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kyakwej: just letting you know, that gmu 0.9.1 works fine on nanonote11:24
kyakgmuc is kind of strange.. it opens the playlist view by default, and i'm stuck there11:24
C-Keentab circles through 11:25
kyakit doesn't work11:25
kyaki pressed it11:26
C-Keenworks for me (tm)11:26
kyakbtw, is it expected that songs without id tags are displayed blank in gmu playlist?11:26
kyakcan't it fallback to file name?11:26
C-Keenit probably should, you should talk to upstream authors about that11:26
wejnice :) about gmuc: gmuc connects to gmu through the gmuhttp.so plugin. this has to be enabled. by default, it listens only on the local loopbakc interface, but that should be fine for the nanonote, since it has no networking by default anyway. so if you just want gmu with an ncurses interface but no sdl interface, you would either omit the sdl.so plugin altogether, or call the gmu executable gmu.bin with the -p parameter specifying only frontends/gmuhttp.so11:27
wejthat way you can even run gmu completely headless and only connect with gmuc when you actually want to do something with it11:27
kyakwej: ah, that explains.. i was just running "gmuc" without any parameters or gmu  running elsewhere.. i will also double check if the gmuhttp.so is installed11:28
wejyep :)11:28
wejoh and there is a password authentication, both gmu and gmuc need to be configured with the same password (at least 9 chars long)11:28
wejall that is also explained somewhere in the README.txt file :)11:29
kyakwej: i also ignored the warning to edit config file, which it autogenerated :) i assumed i could live with defaults11:29
wejhehe, yeah, in that config file you can set the password and hostname to connect to11:29
wejin gmu's config file gmuhttp.Password should be set to the same password11:30
kyakso you are more or less reproducing the mpd technology, right? Or are there any fundamental differences?11:30
wejbut gmuc will tell you if the login fails because of a password mismatch11:30
wejkyak, it is somewhat different. with Gmu. for one, it is still possible to have a frontend running in the "server" like the sdl frontend does11:31
wejalso the client-server thing going on there is nt some proprietary gmu-protocol, but instead is http with websocket, so it is even possible to use a webbrowser to control Gmu11:31
kyaksoudn cool!11:32
wej(i have even implemented a small client with javascript to be used in a browser)11:32
wejworks with any modern browser with websocket support like firefox or chromium. obviously this is mostly interesting for devices with some sort of networking11:32
kyakben is network-capable, sometimes :)11:33
wejyeah, that's true, but not in its default configuration ;)11:34
wejoh and the actual data transmitted over the network is encoded as JSON, so it is pretty easy to understand and to implement other clients or build more advanced web applications than the one i have supplied11:35
wejnone of that stuff has external dependencies though and i always try to keep things small, so they run well on devices with limited ressources11:36
kyakwej: and that you do successfully11:41
kyakwej: do you think it makes sense to fall back to the file name display, if there are no id tags in file? 11:42
wejyeah, probably11:43
kyaki probably don't have a lot of such files, but i noticed it when i wanted to test the capability to display cyrillic properly11:43
kyakso i just 'touch'ed an mp3 file with cyrillic name :)11:43
wejah :>11:43
wejsometimes there are files, that actually have meta data but where everything's empty. i am not entirely sure how to handle those. it is probably best to use the filename there as well11:44
wejor something like everything is full of spaces but no visible characters11:45
kyakyeah, that would be another case11:51
lekernelChina mulls BBQ ban in major cities19:12
larschow many bbq do you need to get the equivalent of one factory?19:14
hellekinlol a company is receiving a picture of a key, and sends back a copy of that key. Lockpicking made obsolete.19:23
larsclockpicking is probably still faster19:45
wpwrakhellekin: does the picture include a size reference ? :)19:53
wpwraklekernel: in other news, argentine meat exports plummet19:54
hellekinwpwrak: does that mean we'll get better meat in town for the net hacksado? :)20:03
larscdoes anybody know how to get the offset of a label to the current instruction in gnu asm?20:17
whitequarklarsc: 1: insn 1 - label ?20:21
whitequarker, 1: insn 1b - label ?20:21
whitequarksomething along these lines20:21
larscI think (.label - .) should also work20:23
larscat least the generated code looks good20:27
wpwrakhellekin: i probably means that the good farmers go out of business and only the crappy ones survive. expect beef-horse-dog hybrid meat soon ...20:43
hellekinwpwrak: please don't do this, I'm trying to recover from very low mood21:10
hellekinI might become vegan21:10
Action: whitequark considers that one of the most valid cases to become vegan21:13
wpwrakhellekin: (low mood) did you find out that you're out of beer ? that would of course truly suck21:14
hellekinwpwrak: man you're right. 21:14
hellekinmaybe I should rush out and put my radar on your fridge wpwrak :)21:16
wpwrakmaybe you should learn from my example: whenever the fridge's beer content drops below 50%, start restocking :)21:17
Action: wpwrak just checked ... and restocked from the out-of-fridge reserve21:19
hellekinwow, that's an industrial process21:19
wpwrakpreparedness is everything ;-)21:23
apeleteI'm tryin 22:53
apeleteI'm trying to build a ubi image for the ben nanonote with openembedded22:54
apeleteI need to know if the ben nand flash chip has sub-page support22:54
apeletedoes it ?22:55
wpwrakapelete: dunno. but you can check the data sheet. e.g., here: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/hardware/datasheets/K9GAG08U0M.pdf22:59
apeletethanks wpwrak, I was trying to get data from the device itself py poking around the linux filesystem, but that kind of data may not be reliable (it depends on how the software was configured)23:01
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