#qi-hardware IRC log for Wednesday, 2012-12-12

wpwrakheh, just read a fun comment about the continuing problems with apple's map application (the latest goodie: they placed a village in australia in the middle of a desert, giving the local authorities the opportunity to collect visitors that have been without water for a day at some 46 C): "if NASA had had iphones 40 years ago, they may have landed on mars"22:49
qwebirc20461am I alone?23:17
qwebirc20461I'm not sure the proper etiquette23:24
wolfsprauloh too bad, he or she is gone...23:37
wolfspraulqwebirc20461 - I guess we will never find out what you wanted? :-) the etiquette is to just write, thanks for asking...23:38
wpwrakwrite and wait :)23:42
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