#qi-hardware IRC log for Friday, 2013-03-08

lekernelanyone ever managed to flash a RTL8111/8168 ethernet card to change the MAC address?21:15
lekernelI'm trying to get systemd to run macchanger at boot, but it's a hell of a mess to get it to run at the proper time, or to run it at all... wondering if it may be simpler to just flash the card21:16
whitequarkthe gigabit one?21:17
whitequarkone of my friends accidentally bricked one... without ever attempting to reflash it21:17
whitequarkwas a broken driver iirc21:18
lekernelpassing the mac address as kernel boot param before the poettering starts would also work, I guess21:18
lekernelsystemd, pulseaudio, bugs, etc.21:19
larscthe poettering!21:19
larscnot so well known fact, he studied at the same university as I did21:35
whitequarklarsc: should I stay wary of your code too? 21:36
whitequark- or, another thing which came into my mind -21:36
whitequarkcould you punch him in the face?21:36
Action: whitequark has determined not a long time ago that no, galaxy s 2 couldn't survive a decent impact with a wall21:38
larscwhy would you do that?21:43
whitequarklarsc: a bit more stress than i could handle gracefully.21:43
wpwrakinteresting concept: expensive yet fragile personal electronics as a peace-keeping accessory22:05
whitequarkthe value, for me at least, is not in the cost but in function22:11
whitequarkdecoupling all of it from each single device to any might have been a bad idea, in hindsight22:11
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