#qi-hardware IRC log for Saturday, 2013-02-02

whitequarkwow, wpwrak not online 08:50
whitequarkdoesn't happen often08:50
kyak230 times in almost two years :)08:59
larsctime wasted?09:02
kyakdo you object? :)09:15
larscI'm just wondering how it measures that09:28
kyakit's the time you spent on a channel. I thought you got the irony09:33
larschow come wpwrak spend 11 weeks more here than I did? I'm here 24/709:38
kyakwell.. you are not even in top10 by time spent09:41
kyakand it's 1 more week09:41
kyaknot 1109:42
larsc37 ws 4809:42
kyakoh, looked at whitequark ..09:42
larscI guess my server has too much downtime09:42
Action: whitequark uses linode09:43
whitequarknot even once09:43
kyakthe reference time (that is, how much the bot itself spent here) is 1 year 50 weeks 5 days 18 hours 25 minutes09:44
kyakthere are also netsplits.. 09:44
larscbut 13 weeks of netsplit is quite a bit09:46
kyakthat's just another explanation apart from your downtime09:47
larscI don't have that much downtime09:48
larscmax 50h per year09:49
larscanyway timeto go to fosdem09:54
kyakgood luck there!09:58
larscI hope I won't need luck to survive here10:37
larschehe, libreoffice and openoffice have stands next to each other, openoffice is like two people, libreoffice 10+14:46
wpwrakwhich are wearing the nicer suits ? :)14:57
kristianpaulthe less people the nicer suits no?15:00
hellekinthey had a hostess at libreoffice, hence the crowd :P15:01
hellekincode doesn't explain it all. Ahem.15:01
wpwrakso where's the qi-hw booth with live strippers ? :)15:06
hellekinwpwrak: here's the booze, they're coming later...15:07
wpwrak(actually, defcon seems to be organized along these lines. no surprise it has earned a dubious reputation :)15:07
wpwrakheh :)15:07
whitequarkI just learned of a semiconductor foundry in russia17:00
whitequarkwhich takes $250 (yeah two hundred and fifty) for a 130nm batch17:00
whitequarkof 10-20 chips17:00
whitequarkah, analog only17:06
whitequarkand only if you have stencils already17:06
whitequarkerm, masks17:06
larscwpwrak: are you volunteering for the job?17:11
larscviric: at fosdem yet?17:12
--- Sun Feb 3 201300:00

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