#qi-hardware IRC log for Saturday, 2013-02-23

kristianpaulwolfspraul: whats the status to support ftg256 in fpgatools?05:20
wolfspraulsupported (for the slx9 only)05:48
wolfspraulchinese sales reps are saying they expect the smaller xc7a20/35/etc. chips only in 201405:49
wolfsprauland even the xc7a100 is only available in whole trays for now05:49
wolfspraulso I will definitely continue with the slx9 exclusively this year, and start preparing a little for xc7a20 in the sources - make things more modular etc.05:49
wpwraksounds nice. it's interesting that these fpgas have such a slow release process, where even what should be very similar chips are spread out over 2-3 years11:02
Fallenou~/win 814:09
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