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qwebirc64261Good noght Werner00:21
wpwrakgood evening qwebirc64261 :)00:21
qwebirc64261I've already sent one mail to you this morning00:22
qwebirc64261Did you receive it?00:22
qwebirc64261To werner@almesberger.net00:23
qwebirc64261I' m Carlos Camargo00:23
wpwrakah ! hello ! ;-)00:24
qwebirc64261I don't know how to change my alias :(00:24
wpwrakyes, i got it. thanks ! unfortunately, i probably won't be able to do that. my time having fun on qi-hw is coming to an end, and i should be busy with real work at that time.00:25
qwebirc64261mm It's a Shame00:26
qwebirc64261Your real work start in may?00:26
qwebirc64261May 00:27
wpwraki don't have any fixed yet, so i don't have a start date. but it should be soon.00:28
wpwrakso yes, in may i should definitely be busy00:29
wpwrakbesides. preparing a course would take quite a bit of time, too, and i wouldn't have a lot of material i could easily recycle.00:30
qwebirc64261bad news for me, but good news for you00:30
qwebirc64261I hope that you continue with your hardware copyleft projects00:30
wpwrakyeah, sorry. it would have been nice.00:31
wpwrakyeah, i hope, too. probably just at a spare-time hobby level, though.00:31
qwebirc64261Ok thanks for your time,00:32
qwebirc64261Have a nice e00:32
qwebirc64261have a nice evening00:32
wpwrakthanks for the invitation, and agin sorry that i won't be able to make it 00:32
wpwrakthanks, have a nice evening too !00:32
qwebirc64261no problem maybe in a near future you can visit us :) bye00:33
wpwraklet's hope :) cya !00:35
CYB3RHi, guys! Anybody here?18:46
CYB3RI want to start using Ingenic processors in my projects, but I couldn't find any devboards with these. So I decided to design my own simple development board. I have found a list of supported NAND flash, is there a list of supported SDRAM?18:49
larscthis is not the hardware channel you are looking for *jedi mindtrick handwaving*18:50
larscoh maybe it is18:50
CYB3RIt is. I have read the logs.18:50
larscmost people starting with "anybody here" continue with "what gfx card should I buy, nvidia or ati"?18:50
larscthought you were one of those guys ;)18:51
CYB3RMy question is also stupid, thou18:51
larscI don't think there is a list18:52
wpwrakwe don't even have useful hardware documentation for the chip :-(18:53
CYB3RIt just would be a big dissapointment if I buy the memory that won't work with JZ472018:54
larscwell you could try to buy the same memory the nanonote uses18:54
wpwrakif possible, i'd just look at ram chips that are known to work, then pick one with the same kind of interface logic and the same or better timing18:54
wpwrakor get exactly the same memory, yes. if you can still find it :) and don't mind the smallness18:55
larscwe had a 64MB version of the nanonote baseboard18:55
CYB3ROk, I will buy exactly the same18:55
CYB3RCan you tell me the part number of memory in NanoNote?18:56
wpwraklemme see ...18:57
larschere is the 64MB one http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/AVT2_RC2_Reference_Board#SDRAM18:57
wpwrakshould be P3V56S40ETP-G618:57
wpwrakthat one's even better. that's a "ben successor" design with 64 MB instead of 32 MB18:58
larscZ2V56S40BTP-G6 was apparently used instead of the P3V56S40ETP-G6 one some baords18:59
CYB3RI have a board with JZ4725B and 256Mb HYB39S256160DT-7 installed19:02
CYB3R(if I spelled it correctly, because it's hard to rear this)19:03
CYB3RMy mistake: it is 256Mbit, not 256Mb20:01
wpwrakinteresting ... in low-cost asian products, uSD cards are now called TF cards. perhaps to avoid the trademark issue.20:43
rohwpwrak: transflash20:55
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