#qi-hardware IRC log for Friday, 2013-01-18

whitequarkoh, harmonics08:58
whitequarkFabrice Bellard used them to output DVB-T with a regular VGA video card08:59
Fallenouthis guy is really dead crazy09:06
rohjup. he is.09:23
rohbut sadly its not useable that way properly. after all its far beyond spec und doesn only work on a whim09:23
rohalso its afaik not realtime and needs heavily preprocessed (modulated in sw) data09:24
whitequarkwell I guess with fast enough CPU you could preprocess that in realtime09:27
whitequarkor maybe CUDA, as this task seems to be nicely parallelizable09:27
rohwhatfor? total brainless waste of electricity09:28
whitequarkno clue09:28
rohthere are affordable modultors for dvb-t -c -s and the hd variants available right now.09:28
rohcheck for the DATV stuff... digital amateur tv. these switched to digital dvb modulated schemes some time ago too.. since bandwith is rare, one needs to use it as good as possible09:29
rohand for sure its of no use to use abuse graphicscard for this. you get so much unwanted frequencies and noise in neighbouring bands that you will rather disturb other transmissions than get it to work outside of a lab setup09:31
rohdoing that was more for 'show' than for using it ;)09:31
rohnice show indeed that was09:31
whitequarksure, I understand that :)09:31
rohif you want to get into such stuff (digital atv) i can give you some pointers to equipment09:37
whitequarkroh: not atm12:58
whitequarkbut thanks for the offer12:58
wpwrakwhitequark: nice DVB-T generator. i like that level of madness ;-)13:11
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