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whitequarkDO WANT13:29
lekerneloh? a kickstarter project that is funded but does not suck? I am impressed13:40
Action: whitequark is going to find $400 somewhere13:43
wpwrakcovers most of the "interesting" frequencies. that's good. from the description, they also seem to know where the pitfalls in production lie.13:56
whitequarkwpwrak: yeah.13:58
whitequarksublimetext3 (a neat text editor) just ate 48.7 GB of address space14:57
whitequarkI'm fairly sure that RAM, swap and data partitions combined take less than that o_o14:58
wpwrakyou seem to have a strange understanding of "neat" :)15:03
whitequarkwpwrak: it is a good text editor15:04
wpwrakmaybe it's allocating memory to cahce the rendering of each glyph. in 4K resolution and with uint128_t per color ;-)15:05
whitequarkwpwrak: it doesn't allocate memory, here's the point15:05
whitequarkit only ate 250M or so of RSS, which is ok for x6415:05
wpwrakwell, it seem to push up the "break"15:05
wpwrakallocate != access15:06
whitequarkbut it does allocate address space for... something15:06
whitequarkoh right15:06
wpwrakyes, that's what i mean15:06
whitequarkmaybe it's a leak after all15:06
wpwrakcertainly looks like a bug15:06
whitequarkyeah, it leaks 200M on each source code indexing15:09
Action: whitequark goes back to implementing facebook integration15:11
paul_boddiewpwrak: Have you come across any limitations on power from the 8:10 port to the different devices you've attached to it?15:20
wpwraki once calculated it. i think i came up with about 200-300 mA. never verified it experimentally, though.15:23
paul_boddieI ran into this at the weekend and was a bit naive to think that there would be enough current available to drive an Arduino shield I've been playing with.15:25
wpwrakso it didn't work ?15:26
paul_boddieI had to provide power from an Arduino to the shield. Then the NanoNote was able to talk to the shield.15:28
paul_boddieThe shield looked as if it were being powered up, but I don't think it was to a point where it would actually work.15:29
wpwrakdoesn't the arduino still use/need 5V ?15:29
paul_boddieIt has 3.3V DC as well as 5V. Some models only have 3.3V, but this one has both.15:30
wpwrakand the shield only need 3.3 ?15:30
wpwrakdid the ben work through all this or did it shut down or hang ?15:30
paul_boddieActually, there are some circuits in the shield which need 5V, apparently, but those are to do with the USB port being driven by the shield.15:31
paul_boddieI had sort of hoped that the shield would be OK powering up without powering up the USB as well, and this does seem to be the case, but not with the power from the Ben.15:32
paul_boddieThe Ben didn't hang, no.15:32
wpwrakand you're sure the ben was supplying power ? sometimes, a very low-consumption circuit can even work if you don't turn on VDD15:33
paul_boddieYes, I tested all the pins. If I were to read the datasheets properly, I'm sure it would become apparent that the Ben can't provide enough power, but I was an optimist.15:35
paul_boddieI made a separate test circuit to make sure that I knew a bit about what I was doing.15:36
wpwrakkewl :) still a bit surprising that the ben would still be up. did you check what VDD voltage you got in the end ?15:37
paul_boddieNo, but I guess I should do. Meanwhile, I didn't use the UBB for this because I couldn't reliably solder it to a cable, so I ended up going for the somewhat easier option of using the Sparkfun microSD sniffer board instead: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/941915:40
wpwrakheh. that's huge :)15:41
paul_boddieYes, but it can be used with headers and is therefore easier to solder (even with my poor skills). Besides, if size were important, you'd make a special board for the project once the prototyping is done.15:43
paul_boddieI was also going to ask you about the logic analyzer and which extra SDL libraries are needed. It looks like SDL_gfx (or however you write it) is needed, but is that in OpenWRT?15:46
wpwrakyes, you need SDL and SDL_gfx. should be in any reasonably recent owrt image for the ben. it's also in the "SDK"15:49
paul_boddieI'll try and persuade OpenWRT to build that, then. I'm not sure how recent my image is, though, but maybe I'll upgrade that anyway.15:50
paul_boddieDo you mind if I put a "see also" link to the Sparkfun board on the UBB Wiki page? It occurs to me that people might like to know about it, and finding these things can be tricky ("something that plugs into a microSD port but exposes the contacts").15:53
wpwrakno problem :)15:56
wpwrakit's a bit galling that UBB at pulster is almost as expensive as that sparkfun board. the real cost of UBB was to initiate production at all. individual boards should retail at a very low price. well, make that packs of boards - otherwise all the cost comes from logistics.15:58
wpwrakbut of course, that would need more demand to work. chicken and egg.15:59
paul_boddieHad I known about that board, I don't think I would have ordered the UBB, really. For my purposes (and skill level), having easy to use stuff is more important than something as small as the UBB, and I think the profile of the Sparkfun board is better for me.16:03
paul_boddieYou just need to work on your Jedi powers against Sparkfun: the USB shield I've been playing with (first with Arduino, now with Ben) is apparently a version of someone else's board, although this works against the guy as Sparkfun are competing with him *and* all the Sparkfun customers go to him for support on the software.16:05
wpwrakpulster should offer packs UBBs with a large volume discount, like tuxbrain did. i think for larger quantities (50 or so), tuxbrain approached 1 EUR/board. that's a much more reasonably price.16:05
paul_boddieSo all you need to do is to persuade them that they need to make your board. The support for their customers can be dealt with later... or not at all. ;-)16:06
wpwrakheh, sparkfun eating their contributors :)16:07
wpwrak(packs of UBBs) that would also correspond to what i'd consider the correct way of using UBB. UBB is meant to be a cheap, single use item. make one project with one UBB. make the next project with another one. like my various adapter boards for ubb-patgen, ubb-la, etc.16:08
paul_boddieWell, for anything where you know you won't make money on it yourself, it's arguably worth it. Maybe easier than Kickstarter, even. :-)16:08
wpwrakif you have to think of UBB as an expensive item, it doesn't make so much sense16:09
wpwrakoh, sure. kickstarter would be overkill for UBB anyway. i think if someone would want to make more, that should actually be cheaper already, since the PCB fab may still have the masks.16:09
wpwrakand their pricing is setup+N*per_unit. so you'd largely drop the setup cost.16:10
paul_boddieI've added a link to the UBB page along with a convoluted description of how one might use it.16:26
wpwrakeven if people don't understand it, they'll get it once their pins hit the table ;-)16:34
paul_boddieI didn't get it at first. :-( Still, I'm doing all the typing on my desktop computer, so the Ben is perfectly entitled to operate in "reclined" mode. ;-)16:38
wpwrakif all else fails, you could just put it on a book. then there's plenty of room for connectors and cables.16:41
lekernelseems everyone is moving to sublime text now :) hopefully this will motivate rms or the kde/gnome folks to develop something better than emacs, vi et. al.16:51
wpwrakbetter than vi ? i expect to see FTL travel happen long before that :)16:53
larscif it is vim compatible and improves on it, it can be better17:15
kyaklol, that's pretty stupid.. i wasn't running cron since October last year17:21
kyakand i just noticed17:21
paul_boddieCould have had a cron job to remind you... oh, wait! :-)17:21
lekernelhttp://milkymist.org/vmixext-5fev/ <= 2-channel HDMI mixer extension for Milkymist One18:06
lekernelwill send to fab soon!18:06
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