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wolfspraulmaybe a quick fpgatools update01:13
wolfspraulafter a new-year break I slowly went back, working on some snippets here and there without much direction01:13
wolfspraulfixing bugs01:13
wolfspraulI think I will continue with that for a while, going through more chip features01:14
wolfsprauljtag right now, then distributed ram (the one in the luts), then block ram01:15
wolfspraulthen I need to spend more time on programming the chip, i.e. how to translate a design into bits and routing01:15
wolfspraulright now that's too fragile and basically hard-coded for the AND gate and fixed-frequency blinking led01:16
wolfsprauloh, dcm and pll also need to be started at some point01:16
wolfspraulwith the programming, I started to look at writing an llvm backend, so I can program the chip in C via llvm01:16
wolfspraulthat's about it01:16
wolfspraulno major news right now, all slow progress and some homework...01:17
wpwrakyou should slowly start spreading the word. don't wait 20-30 years until it's perfect :)01:36
wpwrakalready what you have now is quite a breakthrough. and other people would probably be interested in helping, if they just knew the project exists01:36
wpwrak(and i know i keep on repeating myself :)01:44
wpwrakalso, assuming that you're project currently doesn't financially sustain itself, you may want to bring it into a position where you could receive this sort of help, too. it's not uncommon for companies that need to solve a closely related problem to notice when there's a project out there that already parallels their effort.01:48
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: ubb-la/ubb-la.c (INITIAL_SKIP): describe how the value was obtained (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-blinkenlights/4ceee6602:27
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: ubb-la/ubb-la.c (do_buf): move pretty-printing to new function print_samples (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-blinkenlights/8316bc002:27
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: libubb/physmem.c (physmem_xlat): make "v" "const" (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-blinkenlights/c796ab102:27
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: ubb-patgen/ubb-patgen.c (send_buffer): physmem_xlat no longer needs a cast (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-blinkenlights/b0d89b202:27
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: ubb-la/ubb-la.c (do_buf): physmem_xlat doesn't need a cast (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-blinkenlights/13f341702:27
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: libubb/physmem.c (physmem_xlat): don't close the (supposedly) cached fd (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-blinkenlights/96ae33102:27
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: ubb-la/ubb-la.c: option -n N to enter experimental multi-buffer mode (WIP) (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-blinkenlights/37a219b02:27
wpwrakbut it sounds good that you already see the trickier parts as within your reach02:28
LuciusIf you were given 100 million dollars to invest in a project what project will it be?12:18
Luciushow would you spend it to uplift  your life + make profit.12:19
Luciushypothetical of course.12:20
larscI would invest them in my well-being ;)12:24
larschypothetical of course12:25
Luciuswell, how12:25
Luciusit's gotta produce profit and create something12:25
larscpay rent, buy food12:25
Luciussoftware/electronics manufacturing facility?12:26
wpwrakLucius: i doubt a lot of people who don't regularly deal with large amounts of money have ready-made plans for handling that. let alone reasonable plans :)13:19
Fallenouwell to make profits I would say invest in something like private equity13:31
FallenouI think it is usually reserved to big bank accounts, there is something like a minimum amount you can invest which would look prohibitive for a simple mortal 13:32
Fallenouso usually only rich people, companies and banks invest in those13:33
Fallenou(banks invest your money :))13:33
wpwrakFallenou: and lose it. luckily,it was yours, not theirs :)13:33
wpwrakbut yes, best to invest in conflict. patents, weapons, law firms. you can't go wrong with that.13:34
Fallenouhow sad is that13:34
Fallenouand how true it is13:34
FallenouI would add drug companies13:35
wpwrakoh, and let's not forget high-risk banks. "too big to fail" and "too big to jail" both have a nice ring to them, if you're an investor :)13:35
wpwrakyes, drugs are good, too. highly competitive, though.13:36
Fallenouyes but when you have the right contacts in governments13:36
Fallenouyou can kind of make your drug mandatory13:36
whitequarklarsc: $100m is a lot of food13:36
Fallenouor make the government invest in your company13:36
Fallenou(big vaccination campaings for instance)13:37
wpwrakwhitequark: i suppose he meant to eat that food at very expensive restaurants, in the company of very expensive women :)13:37
Fallenoulike it was done in France for the influenza :)13:38
whitequarkFallenou: flu is the ideal target for vaccination. allows you to do it indefinitely :D13:38
Fallenouthe government bought a huge amount of vaccin for "A type Influenza"13:38
Fallenouand then they dropped it13:38
wpwrakFallenou: yes, that was a nice one. still, you can only pull this of once every few years.13:38
Fallenouyes but this year they said the flue was very dangerous etc13:39
Fallenoua big nice hoax13:39
wpwrakwhitequark: that was for the swine/bird flu. happened at a lot of places.13:39
whitequarkwpwrak: yeah I'm well aware of that13:39
wpwrak(lot of places) in mean the vaccination madness13:39
FallenouI bet we still have a huge amount of those un-sold vaccins ...13:39
Fallenouthat our tax paid ...13:39
wpwrakFallenou: naw, they've expired now13:40
Fallenouwhat a shame13:40
wpwrakFallenou: i'm sure it was expensive to safely destroy them, though ;-)13:40
FallenouI would prefer they throw the money by the windows, at least 1°) we could get it back 2°) they would not convince people to take a drug which sometime can be dangerous13:41
Fallenouwpwrak: arggg13:41
whitequarkbtw it actually is sensible to vaccinate high-risk groups against those kinds of flu13:41
whitequarkbut for sure not everyone13:41
Fallenouyes indeed13:41
Fallenouvery old people13:41
Fallenouvey young ones13:41
Fallenouand sick people13:41
Fallenoubut they bought a really insane amount of this vaccin ...13:41
FallenouI think when they actually realized what they did, they tried to sell a part of it to other countries in EU :)13:42
whitequarkI heard something about correlation between 'animal' flu and WHO budget distributions13:42
wpwrakso, i think we have a key: spend a few millions into something stable like real estate in a place without bubbles. spend a bit more into improving your own current situation. spend maybe 1-5 M on interesting new open hardware projects. sink the rest in IP litigation and firearms.13:42
Fallenoufirearms to kill those who sue you for IP theft ? :)13:43
Fallenoulike start a war in Mali to kill ARM?13:43
Fallenou(ok this one is bad)13:43
larscwhitequark: well, I can eat a lot of food ;)13:44
wpwrakwhitequark: hmm, i don't remember this working like that. lemme look it up ...13:44
whitequarkwpwrak: i think that was mostly anecdotal. didn't find any actual data to back it up. OTOH, I didn't really try.13:44
whitequarkFallenou: Mali is, err, Central Africa? How is that related to ARM?13:45
whitequark(yes I'm aware of the name of their GPU)13:45
Fallenouwell that was the joke13:45
Fallenousorry if it was so bad :)13:45
viricnot bad :)13:46
FallenouFrench news keeps talking about Mali war13:46
viricif it had been about coltan, it should be closer to congo then13:46
Fallenouso I had this in head ...13:46
viricif it's france, it's their need of uranium13:46
viricand to keep safe the landowners in colonies13:47
viricor ex-colonies, as some papers say.13:47
viricwhitequark: french media says that nuclear energy gives energy independence (ignoring that they import all uranium)13:47
viricbut well, if all your dependence is about keeping troups in african colonies... you can call it 'energy independence', I guess13:48
wpwrakwhitequark: the real scandal was about Tamiflu. it's not a vaccine but something that _may_ help after you've been infected.13:48
Fallenouwell I bet the energy production earns more money than selling uranium13:48
Fallenouthe balance must be somewhat positive13:48
whitequarkviric: http://xkcd.com/1162/13:48
viricyou can be sure that niger doesn't get much by "selling uranium"13:48
Fallenou(when you don't take into account cleaning and shutting down nuclear plants)13:48
Fallenouviric: is it really Niger who sells uranium? or Chinese/whatever company owners ?13:49
viricI think it's a french company, there.13:49
whitequarkwpwrak: tamiflu is awesome. one of the scientifically proven remedies. it works by blocking entry of the virii to the cells.13:49
whitequarkwpwrak: definitely not a vaccine, though.13:50
Fallenouviric: all win!13:50
wpwrakFallenou: (mali) that's a good one ;-) someone should create a islamist splinter group called "ARM". "Afrique Musulmane Radicale" perhaps ?13:50
viricwell, the french, quite relevant among european countries, got its wealth by fucking people here and there.13:51
Fallenouwpwrak: ahah sure :)13:51
viricAnd it's hard to give up on addictions.13:51
Fallenouviric: well don't worry, every big country try to fuck with other poor/smaller countries13:51
FallenouI would first look at the USA13:52
Fallenoubefore looking at France13:52
Fallenoueven if indeed we are not very clean :)13:52
viricFallenou: that sounds like said by a french ;)13:52
Fallenouyou got me ;)13:52
viricI'm not sure USA wins13:52
viricUSA are less discrete.13:52
Fallenouwell it depends ...13:53
viricin any case13:53
Fallenouin Africa political/economical manipulation, a lot of things happen behind the scene13:53
viricThe French started first ;)13:53
wpwrakFR, US, ... let's not forget the UK:  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/history/9653497/British-have-invaded-nine-out-of-ten-countries-so-look-out-Luxembourg.html13:53
viricwpwrak: ah, touched by the malvines, eh? ;)13:54
wpwrakFallenou: your statement remains valid if you remove "africa" :)13:54
viricI'd say there is far more manipulation in France, than africa13:54
wpwrakviric: yeah, i thought our dear president would like that book ;-)13:54
FallenouI'm talking about africa because I heard a french musulman guy, named "Tariq Ramadan" giving a talk about north africa / arabe revolutions / middle-east13:55
Fallenousaying that usually behind each revolution the USA (and europe) was not very far ...13:56
viricFallenou: if an explanation reached you, it's manipulated.13:56
Fallenouwell if it's an explanation using actual facts and trying to understand why thing went the way they went13:56
Fallenouusing historical facts, cross references etc13:56
Fallenouit seems likre historian work :)13:57
virichistorical facts :D13:57
viricit's hard to distinguish historical facts from fairy tales13:57
Fallenouand the guy said it's proven that USA companies organized workshop about how to protest in peace and raise awareness / lead protests13:57
Fallenoumake symbols/logo , catch phrases etc13:58
Fallenouorganize a revolution :)13:58
Fallenouand the very groups that started arabe revolutions were identified and took part in this workshops13:58
viricThe islamic banking was gaining support.13:58
Fallenouso in some way USA really helped in those revolutions, because USA wanted those revolutions13:59
viricAll is about an option between the bad and the worse14:00
viricIf you live next to natural resources, run. run away!14:01
Fallenouor take advantage on them, make profit, try to improve your life and the one of people living around14:03
wpwrakFallenou: let's just consider what happened in libya. like it or not, Gaddafi was a stabilizing factor for the region.14:03
Fallenouemploy people, invest in development14:03
Fallenouwpwrak: well yes, until someday14:03
Fallenouwpwrak: that's why no one gave a shit about him, because he was stabilizing the region14:04
Fallenoubut something changed, and he was no longer desirable by western countries14:04
Fallenou(I don't remember what changed)14:04
Fallenouthen he was the man to kill :)14:04
wpwrakviric: naw, start producing weapons. your countrymen - on either side of the conflict - shall need them soon ;-)14:04
viricwpwrak: isn't the european production enough?14:05
viricwpwrak: I thought the market was near saturated :)14:05
wpwrakviric: you can always set up a few scandals that block the usual routes. but you're right, better to just trade them, not produce.14:06
viricnow our government has sold contracts to start exploring underground for gas and oil, with a 'fracking' technique. A technique forbidden in many places, because it's prone to contaminate water dwells14:07
viricAnd also sold contracts for oil extraction next to the beach.14:07
viricthey are selling every "country asset" they can14:08
viric"the pressure of the markets"14:08
wpwrakviric: well, if you've ever watched "battlestar galactica", you know what "fracking" really means :)14:09
viricnever watched :)14:09
viricbut if they destroy the water dwells...14:10
wpwrakviric: the 2000 series was pretty good. among the best in sci-fi if you don't mind the military/metaphysical slant.14:10
viricIt'll be very bad14:10
viricI'm not sure I like 'scifi'14:11
wpwrakbah, there's plenty of water in the mediterranean14:11
wpwrakand it would be really expensive to make it drinkable. but hey, those catalans have money, right ? :)14:11
viricSure, lots of money, if we sell all the coast, the mountains, the workforce, ... to the russians14:12
wpwrakhaving to worry about water should also put those silly secessionist fantasies to rest :)14:12
viricwpwrak: secessionist movement has always been leaded by the left ecologist people, until lastest 11th of September14:13
viricwpwrak: where the strong right-wing suddenly changed its eternal oposition to secession, and tried of a sudden to lead the secessionist movement.14:13
viricnow many people are very confused.14:13
viric"may we vote the right-wing, and we would get independent sooner, despite wanting lefty politics?"14:13
viricof course, the right-wing claims a lot about secession now, but every week they are diluting all more and more.14:15
viricI hope some new elections will kick them out hard.14:15
wpwrakso you prefer to be sold by "left-wing" politicians ?14:17
viricwell, here 'left/right' has nuances not really exportable to foreign politics.14:18
viricI don't mean 'left' as in soviet union.14:18
wpwrakit seems that the differences on that right-left axis are approaching the planck length these days14:18
viricwe use the polarity left/right, but that's a completely different axis than in other countries.14:19
whitequarkwpwrak: so say we all :)14:19
virichere, 'left' is more related to removing any central power.14:19
viricwhile in soviet union 'left', it'd be somewhat opposite.14:20
wpwrakah, so that's where the anarchists are hiding :)14:20
wpwrakthen your "left" would also favour gun ownership and lower taxes ? :)14:20
viricnot at all14:20
viricevery country has its own polarities14:21
wpwrakmaybe they're not so serious about weakening the state then :)14:21
viricoften reduce to words left/right, but they could be any other words :)14:21
viricI understand your point14:22
viricanarchists like in switzerland, right? :)14:22
wpwrakthe division is often along the lines of "fairly redistribute what others have" vs. "protect what's mine". so there's an obvious age divide there.14:24
viricthat's how communits grow to vote 'right' :)14:25
wpwrakviric: hmm, the swiss aren't very anarchists. yet they have what's probably the form of democracy most compatible with the principles of anarchy.14:25
viricwpwrak: gun ownership + low taxes14:26
viricpart of the success is in not having a very big country.14:27
wpwrak(vote right) yeah, all you have to do is channel people's worries. make the non-poor fear the poor and the poor hate the non-poor, and they'll be busy being at each other's throat and you can do whatever you want14:27
viricwpwrak: it's also important to have a kind of infrastructure so the poor and non-poor never meet, other than through TV documentaries.14:28
wpwrak(small country) that may be a part of it. not sure if this is still true, though.14:28
wpwrak(keep 'em separated) you mean like the US prison system ? :)14:29
viricthat's only one place where they don't meet :)14:30
wpwrakwell, you have to have plans for the future :)14:30
wpwrakbesides, apartheid wasn't built in a day either14:31
Action: whitequark waits to apply godwin's law14:35
viricI'm sorry, but I think we were reaching agreement14:36
wpwrakwell, there you have an example of a highly effective form of government :) and "guns for all" and "low taxes" folks should be rather happy with that model, too14:36
wpwrakactually, i don't know how taxes worked during WWII. but then, in a country where people live on food stamps and worry about getting bombed while in bed (or sent to enjoy the snow-covered plains of beautiful russia), i can't imagine them to have been a major issue14:38
viricyes, people were much easier to make happy back then14:42
wpwrakyeah. they were really happy when the secret police came at night ... and took the neighbours14:43
viricThe spanish prime minister got to be a good representative of the country again, in Peru14:44
viricIn a speech there, he said "Quiero agradecer al pueblo cubano..."14:44
wpwrakso far, so good :)14:44
viricReminding the Minister of defense of the same party, some years ago, when made all the troups of El Salvador shout "Viva Honduras!"14:45
viricOr when the minister of industry said, in a speech at general motors: "I'm proud of being here at Ford ..."14:45
viricthat's the Spanish style ;)14:46
wpwrakso i take it that his polite mention of cubans did not continue with "y al pueblo peruano" ? (or, even better, possibly a long list of peoples, emphasizing unity among latin countries)14:47
viricwpwrak: no no. totally forgot of 'peruano'. he really mixed.14:47
wpwrakdarn. as a politician, he should know that it's pronounced "fnord" !14:47
viricwpwrak: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wy5lSeww9NE14:48
wpwrakbusy travel schedule then :)14:48
wpwrakwell, they take it well ;-)14:49
viricyes, quite :D14:49

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