#qi-hardware IRC log for Wednesday, 2012-12-26

whitequarkno, the winter is roughly the same for three months of it00:00
wpwrakit defeated napoleon, hitler, and who knows how many others. what's a little postman to do :)00:00
whitequarkyou're partly correct in that each damned year there's a headline that our public services (the ones which should clean roads) "were not ready for winter"00:00
whitequarkeach. single. year.00:00
whitequarkand indeed there's crap all over the streets00:00
whitequarkfirst you were drowning in mud00:00
wpwrak"it came as a total surprise" :)00:01
whitequarknow you're drowning in snow00:01
whitequarkYES EXACTLY00:01
whitequark1 meter piles of snow on walkways--check00:01
wpwrakwell, here we're having blackouts. government proudly announced some weeks ago that the electrical system was ready to brave the summer00:01
whitequark1.5 meter piles of snow besides walkways after so-called cleaning--check00:01
whitequarktransparent ice on roads--check00:02
whitequarktons of salt destroying your shoes in half a season--check00:02
whitequarkand it doesn't even always melt the ice00:02
wpwraktwo weeks later, on the first hot day this spring, there was a MAJOR failure. the whole buenos aires area went dark. the lucky ones (me included) had electricity some 4-5 huors later.00:02
whitequarksome genius building the house I live in decided it's a good idea to lay smooth, probably ceramic, tiles on the entrance00:03
whitequarkwhere people with ice on boots go00:03
wpwrakthe unlucky ones (like the folks across the street from my place) had to use candles for the next three days00:03
whitequarkyou know what happens, right?00:03
wpwrakyesterday, we had some 37 C at 70% humidity. again lots of air conditioning went online. bang. again quite a number of places are still dark.00:04
wpwrakfreestyle skating !! ;-)00:04
whitequarkwell, I felt. it was really painful. and dirty. and I had something fragile in my bag. fuck.00:05
whitequarkI just wish to break every single bone in the body of the person who came up with this idea.00:05
whitequarkwith my bare hands00:05
wpwrakmaybe he tried it and what you wish already happened ;-)00:06
whitequarkalso there's fun with elevator00:06
whitequarksometimes the stupid thing (made in russia. yes. OBVIOUSLY.) thinks it's actually one floor higher than it actually is00:06
whitequarkand it persists across calls00:06
whitequarkso in order to retrieve it you need to either:00:07
whitequark1) somehow get in and then go to last, 17th (sic!) floor where it hits a switch and fixes itself00:07
wpwrakwhat happens if you send it to the bottom floor ?00:07
whitequarkthat was the first thing I tried when I ran fast enough to get in00:07
whitequarkit closes in EXACTLY the time you need to get to the floor above you were calling it from00:08
wpwrakthat switch is cheating :)00:08
whitequarklike they were tuning00:08
whitequarkor 2) communicate with another person to call the elevator and then goto 100:08
whitequarkwhich a) feels like you're a mouse in a test chamber00:09
whitequarkit REALLY feels like it00:09
wpwrakno such problems here00:09
whitequarkb) while they wait for me to go to 17th floor and back, they usually give up and go up themselves00:09
whitequarkwhich probably angers them00:09
whitequarkwhich probably means that this won't work the second time00:09
whitequarkI could just as well not fix the elevator00:09
whitequarkor there was a circuit breaker which sometimes turned itself on by god knows what parameter00:10
whitequarkit was definitely not peak current, but it was current-related00:10
wpwrakmaybe the elevator company could program the 17th floor as the idle position ?00:10
wpwrakthen it would reset itself after a while00:10
whitequarkwpwrak: if the elevator company would give even a single fuck about it, there won't be such a problem00:10
kristianpaulwhitequark: scary indeed00:11
whitequarkI'll illustrate with the second example00:11
whitequarkthe circuit breaker00:11
wpwrakkristianpaul: it would be more fun without that switch. or with the switch not working :)00:11
whitequarkit was a combined one which breaks either by too much current, or by some current leaking. a differential breaker it's called I think. not sure about correct english term00:12
whitequarkso I turned on my electric convection air heater, the reason to use which (we have central heating) is an entirely different topic, and after some time the breaker breaks00:12
whitequark("the shrieker shrieks"...)00:12
whitequarkif I turn the heater off and then reduce load to a minimum (fridge only)00:12
whitequarkit STILL breaks00:12
whitequarkafter some time00:13
whitequarkafter which I'm probably asleep00:13
whitequarkso fridge is staying 8 hours without power00:13
kristianpaulwpwrak: lets wait and see :_)00:13
whitequarkI've no idea how exactly could you make a breaker which works that way without putting some clever electronics inside, but it's so00:13
whitequarkit was also pretty random.00:14
whitequarknext, I thought: "I can replace it, and I would even take the cost by myself!"00:14
wpwrakmaybe it's some unrelated effect ? like humidity getting into the system00:14
whitequark(because you can never squeeze a penny from an utility company)00:14
whitequarkwpwrak: but it only happens after I turn on some high-current load, like an (electric) oven or air heater00:14
wpwraki had troubles with that. after a strong rain my differential breaker often triggered. took me years to figure out what it was ...00:15
whitequarkso, I tried to find a replacement.00:15
whitequarkit's installed on a DIN rail and takes exactly three positions00:15
whitequarkand there's a metal case for the four breakers for four flats on the floor, with holes for 3 positions over a DIN rail00:16
wpwraki suppose the correct russian approach would have been to buy a bit of wire ... :)00:16
whitequarkwpwrak: I try to avoid "russian" approach as much as it is realistically possible.00:16
whitequarkso, I'm searching for one00:16
whitequarkit turns out that ABB and other proper companies make either a 2-position breaker, but it's not differential00:17
whitequarkor 4-way differential breakers, which obviously won't fit00:17
whitequarker, 4-position00:17
whitequark(there also were some 3-position ones, but they differed by other parameters, I don't exactly remember which)00:17
whitequarkthen it turns out that here, these breakers are made by exactly one russian company00:18
whitequarkthe one which, coincidentally, installed electricity meters and the cases00:18
whitequarkand not only it stopped making these breakers a year ago (probably due to them being utter crap)00:18
whitequarkthey do not even have them in stock anymore.00:18
whitequarkwell, a guy on a market offered to deliver four such breakers00:19
whitequarkafter a MONTH of waiting00:19
whitequarkin a factory package00:19
whitequarkprobably gonna steal them somewhere00:19
whitequarkthe house was built in 2010.00:19
whitequarksince then, it stopped malfunctioning somehow00:20
whitequarkABB's version of this differential breaker costs something like $250 or so00:20
whitequarkrussian version with exactly same parameters (except size) costs... $1000:20
whitequark(ten bucks)00:20
whitequarkwhat the flying fuck. no wonder it fails to actually work.00:20
whitequarkalso, the reason for having an own air heater despite having central one00:21
whitequarkI have nice windows with plastic frames here, and they're mostly good, except for one thing00:22
whitequarkat some point, I noticed that it's quite hold inside, and at night, you can hear air whistling through something00:22
whitequarkso I looked closer00:22
whitequark(also, disgustive dust everywhere. it's important.)00:23
whitequarkturns out that some dumbfuck, obviously without a clue of what he was doing, thought it is a perfectly good idea to make huge intricate holes inside the frame, then cut the sealing rubber band at the inside of a window and basically let the outside air in00:24
wpwrak(breaker) well, at that price you can't complain ;-))00:25
whitequarkthe supposed reason is "to allow for natural ventilation, like legacy wooden window did by design, naturally having grooves in them"00:25
whitequarknext it says that:00:25
whitequark1) it won't cool the inside air too much (bullshit)00:25
whitequark2) it won't let the dust inside (bullshit)00:25
whitequarkit is a fucking giant hole where air is whistling so loud I can't even sleep!!00:25
whitequarkso I just took two bars of hot glue and filled it.00:26
whitequarkyou know what I mean, probably00:26
wpwrakyeah. i would have used silicone. but it's the same concept00:26
whitequarkwho on earth could just think this is a good idea?!00:27
whitequarkin a country where -20 deg. C winter is perfectly normal (right now in fact)00:27
wpwrakmaybe he's been bribed by the heating company :)00:28
whitequarkfor this person, I hope the hell would consist of liquid nitrogen, and they would continually enjoy the awesome feeling of fingers breaking off due to extreme coldness, then being heated back to feel the wound00:29
whitequarkwpwrak: (heating company) no. the heat is not metered here.00:29
whitequarkby the electricity company, maybe.00:29
whitequarkoh, and also neighbours, from either side00:30
whitequarkthe people who think that drilling their fucking walls with a fucking perforator, continually, every day, including weekends, for roughly two months already, is a fucking good idea00:31
whitequarkI personally wish to every single one of them to have several nails being hammered into their heads00:31
whitequarkon some days, they do it from 7-30 (7:30!!!) to like 20:0000:32
whitequarkor even 22:0000:32
whitequarkthe point is, it is LEGAL to do this 8h to 23h!!00:32
whitequarkif those assheads won't be also quite easily scared (when, after knocking on the heat radiator pipes (which are an usual means of communication) I come out of my flat, they instantly stop their actions), I'd locate them00:33
whitequarkand at the very least turn their life into hell by turning off the circuit breaker randomly in the most inconvenient time00:34
wpwrakyou must be quite exhausted when all the day's hating is done and you can finally go to bed :)00:34
whitequarkwhich is probably illegal (hooliganism?), but I don't fucking care.00:34
whitequarkwpwrak: unfortunately, you are pretty correct.00:34
whitequarktry programming with someone making not entirely periodic, very loud, and very distracting sounds with their equipment.00:36
whitequarkonce in a while, said perforator enters a mode where it, I dunno, resonates with something, and at that point your life quite literally turns into hell00:37
whitequarkI'm tired of waking up with an intense headache00:38
whitequarkthere's also an ISP00:41
whitequarkmore precisely six competing ISPs 00:41
whitequarkbecause of which I wonder if they all work like that00:42
whitequarkthey're mostly nice: very cheap, provide 5e ethernet with 40mbit for smth like $2000:42
whitequarkbut there was a period of a week when only this particular house lost its uplink, and each day they always were "fixing it right now"00:43
whitequark(on the plus side, they understand the phrasing "Hi. I'm Firstname Lastname, contract #XXXXX. No uplink. When will it be fixed?" without requiring me to emulate a Windows XP machine in my head)00:43
whitequarkthat can be understood00:44
whitequarkwhat can't00:44
whitequarkis why during this weeklong blackout00:44
whitequarkthey TWICE put their adversitement flyer on my door?!00:44
whitequarknot before it, not after, but precisely during that week00:44
whitequarkI wonder if they actually connected someone, took money, and then were like "oh, we'll fix this soon, enjoy your non-working uplink"00:45
whitequarkoh, and also for some reason I'm unable to comprehend, this particular side of the house is a blank spot for all three major cellular operators in our moscow cartel they form00:47
whitequarkthe other side works fine.00:47
whitequarkthey put a tower each 5km or so alongside the Moscow-St. Petersburg road, which would be 800-1000km depending on how you'd measure it00:47
whitequarkand I mean it00:47
whitequarkwithin 200m of each other00:48
whitequarkeach 5km00:48
whitequarkbecause, I dunno, they're so stubbornly stupid as to be unable to meaningfully communicate00:48
whitequarkto explain you what the word "cartel" means here:00:49
whitequarkI have an unlimited data plan, which is somewhat expensive00:49
whitequarkand after a few megabytes a day they limit you to 64 Kbit/s00:49
whitequarkand if you simply HAVE a running torrent-client--not downloading any torrents, they just check for announcement packets--they instantly drop the connection00:50
whitequarkthen, after a few times, send you an SMS basically mandating you to pay $2/hour just to get your 64 Kbit/s on your supposedly unlimited plan00:51
whitequarkand you don't even get 64K, because the equipment is vastly overloaded, because they never bothered to upgrade it00:51
whitequarkof course, the SMS doesn't mention torrents.00:52
whitequarkin civilized countries, that's called racket.00:52
whitequarkso, here they just don't work at all. all three. I mean, if you're near the window and lucky enough, you might talk for three minutes before the call drops.00:52
whitequarkactually it was so bad that I just found a VoIP service with bidirectional SIP<>POTS gate. which costs a lot ($1/day, $0.1/minute calls), but at least it works. mostly.00:54
whitequarkPOTS gateways sometimes randomly fail.00:54
wpwrakcommunication is overrated anyway :)00:55
whitequarkfor comparison, there's an LTE service which offers 500Kbps to 11Mbps with costs from $12 to $50/mo, flat rate, no strings attached, and you can change your rate at any moment without any additional incurred costs00:55
whitequarkthey technically do not have coverage here too00:55
whitequarkbut the LTE modem I have kinda connects to it with SINR of 2dBm (which is sufficient for 2Mbps. compare with not-so-64K above)00:56
whitequark... and works for half a hour until it overheats and SINR drops to 0dBm00:56
whitequarkat which point it slowly ceases to function properly00:56
whitequarkoh, and it only works because I duct-taped it to my window, and it only works when turned one particular side to the street, with 20 degree inclination00:57
wpwrakdid you consider cryostasis ? :)00:57
whitequarki just need to open my window00:57
whitequarkalso wanna a fun fact about that company?00:58
wpwrakther's the solution :)00:58
whitequarkseveral years ago, when they were just starting their business00:58
whitequarkthey were WiMAX rather than LTE00:58
whitequarkso, some military dumbfuck came and demanded to give up the frequencies00:58
whitequarkand they sent a courier to every single customer with a new LTE modem, and did that within three days.00:59
whitequarkof course, all costs paid by the company00:59
wpwraknot bad :)00:59
whitequarkI wonder how did they ever survive00:59
whitequarkit also gives you a clue over how the frequencies are managed here, and why the cartel is still alive00:59
wpwrakmaybe they're zombies and thus can't die ?00:59
whitequarkthey keep one (nice) cellular operator Tele2 out of Moscow for, like, 12 years straight01:00
whitequarkusing various legal and illegal ways to prevent them from getting a license01:00
whitequarkoh, also did you know that we now officially have internet censorship?01:01
whitequarkevery ISP must install a Deep Packet Inspection appliance (which makes me think that it was lobbied by Cisco) and filter unwanted URLs01:01
whitequarkof course, 95% of ISPs don't have money for that01:02
whitequarkso they block by IP01:02
whitequarkand the IP is provided by the government01:02
whitequarkyou see where it leads, right?01:02
whitequarkyeah, google was nuked, youtube was nuked, livejournal was nuked. collateral damage.01:02
wpwraksweet :)01:02
whitequarkof course it was already been used as an oppression tool01:03
whitequarknot as much as everyone expected, through01:03
wpwrakdon;t worry about that :)01:03
whitequarkrougly a year ago, I found out that for some reason only to be known to themselves, cellular operators block IPsec VPNs01:04
whitequarkand, for even more strange reason, not for every BTS but just for some cells01:04
whitequarkI hate every single thing about this country. Especially the weather, through. It couldn't be fixed even with mass shootings.01:05
whitequarkNot that other things realistically could.01:06
wpwrakyeah, i'd hate the weather too :)01:07
kristianpaulwpwrak: what antispam software do you use for your MTA?01:07
Action: kristianpaul doing server end of year clean up and fixing01:08
wpwraki filter on retrieval, with spamprobe01:08
whitequarkkristianpaul: I highly recommend spamassassin01:08
whitequarkit works almost ideally for me01:09
kristianpaulneed to evaluate01:11
kristianpaulthanks 01:11
kristianpaulah tricky01:11
kristianpaulwpwrak: guess once in a while some false positive arrices :-)01:12
whitequarkkristianpaul: I never got a false positive with SA01:13
whitequark(I look through them once in a while)01:13
whitequarkalso, I was just reading spam and look what came :D http://pastie.org/557841101:13
whitequarkpure genius01:15
wpwrakyawn :)01:18
kyakwhitequark: i didn't read all of those, too much hatred. It's going to burn you out one day05:10
kyakjust.. take it easy!05:11
LunaVoraxI've lost my Nanonote :(10:30
LunaVoraxI'll have to save an extra 100$ to buy an other one :(10:30
kyakmake it 15010:52
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