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Fallenoulekernel: any idea why sharism.cc is down? is this a technical issue? or is this on purpose?13:16
hellekinFallenou: works for me13:20
lekernelqi-hardware is back, sharism.cc still down13:20
Fallenoufor me sharism.cc is down (http and https)13:21
Fallenoubut yes qi-hardware is back13:21
lekernelwell I guess wolfspraul understandably doesn't want to do this anymore13:22
FallenouI can understand it13:23
FallenouBut it's so sad13:23
lekernelmilkymist is still alive, I'm looking forward to shipping the hdmi video mixer after the prototyping is done and I've gathered a nice pre-order list13:27
lekerneland wolfspraul has done an impressive work with the bitstream reverse engineering13:28
lekernelI don't find that _too_ sad :)13:28
hellekinFallenou: oops, j'ai lu sharism.org. Sharism.cc est bien mort :|13:29
lekerneland speaking of the video mixer - it'll be m1r4, simplified, and with the hdmi ports13:37
lekernelso it's still going to support milkymist-ng developments, mmu, and general hacking13:37
Fallenouwell yes I think we can all thank wolfspraul for what he has done for sharism/qi and for what he's doing now on bitstream reverse engineering15:51
hellekinwho's going to make the first geostationary free hardare communications satellite? 18:05
viricsomeone with lots of public money funding18:19
lekernels/make/care about/18:27
lekernela couple hundred nerds?18:28
viricwould it be for normal people to later be able to launch 'derived work' communication satellites?18:52
larscI think launching it is not the problem, keeping it up probably is19:21
cyrillekernel : Ã"well I guess wolfspraul understandably doesn't want to do this anymore": I'mafraid I don't have the background info, but why would he not want to do this any longer?19:45
hellekinviric: why would that be a problem to improve existing designs and use them?21:15
hellekinI recommend reading Heather Marsh's article about approval economy vs. trade economy: http://georgiebc.wordpress.com/2013/02/28/an-economy-for-all 21:18
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