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qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: ubb/solder-cable.fig: drawing to illustrate soldering a cable to UBB (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-blinkenlights/8dda12001:53
whitequarkjust received two boards from a russian reseller, both originated from a chinese vendor09:57
whitequarkhttp://devicter.ru/goods/Iteadmaple-V1-0 and http://devicter.ru/goods/Color-LCD-Shield?from=YWZk09:58
whitequark(from different chinese vendors)09:58
whitequarkitead did a nice job. elecfreaks decided that washing boards is optional09:59
whitequarkand so is retaining the antiscratch film on the LCD09:59
whitequarkand so is not scratching / not smearing LCD09:59
whitequarkand they glued it with a kind of polyethylene adhesive which just fell off both from LCD and PCB09:59
whitequarkcomplete with ink of the QA mark.09:59
wpwraksmart electronics - the QA mark self-destructs if the quality can no longer be assured11:14
whitequarkalso, say hello to a DFU bootloader misadvertising its version11:21
whitequarkwhich was a screwup of a vendor whose board my vendor has cloned, and it was fixed in upstream, but who cares about such unimportant subtleties11:21
larscyou care ;)11:23
wpwrakwhitequark: that was a trap to punish those cloners :)11:37
whitequarkoooh crap11:42
whitequarkthe lcd backlight driver produces that peculiar sound11:42
whitequarkand the polyethylene blob is visible right in the center of the display11:43
whitequarkwhat a waste of money11:43
whitequarkfortunately the company bought it for me11:45
kristianpaulpattern generator 14:25
kristianpaullike a low power sdr? :-)14:26
larscmore like a pattern generator ;)14:26
kristianpaullarsc: it could broadcast a call sign15:13
kristianpaulat two feets away15:13
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu: cgminer: update to 2.10.4, include root-files (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/25b0a6315:41
wpwrakwell, you could use it to produce some AM noise :)15:47
kristianpaulyay ;-)15:57
kristianpaulwpwrak: and FM?15:57
wpwrakhmm no, the highest frequency you can sometimes produce is 84 MHz (excluding harmonics). according to wikipedia, FM radio normally begins at 87.5 MHz.16:31
wpwrakyou could try to use harmonics, of which you should have a lot, given that it's a square wave, but that's a bit ugly.16:32
Action: wpwrak hates it when an ethernet switch fails causing me to think the (headless) pc connected to it is the one that went down ...22:44
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