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kyakviric: wives always talk about insanity ;)05:22
viricno idea, but a fair amount of the russians I know use to mention "that's insane" for things other people do. I mean it's a noticeable easy trigger for that :)08:15
viricmoreover, I think that changing dictionary definitions may be something very clever instead of insane.08:15
viricYes, it's a scandal, but scandals last two days, and then life goes on08:16
whitequarkviric: interesting observation12:54
whitequarkI wonder why does this happen12:54
viricI think most russians I know tend to have a worldview of they feeling as "perfect logic analyzers", so all foreign that doesn't match becomes ilogic or insane.12:57
viricMaybe it's something in the education system12:57
viricbut instead of thinking "weird, I don't understand why those people do that", they think "those people are insane"12:57
viricBut maybe simply the construction "they are insane" is a russian pattern to mean "I don't understand those"12:58
kyakit's just a common phrase12:58
kyaknot just they really think they are insane12:58
viricyes, can be.12:58
whitequarkI would say that both are partly correct. But yes, I didn't mean that those spaniards were *literally* insane :)12:59
viricFor us, the english idiom "I'm excited" here has clear sexual connotations12:59
viricYet english people say "I received the nanonote! I'm excited about it!"12:59
viricand I bet they don't mean anything sexual13:00
whitequarkdunno, it doesn't sound sexual for me when said in english13:00
whitequarkin russian, indeed it would13:00
kyak"272>;=>20=" sounds stupid, "2>71C645=" has sexual context :)13:02
whitequarkimo "can't wait to <verb>" would be the best alternative for translating "excited"13:03
kyakin this case you would have to come up with that <verb>13:06
kyak"271C4>@065=" :)13:08
whitequarkmorons making my notebook decided to omit 2.0 support in chipset completely and implement it through a rate-matching hub13:24
whitequarkso without xhci-hcd loaded I cannot access any of my external ports, whereas that would be a 2.0 or 3.0 device on them13:24
whitequarkand given that xhci-hcd fails to recognize STM32VLDISCOVERY, hm, I've no idea what to do13:25
whitequarkexcept to begin despising new technology13:25
kyakwould external usb 2.0 hub be of any help?13:25
whitequarkoh, actually I wasn.t exactly right. they DID implement 2.0 support in chipset, but only routed it to internal devices.13:26
whitequarkkyak: probably no13:26
whitequarkthe problem is with the linux driver and/or differences in HCI implementation13:26
whitequarklinux *xhci* driver, which gets to identify the device regardless of its actual usb version13:26
whitequarkhm well, for some reason the usb-storage quirk helped13:29
whitequarkI'm feeling quite stupid right now13:30
whitequarkmeh, the flasher doesn't work anyway13:42
DocScrutinizer05whitequark: lol16:02
whitequarkDocScrutinizer05: what in particular?16:02
DocScrutinizer053.0 and converter for external ports16:02
DocScrutinizer05or rather: 2.0 for internal USB only16:03
whitequarkoh indeed16:03
whitequarkintel surely does some weird decisions16:03
DocScrutinizer05morons don't consider at least one genuine 2.0 external port16:04
whitequarkit seems that they use the rate-matching hub technique for a long time; they did the same with 1.0/2.016:04
wpwrakthe magazines like it if all the ports are USB 3.0 ;-)16:04
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