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MistahDarcyIs it simple to tether the nanonote to an android phone?00:06
wolfspraulgood question, I'm wondering whether someone tried00:07
wolfspraulit would work if android could act in usb host mode and then forward/nat network traffic00:07
MistahDarcyThat would be ideal and replace my needs for wifi functionality00:08
pcercueiif the "open hardware" side isn't the most important to you, you could try a GCW Zero device (once it ships)00:11
MistahDarcyInteresting. It is my goal to go for open hardware though.00:15
MistahDarcyIs sharism.cc the best place to pick a Nanonote up?00:17
wolfspraulyes, I think so00:30
wolfspraulMistahDarcy: I am running that site and if you order there, it will ship with fedex from hk the next day00:31
wolfspraulif you are in the us, should be at your door 2-3 days later00:31
wolfspraulnot what people are used to with amazon's great operation nowadays, but pretty good still I think :-)00:31
MistahDarcy2-3 days is crazy from HK00:32
wolfspraulwell ok, I hope I did not overpromise now, urgh :-)00:33
wolfspraulsometimes there is an unexpected public holiday in HK, or the timezone adds another day, etc.00:33
wolfspraulbut anyway, yes. sharism.cc it is00:33
wolfspraulif you order one - thanks a lot!00:33
MistahDarcyDefinitely, it goes towards a great cause00:34
wolfspraulyes! thanks!00:34
MistahDarcyhopefully there will be more hardware revisions in the future00:34
wolfspraulI hope so too but they will be different :-) we need to apply all the many things we learned from the Ben and it's large brother the Milkymist One00:34
wolfspraullarge and different brother00:34
wolfspraulbut right now this is what we got, and it's not a bad thing to think about and tinker with, imho00:35
wolfsprauland use00:35
MistahDarcyI personally like the small form factor00:35
MistahDarcyI just submitted my order00:41
MistahDarcyExcited! :)00:41
wolfspraulthanks a lot!00:51
MistahDarcyThank you.00:51
wpwrakkristianpaul: i was thinking of the sample rate. didn't notice it had no separate I/Q. thought everybody had that these days :)01:34
wpwrakthe form factor of the ben is indeed amazing. and i'd still love to do a successor. maybe an idea for a crowdfunding project ?01:37
MistahDarcyCrowdfunding would be great. Especially with goals set (for X amount of $, a better screen, etc)01:42
wpwrakMistahDarcy: that's messy and probably wouldn't work. you need one product, ideally without variants. otherwise you never get to useful quantities.01:45
wpwrakMistahDarcy: also, each option/variant you develop costs in terms of development effort and splits the user base01:46
MistahDarcyI didn't mean multiple models01:46
MistahDarcyFor instance, if $10,000 was raised, a screen that had X resolution would be used01:47
wpwrakah, i see01:47
MistahDarcyWhile if $20,000 was raised, the screen would be upgraded (for the entire thing)01:47
wpwrakthere could be some things that can be done in such a way, yes01:47
wpwrakfor the screen, you'd probably want something with about the same number of dpi as the current model, but with much smaller borders. i.e., the current resolution feels about right, but a bit more screen real estate would be welcome. of course, it depends on what you do - for a custom application, even what the ben has is often good enough.01:50
wolfspraulI see one big problem with that approach, based on my last 5 years of learning about hw :-)01:52
wolfsprauland that is that you don't "build" something with some budget X and then it's built and everybody is happy01:52
wpwrakwolfspraul: you mean the missing zero ? :)01:52
wolfspraula hardware business needs focus on how fast inventory is turned around01:53
wpwrakwell, you can sell more afterwards01:53
wolfspraulthe number of days from when cash goes out to buy the first physical good, until the day cash comes in for selling the finished physical product01:53
wpwrakcrowdfunding would be to get the thing rolling01:53
wolfspraulif that's not the focus, well. it will be a fun project but it will go nowhere from there.01:54
wolfspraulyes, it starts rolling an illusion :-)01:54
wolfspraulwhich is to 'spend' some amount of money to 'build' something01:54
wpwrakhow is this different from a startup ?01:54
wolfspraulthat is easy, I think we've done that in every imaginable way by now, no? :-)01:54
wpwrakand yes, of course, if you have things sit on the shelf for ages, that's not good. worse if they stay there forever.01:55
MistahDarcyDreamcast. :D01:56
wpwraksplit it in two and it makes sense: 1) R&D, 2) first production run. if you can charge just for 1), even better. else, you need to combine the two.01:57
MistahDarcyOff topic-ish, but has anyone read the blog at www.yearofopensource.net ?01:59
wpwraknice idea :)02:00
MistahDarcyIt's how I eventually ended up finding out about the Ben Nanonote. He's trying to live a 'year of open source' and he talks about the Open Moko02:00
MistahDarcyAfter searching and reading about the Open Moko, I started getting interested in the 'open hardware' concept, and now I'm here02:01
wpwrakhmm ... sounds nice but raising an entire hardware shop (three major products, all sorts of accessories) on just USD 72k and in less than 2 months ? http://www.indiegogo.com/pengpod18:41
wpwrakwell, maybe they found an OEM and are just providing the software. similar to how the Ben was made.18:44
kristianpaullooking at pics seems OEM yeap20:47
GNUtoothere is the android buttons21:25
wpwrakhmm, does anyone know of a function that approximates averaging using a triangular filter/window, but without the need to store the whole sample set in the window ?23:36
wpwrake.g., something similar to EWMA, but with dampening of new values, not just old ones.23:37
wpwrakthe purpose is to find "off" given a series of samples of  y(t) = off+amp*sin(t*w)+noise23:38
wpwrakamp and w are not exactly known23:39
wpwrakhmm, a slow enough EWMA may actually do the trick. not perfectly, but with reasonable accuracy23:41
arossDOTmehey know any rich people?: http://lkcl.net/articles/fsf_endorseable_processor.html23:52
larscnah, not radical enough...23:56
wpwrakwell, kinda ambitious. but they seem to have experience. still ambitious, though23:59
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