#qi-hardware IRC log for Saturday, 2013-02-09

LunaVoraxGood morning.09:00
viricanyone has this? http://www.handheld-linux.com/wiki.php?page=Letux%2040014:09
viricwhy isn't the nanonote in that site? :)14:09
viriclekernel: ah I saw a real m1 in fosdem14:10
lekernelreally? whose was it?14:10
viricA distributor was showing it14:10
virictogether with arduino things14:10
lekernelhackable devices?14:11
viric(not powered on; just box with the m1 on the top)14:11
viricAh yes, I think so14:11
lekernelyeah well I had expected as much ... :/14:11
wpwrakwell, M1 as a vj station is dead. so why should they show it off ?14:12
viricah is it? no idea14:12
viricI thought it was its main field of application still14:12
wpwrakdidn't sell, low specs also in areas where it matters, work on hw update halted, engineer in charge left, etc.14:13
wpwrakwell, "let go"14:13
viricahh ok14:14
lekernelare you talking of Wolfgang?14:14
wpwrakwolfgang is the boss :) the engineer in charge (of r4) is adam14:15
wpwrakhe's (was) the key to production in china. without him, wolfgang would first find someone else14:16
viricis adam xiangfu?14:17
lekernelgee I wasn't even aware of this...14:17
wpwrakaround june last year14:22
wpwrakas far as a i know, sharism is just wolfgang and xiangfu now.14:23
wpwrakand i'm not even sure whether xiangfu is full-time14:24
rohlekernel: me neither. too bad. but i guess somehow everybody needs to pay rent etc.15:59
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