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wpwraklarsc: perhaps that's where the y2k bug came from :)00:50
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu: cgmienr: add a webui, update to 2.10.5 (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/8b7a89109:24
whitequarkDocScrutinizer05: hehe, I've just observed how not one, but two people respond with UGT simultaneously to the one who started discussing timezones15:33
whitequarkI guess I did my job right :D15:33
wpwrakah, the good old Uridinediphosphate-glucuronosyltransferase :)15:35
whitequarkwpwrak: what's with sudden interest in biochemistry?15:37
wpwrakthat's UGT :)15:37
whitequarkfor me the first google result is UniĆ³n General de Trabajadores, hm.15:38
whitequarkand the true UGT is 5th15:38
whitequarkexactly same in duckduckgo plus it excerpts the definitions15:38
wpwraki tried wikipedia and looked for the most cryptic variant :)15:39
whitequarkubuntu embracing drm, neat19:44
whitequarkeven *android* is better19:44
whitequarkremind me again, how exactly is it different from windows?19:44
whitequarkbloated, regularly segfaults, has proprietary tech all over it19:45
lindi-whitequark: what regularly segfaults?19:46
whitequarklindi-: that was more of a metaphor, though I did seen that literally once19:46
whitequark(really broken kernel)19:47
larscI like how everybody rants about Ubuntu's new display server19:52
whitequarklarsc: elaborate?19:53
larscwhitequark: I though you were referring to MIR.19:55
kristianpaulrants, also the rolling release idea ;)20:10
whitequarklarsc: MIR inclusive20:20
whitequarkthere's no point in doing it20:20
whitequarkbut I was curious about the whole "I like" thing20:20
larsccause it means I'm not the only one who things this not the smartest idea20:32
whitequarkwhat is quite funny (I should note that for some reason "funny" in whitequark-speak means "sad irony") is that very unlike MS, Canonical doesn't really have great engineers20:34
whitequarkmuch, or maybe just any20:34
whitequark(should I add "anymore"?.. not sure)20:35
whitequarkhaha, I just got a very visible race condition in web-development20:39
whitequarkwith a strictly single-thread rails app20:39
larscwhat was it racing against?20:43
whitequarkit did BEGIN; INSERT; COMMIT and then (after INSERT, that is) posted a background job to a sidekiq worker through redis20:43
whitequarkI never expected it, well, to be fast20:43
whitequarkbut it turns out that quite frequently, sidekiq picks up the job before main app does COMMIT20:43
larscstricly speaking that's not single threaded anymore20:43
whitequarklarsc: I've only said "single-threaded rails app" :D20:44
whitequark(the worker isn't really "rails")20:45
wpwrakthe worker derails. a saboteur :)20:52
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