#qi-hardware IRC log for Tuesday, 2013-01-08

whitequarkhave you seen this?16:58
whitequarkFSF Approved"16:59
larscso all the firmare is burned in a ROM?16:59
wpwrakis it just me or have labels like "FSF approved" increasingly become warning signs ?17:23
whitequarklarsc: burned in a ROM? not sure I understand you here17:34
whitequarkwpwrak: RMS lost me when he made GCC not modular, contrary to multiple technical reasons, and explicitly to make proprietary plugins impossible17:35
wpwrakheh :)17:48
larscwhitequark: one way to get your stuff FSF approved is to make the sw non-changable17:55
whitequarklarsc: ah. well, they seem to actually do FLOSS HW17:59
larscand floss sw?18:07
Action: wpwrak hates unreliable weather forecasts. they said it wouldn't rain. now i'm in the middle of replacing outdoors lights. @#%^$!21:53
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