#qi-hardware IRC log for Thursday, 2012-12-06

kristianpaulwolfspraul: i meant you dedicate more time in hdl sometimes wiring than even designing logic..00:30
wolfspraulwpwrak: ok great, I think your schhist fixes worked, see http://projects.qi-hardware.com/schhist/atusb/00:30
wolfspraulso that is settled (again)00:30
wpwrakwhee, great !00:41
wpwrakkristianpaul: a case for migen ?00:44
kristianpaulhaha ;)00:49
kristianpaulperhaps :D00:49
wolfspraulqwebirc47010: hi :-)01:23
qwebirc47010I am reflashing the ben nanote but meet a problem.01:23
qwebirc47010wolfspraul: Hi, I am atommann :)01:23
qwebirc47010I meet you in HQB before.01:23
qwebirc47010usbboot :> nprog 2048 openwrt-xburst-qi_lb60-root.ubi 0 0 -n01:23
wolfspraulah nice01:24
wolfspraulin shenzhen?01:24
qwebirc47010I get this message: not enough argument.01:24
wpwrakheh, for once someone how isn't stuck at reset :)01:24
qwebirc47010Yes, in Shenzhen Hua Qiang Bei01:24
qwebirc47010wolfspraul: how can I fix it?01:25
wolfspraulI had that 'argument' error too but it was a long time ago and I forgot the details01:25
wolfsprauldid you copy/paste the line?01:25
wpwrakqwebirc47010: does doubling some of the spaces make a difference ?01:25
wolfspraultry to just restart usbboot and type the line by hand01:25
wolfspraulbbiab (20min)01:25
qwebirc47010yes, I copy/paste from the wiki page.01:26
wpwraki think i had something like this once and "fixed" it by rearranging the content of the command line such that it still said the same (semantically) but had a different length01:26
wpwrakyou may also want to check for the present/absence of trailing spaces01:27
qwebirc47010OK, I'll try.01:27
wpwrakthat was a very long time ago, so it may have been fixed in more recent versions of the tools. or maybe not :)01:27
qwebirc47010wpwrak: you mean the xburst-tool?01:29
qwebirc47010I install the old version, maybe 201001:29
wpwrakyes, xburst-tools01:31
qwebirc47010I restart usbboot and the "nprog 2048 openwrt-xburst-qi_lb60-root.ubi 0 0 -n" is working now!01:31
qwebirc47010thank you guys.01:31
wpwrak2010 sounds like about the time when i hit that problem01:31
wpwrakkewl :) you may still want to upgrade to a more modern version, though. that problem is likely to come back at some point in time, and it's a confusing one.01:32
qwebirc47010thanks, I will.01:33
qwebirc47010cool toy01:34
kristianpaulwpwrak: blackout?21:55
wpwrakyeah, had a brief local one (just in my apartment). and the PC that's my gateway to the internet needs to be cut from power for a good while before it will let itself be switched on again.22:12
wpwraktoday is a wild day in buenos aires. it started with a fire in the harbour, releasing mildly toxic, very smelly, and highly irritating smoke into downtown. schools were evacuated, and so on.22:14
wpwrakthat was followed by torrential rains all day long.22:15
kristianpaullooks bit scary (tricky gateway)22:17
wpwraknow, there's are protests planned for this evening in response to 1) a new media law with dubious characteristics, pushed by the government, and 2) increasingly aggressive attacks by government officials again the Judicial Branch in an attempt to force it to get out of the way of enforcement of that law.22:18
whitequarkshameless plug: http://whitequark.org/blog/2012/12/06/a-language-for-embedded-developers/22:19
wpwrak(gateway) oh, that machine is ancient. about 8 years old. it's been having that sort of quirks for a long time already. once it's up, it works fine, though.22:20
wpwrakwhitequark: oooh ... and i was so hoping to see something like e-COBOL ;-)22:20
MistahDarcyjust got my nanonote :D22:24
kristianpaulhey nice ! :-)22:24
MistahDarcyI had a good laugh at the manual22:24
MistahDarcyCreative Commons is half the thing, lol22:24
kristianpaulhaha ;)22:25
whitequarkwpwrak: hehe22:25
MistahDarcyImpressed with the build quality. Also, the keys are nice and quiet when pressed!22:25
rohhmmm.. are tantalum smd caps marked on the positive or negative terminal?23:18
wpwrakthe data sheet should tell you where the markings are23:20
rohgot no datasheet23:22
wpwrakwell, then pick a few of similar parts and see if there's a pattern :) i would expect to find markings on the plus side, but who knows if that's always the case.23:24
wpwrakmaybe there's also a way to measure it ?23:25
rohgot no similar parts23:26
rohdigikey doesnt have a manual... i guess its +23:27
roh50-50 chance23:27
roheven if a regular cap got minus marked23:27
rohah.. http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tantal-Elektrolytkondensator23:31
rohevil.. tantalums are marked at the +, rest of the caps on -23:31
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