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lekernel__who's going to lvee winter edition? Jay7?09:51
Jay7lekernel__: no, sorry :)10:19
Jay7I'll come to LVEE Summer again :)10:20
lekernel__how many talks are in Russian by the way?11:08
Jay7lekernel__: almost all :)11:33
Jay7this summer it was about 2-3 talks in English11:33
Jay7but I think you may easily ask someone to translate11:34
pcercueidoes x >>= 1 will eventually be 0 if x is < 0?16:55
pcercueiwill x >>= 1 eventually*16:56
kyakare you in some code obfuscation contest? :)17:42
pcercueino ;)17:43
wpwrakpcercuei: that depends on whether x is signed or unsigned. if it's unsigned, it will converge to 0. if it's signed, whether it converges to 0 or to -1 is implementation-defined17:45
pcercueix is signed17:45
pcercueiok, that's good to know17:46
larscin C shouldn't >> always be a arithmetic shift?17:52
larscok, apparently it is compiler specific17:54
larscbut I think in practice all compilers do a arithmetic shift17:54
wpwraklarsc: and char is always unsigned :)17:57
wpwrakor, the more modern variant: char is always signed17:57
wpwrakpcercuei: that's cheating :)17:57
kristianpaulinteresting never looked a defcon and found a gps receiver... not sure at what level they hack with it.. http://swift-nav.com/piksi.html19:14
Action: kristianpaul writes a e-mail19:14
kristianpauloh yeap the correlator is implemented on a spartan 6 + a smt32f4 that runs the libswiftnav19:34
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