#qi-hardware IRC log for Monday, 2013-01-21

wolfspraulah... github is not down, but blocked in China... well then22:09
wpwrakhow long until they'll block qi-hardware.com ? after all, you said bad things about the air quality on irc, and there are the logs ...22:12
wpwrakor is this just a case of one censor overreacting and will be corrected soon ?22:13
wolfspraullong story, too stupid to explain22:34
wolfspraulnot paid as a sinologist... :-)22:35
wpwrakso you expect it to come back ?22:35
wpwrakor will you just go through the vpn until they find your little rabbit hole, too ?22:36
wolfspraulseem just dns spoofing for now, so an entry in /etc/hosts fixed it (for now)22:36
wolfspraulalways stay flexible...22:36
wpwrakheh :)22:38
wolfspraulit's like with antibiotics, you use them carefully and escalating only when necessary, or they will all become ineffective22:39
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