qi-hardware IRC log for Tuesday, 2013-03-12

wpwrakfalklands: 99.8%. they missed the trunc(votes) = 100% by just 3 votes. those three were probably a test to see if the "no" has even been implemented :)06:07
larscwpwrak: I just had an epiphany, writing kernel code is a bit like writing INTERCAL, use too many newlines the code won't get accepted, don't use enough newlines the code won't get accepted ;)10:17
viricwpwrak: ha10:48
whitequarkviric: wikipedia it10:51
virichm yes, I don't see the link with newlines yet10:52
viricdoesn't the kernel require a gnu indent format? does that deal with newlines?10:52
whitequarkviric: I guess it doesn't squash multiple ones into one?10:52
whitequarkor maybe you're taking the joke too literally10:52
viricwhat doesn't squash? gnu indent?10:53
viricI don't know. It's quite complex :)10:55
larscINTERCAL wants a certain rate of PLEASEs otherwise it won't comple the code11:21
larscsome kernel people tend to be very picky on how newlines are used11:22
larsctoo many => bad, not enough => bad11:22
viricah ok :)11:27
wpwraklarsc: if it was just the newlines ... :)14:19
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