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viricIt seems the term 'geek' is already used by the people that mainly buy smartphones and install applets17:31
viricor apps, whatever they are called17:31
erikkugelyes, today geeks are simply early adapters.17:35
viricsoon my mother watching a tv, will be called 'a hacker'17:49
larscshe's a hacker if she changes your facebook status if you didn't logout after using facebook from her pc17:50
viricSomeone told me a site "for geeks"17:52
viricand it was like a news page for people spending money on new popular devices17:52
viricIt was not english17:55
viricI guess you'll understand all topics through 'key words'17:56
larscyet hipsters.cat is still free17:57
viricyes, strange.18:17
wpwraknow we know the catalan word for "consumerism" :)18:40
viricconsumisme. :)18:54
wpwraki thought you said it was "geeks" ;)18:58
wpwrakbtw, there is a bit of a renaissance: once upon a time, you weren't considered a geek if you didn't know how to make the blinking 00:00 on your VCR go away18:59
wpwraknowadays, you are a geek (the retro kind) if you still have a VCR. and the 00:00 is now a cultural statement.18:59
kyakdon't hold this word for yourself if it's already spoiled, come up with a new one :)19:48
wpwrakstrings /dev/urandom | sed 5q | tr -cd 'a-z'; echo19:51
wpwraksuggests "jhsaqu"19:51
kyakmine is "wnfnh" - so much better!19:52
kyakwhy yours returns 6 symbols?19:53
wpwrak5q limits the number of lines, not characters. e.g., you can also get "lnzbzoymny"19:54
wpwrak(is that russian ?)19:54
kristianpaulhow long until a sane word?19:54
kyak"lnzbzoymny" looks like ";N1>7=0B5;L=K9" in Russian. Means curious19:55
kyakwow, this thing really returns soemthing sensible sometimes19:56
wpwrakkristianpaul: 90: dike19:57
wpwrakkristianpaul: 284: el19:57
wpwrakkristianpaul: 151: me19:57
wpwrak70: beg19:57
kristianpauli just let a watch do its job19:58
wpwrakn=1; while true; do w=`strings /dev/urandom | sed 5q | tr -cd 'a-z'`; [ "`echo $w | ispell -l`" ] || break; n=`expr $n + 1`; done; echo $n: $w19:58
wpwrakof course, it also finds things like "t", "z", ...19:58
wpwrak20: gigs19:59
kyaki was wondering how long will "geeks" comes up 20:00
kyakstrings /dev/urandom | sed 30q | tr -cd 'geeks'; echo20:01
wpwrak698726 characters until substring "geek"20:07
wpwraknext at 741729, 784274, 956813, 1212800, 1541914, ...20:08
wpwrakgeeks are at 1021086820:08
wpwrakkyak at 22335820:09
wpwrakviric at 247468120:09
larsccan you reproduce your results?20:10
wpwraklet's see ...20:12
wpwrak"geeks" is now at 1171409, "larsc" moved from 8766999 to 3476386.20:14
wpwrakso the randomization seems to be working. things get randomly moved around, but they're still all there :)20:14
kyakoh, my nick is so not random -\20:20
viric00:00 is a cultural statement?20:40
viricDoes a VCR with 00:00 connected to a video capture usb device count? :)20:41
viricin fact its lcd reads "SET CLOCK"20:41
wpwraki was more thinking of this sort of device: http://radio-piffret.pagesperso-orange.fr/TV_et_video_Magnetoscope_SANYO_VTC9300.JPG20:43
wpwrak(the funai variant of that was the first VCR in my family. had more metal than a small tank. about 20 kg.)20:45
viricwhat is funai?20:49
viricumh I think I've something similar to that picture, though :)20:49
wpwrakFunai is or was a company that made/sold, among other things, this sort of VCR20:51
wpwrak(similar) complete with wired remote control ? :)20:51
viricno, no wired remote control :)20:52
wpwraktoo modern then20:53
whitequarkwhat, again, was that sort of USB Ethernet which wasn't CDC?21:59
whitequarkoooh crap. so we have RNDIS, CDC Eth, ECM, EEM and NCM22:00
whitequarksomeone went committee-happy22:01
wpwrakuse usb-uart with SLIP :)22:05
wpwrakor "term", if you prefer a more traditional approach22:05
wpwrakif you hate multitasking, kermit is your solution22:05
wpwrakno need for all that modern stuff22:05
whitequarkwpwrak: CDC ECM is indeed simpler than SLIP22:08
whitequarkand more efficient22:08
whitequarkgah, not CDC22:09
whitequarkcan't they give reasonable names to these standards?!22:09
wpwrakwhy ? CDC = Center for Disease Control22:10
whitequarkmeh. it would rather spread the disease :s22:32
lindi-whitequark: those different ethernet modes were afaik mostly due to the fact that cheap hardware lacked sufficient number of endpoints22:43
lindi-whitequark: so if you wanted to implement both serial and ethernet and mass storage on the same device you had to come up with a custom scheme22:44
whitequarklindi-: what's the "proper" one to use, given enough endpoints?22:58
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