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wpwrakwhitequark: the "standard" one on linux would be CDC12:20
wpwrakwhitequark: but it's not compatible with windows. RNDIS would be compatible with windows but rumor has it that it's virtually impossible to get this to work.12:21
wpwraknever heard of the others12:21
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu: cgminer: add both ft232 and pl2303 chip support on hotplug (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/78fe5e412:50
wpwrakhmm. we should get some people skilled in biochemistry involved in Open Culture (open sw, open hw, and so on), and then get them to develop an open source instant hangover removal pill or drink.12:56
wpwrakthat's the kind of research that would be politically incorrect for big companies while at the same time being tremendously useful for quite a lot of people.13:00
whitequarkwpwrak: huh? politically incorrect for big companies?14:10
whitequarkif I'm not mistaken, there are tons of ads in Moscow about this precise thing14:11
wpwrakwell, in russia ... :)14:14
wpwrakbut all the major medical research happens in places influenced by puritanism or similar philosophies14:15
whitequarkwell, I've read numerous times that companies performing that major medical research do things like testing drugs on people from 3rd world countries14:16
whitequarkwhich I won't blindly believe, but it doesn't sound entirely unlikely either14:16
whitequarkthat's what PR department is for ;)14:17
wpwrakyou mean if things get a little worse in russia, you may get access to more modern medicine ? :)14:17
whitequarkironically :)14:18
whitequarkI've been prescribed homeopathic stuff here14:19
whitequarkwas quite a wtf for me when I realized it14:20
larscand of course you had to pay lots of money for it14:31
whitequarklarsc: obviously14:51
whitequark$30 for... 10 pills, I think?14:51
whitequarkand it was quiiiite a while ago. so my mother without a single doubt went and bought it. sigh.14:53
wpwraknow we know from which branch of the family your scientific interest doesn't come :)14:58
whitequarkyeah :)15:00
FrankBluesAnyone know if xburst-tools has been ported to Raspberry Pi?16:26
larscwhat do you mean by ported? has it been crosscompiled for arm?16:35
FrankBluesYes, has it been crosscompiled?16:36
larscI don't think there are precompiled packages, but you can just grab the source and build it on your rpi16:37
FrankBluesI should have done some googling about it first - it looks like there's  xburst compiled for armhf (rpi) for Debian Sid16:46
whitequarkhah, it seems that I bashed the STM32VLDISCOVERY for nothing20:30
whitequarklong story short, it was a faulty board20:30
whitequarkwell, FSVO faulty20:42
whitequarkprotip: don't have two identical boards differing only by two tiny solder junctions on the bottom20:42
whitequarkand if you do, mark the little fuckers accordingly20:42
larscor if you have two identical boards, one taking a 5v power supply, the other a 12v power supply you better not mix them up, had to lern that the hard way...20:49
wpwrakthis sounds like a self-correcting situation :)21:01
larscyea, now I only have one board ;)21:01
wpwraksurvival of the fittest :)21:11
viricand a great simplification of the problem21:17
viricw 1221:24
larscand the magic smoke made it also pretty obvious what was going on, so need for lengthy debugging sessions21:37
larscthat was one of these, "damm where is the undo button" situations21:38
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