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whitequarklarsc: out of curiosity00:12
whitequarkwhy would you have two otherwise identical boards?00:12
whitequarkI mean, they must've either differently rated ICs or different power supplies, or whatever00:13
whitequarka russian utility company just made this calendar: http://www.adme.ru/kalendar/vsem-muzha-iz-zhkh-455505/00:18
larscwhitequark: rev. a and rev. b00:38
larscturned out rev. a had power failures under certain conditions, so they reworked the power tree a bit00:39
larscand switched from a 5v supply to a 12v supply00:39
larscthe boards looked still the same though00:39
wpwrakbut you solved that, too :)01:53
wpwrak(a bit off-topic) this is how amazon organizes their warehouses. interesting IT-driven approach: http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2012/10/16/122057/5502:27
wpwrakwolfspraul: you chose a good moment to be away from bejing. they seem to have especially nasty smog these days: http://www.heise.de/tp/blogs/8/15353204:02
wolfspraulI help filtering it with my lungs, no worries04:04
wolfspraulyes we proudly set a new world record, I believe04:04
wolfspraulfar above the highest scale, where no achievement of the people ever reached to before04:05
wpwrakheh :) isn't it nice that there so many opportunities to excel ?04:06
wolfspraulthe official propaganda a few days ago just said the air was improving for the 14th consecutive year in Beijing!04:06
wolfspraulha ha04:06
wpwrak(14th consecutive year) "we have better ways to interpret the measurements now" :)04:07
wolfspraulthat was not even 2 weeks ago "Beijing air quality improves for 14th consecutive year"04:08
wolfsprauland the headline in todays mouthpiece, hilarious04:08
wolfspraulin the largest font possible "healthy debate about air quality"04:08
wolfspraulthey actually managed to write the word "healty" and "air" in the same line, not bad04:08
wpwrakwe actually had some fun day a little while ago, too. here's a very nice blog post about that day: http://www.argentinaindependent.com/currentaffairs/thoughtsofaforeigner/weekly-news-roundup-special-7d-edition/04:08
wolfspraulat least those assholes are inhalating the same shit as everybody else, that's comforting04:09
wolfspraulalthough wait, it's possible that they sit in specially cleaned rooms, with hospital air cleaning equipment...04:09
wpwrakwell, all the west keeps asking for more democracy in china. so that sort of debate is what they want, right ? :)04:10
wpwrakif they live in clean rooms, that'll do wonders to their immune system :)04:10
wolfspraulsales of very expensive air cleaning devices are booming04:11
wolfsprauland they need heavy maintenance etc.04:11
wolfspraulbut that stuff does work, if you throw enough resources at it04:11
wolfspraul"china reaching cleanliness levels typically only found in special clean rooms in the west"04:11
wpwraksounds like a good concept: clean the air at the destination, not at the source :)04:11
wolfspraulthey chose this path, not me04:12
wolfspraulbut I help with my lungs right now, let's see for how long :-)04:12
wolfspraulso they drive a Porsche, but inhalate air as if they smoke all the time04:12
wpwrakno need to buy expensive cigarettes then :)04:13
wolfspraul"with every breath you take, you can help to clean your homeland"04:14
wolfspraulthey should let me try to write some headlines too :-)04:14
wpwrakyou should make some posters :)04:14
wolfspraullet's make it patriotic and bullshit, that should work04:14
wolfspraulthose letters "healthy" as large as possible are laughing at me, when I look outside it looks as if there is a fire all around :-)04:15
wolfspraulso yeah, settling back in, thanks for your thoughts :-)04:15
wpwrakah, you're back in beijing, not in .de ?04:16
wolfsprauljust said "help cleaning"04:16
wolfspraulyou can only do that at the frontline, one breadth at a time04:16
wpwraki thought that was a more general statement. like every day you're contributing.04:16
wolfspraulactually on a serious note this pollution makes people speechless04:16
wolfsprauleven chinese start to reflect a little04:17
wpwrakah well, here's to selfless heroism then :)04:17
wolfspraulpeople drive slowly, can't believe it, etc.04:17
wolfspraulwell - a little slower04:17
wolfspraula tiny little bit more gently04:17
wolfspraulso instead of "super aggressive" as all the time, now it's just "aggressive"04:17
wpwrakwell, it'll take a while for the culture to adapt04:17
wolfspraulI can sense a tiny bit of reflection about whether something might, just might, be wrong04:17
wolfspraullevels above 800 and above 1000 on some measurements are really unbelievable04:18
wolfspraulI think if you are in a room where someone else smokes, it will be about 300-400 or so04:18
wpwrakwhile people are still overwhelmed by being wealthy, they may not be so quick to pick up the more subtle things that come with it. like caring about your health.04:18
wolfspraulwe have that on good days now04:18
wolfspraulthe us and who scale ends at 500, china extended it to 700 but that's also not enough. they should extend it to 2000 or so right away...04:19
wpwrakat some point, it should make the cleaning easier, too. just move the air a little and the dirt will condense out of it :)04:19
wolfspraulin a normal place you are <50 all the time04:19
wpwrakhmm, from your news site: http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/china/2012-08/30/c_131818292.htm04:20
wpwrakmaybe you should relocate :)04:20
wolfspraulif this continues, there will be astronomical numbers of lung diseases etc. in a few years04:20
wolfspraul(in china)04:20
wolfspraulsince in a few years, you inhalate as many particles as in your whole life elsewhere04:20
wpwraktime to invest in medical equipment. portable breathing aids and such04:21
wolfsprauloh definitely04:21
wpwrakor maybe set up a business with canned air from tibet :)04:21
wolfspraulah yes, I saw that headline too04:21
wolfspraulthey are really desperate04:22
wolfspraul"air quality near perfect in Tibet"04:22
wolfspraulha ha04:22
wolfspraullike I said, I can sense a tiny bit of reflection at least04:22
wolfspraulit's so obvious that nobody can deny this, even though chinese (especialy higher-level) are extremely good at flat-out lying directly into your face04:22
wolfspraulbut it becomes more difficult now, so my smile goes up regardless :-)04:23
wolfspraullet's have another cigarette! :-)04:23
wolfspraulah there you go, "tibet near perfect"04:23
wolfspraulJapan too04:23
wolfsprauletc. etc.04:23
wpwrakyou've made it when smoking a cigarette actually reduces the contamination :)04:23
wolfspraulyes there is a *FILTER* at the end, no?04:24
wolfspraulmaybe if you pull the air through there, you can help cleaning?04:24
wpwrakor at least inhale better air04:24
wolfspraulyes! really good idea04:24
wolfsprauljust put the unlit cigarette into your mouth, ha ha04:24
wpwraksmoking as a public services sounds tempting, though04:25
wolfspraulthen spread a rumor that that helps04:25
wolfspraulmaybe a few million will follow you the next day04:25
wolfspraulxiangfu: how do you like that?04:25
wpwrakah yes, that ought to work04:25
wolfspraulWerner and I have an idea04:25
wolfspraulhow every chinese can help clean the motherland04:25
wolfspraulyou buy a pack of cigarettes, and put one into your mouth but *DO NOT* light it04:25
wolfsprauljust breathe the air through the filter04:25
wolfsprauland after 30 minutes or 1 hr, switch to the next cigarette with clean filter04:25
wpwrakand put the old one into the hazardous waste bin04:26
wolfspraulbrilliant idea, also a fashion statement04:26
wpwrak... from where it will the be picked up by the garbage company and burnt in a backyard a couple of blocks away :)04:27
wolfspraulor mixed in with animal food or worse04:27
wpwrakyeah, i like it. you should sell it to some cigarette company04:27
wolfspraulhey, I liked this in the xinhua article...04:28
wolfspraulso first they say it's improving for 14 consecutive years04:29
wolfspraulall relative...04:29
wolfspraul"dropped by 4 percent"04:29
wolfspraulnotice the "per cent"04:29
wolfspraulbut then it gets interesting04:29
wolfspraul"The biggest challenge is the increase of pollutants"04:29
wolfspraul"We can only improve air quality by making sure that pollution reduction outpaces increases in pollutants"04:29
wolfspraulhuh huh?04:29
wolfspraulso what is actually "improving" now?04:30
wpwrakah yes, must be some translation mistake :)04:30
wolfspraulincrease? decrease?04:30
wolfspraul4 percent of what?04:30
wpwraki like that one "Fang said, adding that 122 heavily polluting companies were closed as well."04:30
wpwrakseems that they're trying :)04:30
wolfspraulmaybe they measre "increase" and "reduction" separately04:30
wolfspraulwerner that opens a whole new field of math right there!04:30
wolfspraulyou can always declare a "reduction" if you single out the "increase" first! :-)04:30
wolfspraulso the reduction is real!04:30
wpwrakmaybe he meant the number of pollutants04:30
wolfspraul(after increase)04:30
wolfspraulnah nah04:31
wolfspraulreduction and increase are treated separately, ha ha04:31
wolfspraulhow much reduction do you want?04:31
wolfspraulno problem04:31
wpwrakso those lovely dioxides are down while new stuff is getting added to the mix04:31
wolfspraulif the increase is 10%, we first increase by 20%, then you can have your reduction...04:31
wpwraksounds fair to me04:31
wolfsprauleverybody is happy, bonuses are paid...04:32
wolfspraulthat's how they managed to become the world's most polluted city now04:32
wolfspraulthey should check their math04:32
wolfspraulyes correct, they are trying04:33
wolfspraulbut it takes a lot of time and a lot of thinking to change peoples behavior04:33
wolfspraulwhat everybody does each day, themselves, rather than pointing elsewhere...04:33
wolfspraulI expect absolutely horrible air quality for all of january and in fact the whole winter04:34
wolfspraulin the summer it might go back down to hazardous/very unhealthy etc. as before/as normal04:34
wpwrakhow's public transportation in beijing ? do you need that car or would there be a nice yet less prestigious underground as well ?04:34
wolfspraulpretty good [public transport]04:35
wolfspraulI don't think you can blame cars alone04:35
wolfsprauleverything is booming, and the management is just out of control04:35
wpwrakoh, by the way, the charming wooden subway cars you enjoyed so much in buenos aires are no more. they're being replaced with modern ones from china these days.04:35
wolfspraulfrom my very limited knowledge I think there is a ton of new coal-fired power plants, for example04:35
wolfspraulplus lots of other bad behavior by companies, private and state, individuals, on construction sites, badly maintained cars, old trucks, etc. etc.04:36
wolfspraulall together creating the result you read about04:36
wolfspraulat least nobody can deny it anymore, finally04:36
wpwrakthe old critters had been in service for almost 100 years. in fact, that there hasn't been any major carnage is just a testament to good active safety (and subways generally being one of the safest means of transportation)04:36
wolfspraulI really can have the best laugh now04:36
wolfspraulthey will improve...04:36
wolfsprauloh too bad, yes I did like those old cars04:37
wolfspraulfor purely nostalgic reasons though, I understand they have to go04:37
wolfspraulhopefully someone still uses them in some make, make a good bar or so with them...04:37
wolfspraulor cafe04:37
wolfsprauls/in some make/in some way/04:37
wpwrakthey plan to put them at parks, as public libraries04:38
wpwrakand keep (and modify, since the voltage changes now) one train for tourism04:38
wolfsprauljust curious - voltage changes from what to what?04:39
wpwrakand yes, some people seem to be interested in buying some. so maybe we'll get some new bars as well :)04:39
wpwraki think 1100 V to 1500 V04:39
wpwraknot sure if this means that the current will go down or if the new trains consume more in general. for instance for air conditioning.04:41
wpwrakso they're shutting down the line for about two months to do all the replacement work and testing04:41
wpwrak(it's just one line - the rest of the network already has more modern trains)04:42
wpwrakthe ownership of the metro network changed from the national government to the city with the beginning of 2013. finally. they've been fighting over this for a long time.04:43
wpwrakso now it's cleanup time. and the heavy subsidies will go, too. a year ago, a metro ticket (for unlimited travel in the underground network) cost about 20-25 US-cents. then, when talks about the transfer started, they doubled it. now it'll go up some 60% again. even with that, it's cheap.04:47
wolfspraulin bejing, any city-wide subway ride costs a flat 2 rmb (=ca. 35 US cents)04:50
wolfspraulbuses are even less, normally 1 RMB (17 cents) and with a electronic card only 0.4 rmb, that is... a few cents04:51
wolfspraulzero essentially04:51
wolfspraulsounds nice superficially but as usual there's a mean back-end, because these prices are to keep the poor being "able" to commute from very far places where they can afford the rent into the city... for hours each day...04:52
wolfspraulat least they *can*, isn't that nice :-)04:52
wpwrakyeah, pretty much the same concept here04:53
wolfspraul2-3 hours bus into the city (unpaid), then work for little money, then another 2-3h back into their dirtholes04:53
wpwrakat least i assume your infrastructure is in better shape04:54
wolfspraulif you don't count the air as 'infrastructure', then yes :-)04:54
wpwrakhere, the subway isn't so bad but the trains are a nightmare. or so i've heard. never tried one.04:54
wpwrakheh :)04:54
wolfsprauland not the water either04:55
wolfspraulbut water from tibet is clean, I'm sure...04:55
wpwrak(trains) and sure enough, we had a major accident least year. 50 dead, hundreds wounded. that was one of the main commuter trains. ran into the bumpers in the station at a slightly elevated speed, some 20-30 km/h.04:56
wpwraknow you just need to get a permit to visit tibet, so clean out your lungs :)04:56
wolfspraulI like it in Beijing05:00
wolfspraulyou know I'm attracted to places where *nothing* works :-)05:00
wolfspraulthe home of (a lot of) creativity :-)05:00
wpwrakan engineer's paradise. endless opportunities to fix things :)05:01
rohheh.. maybe its a good thing berlin falls apart all the time then, too05:17
rohinterresting.. did never look at it that way.. just the 'cheap enough to finance your projects easier' way till now05:19
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: ubb-patgen/hw/: a simple resistor on CMD is sufficient - no need for a cap (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-blinkenlights/471403806:57
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: libubb/: add experimental physical memory allocation/mapping module (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-blinkenlights/8d59f8a06:57
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: ubb-patgen/: add DMA-based pattern transfer (WIP) (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-blinkenlights/09bf9c206:57
cmwjust incase anyone needs one there is Spectec SDW-823 on ebay right now14:05
wpwrakhmm. some fashion ideas if there are too many cameras in your neighbourhood: http://cvdazzle.com/23:16
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