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GNUtoo-desktophi, I've some questions on nanonote13:44
GNUtoo-desktop1) what's the status of the jlime layer for yocto/openembedded-core13:44
GNUtoo-desktopbecause there was a layer in some popular git hosting websites13:44
GNUtoo-desktop2) is it possible to buy one in europe?13:45
GNUtoo-desktopah I see that pluster and Openmobile sells them13:45
GNUtoo-desktop3) can I run GTK+ apps ?13:46
GNUtoo-desktoplike pygtk apps13:46
GNUtoo-desktopor does the small amount of ram prevent that13:46
GNUtoo-desktop4) I really need wireless on it13:48
GNUtoo-desktopthere is the atben13:48
GNUtoo-desktopis it fast enough to play a webradio for instance?13:48
wpwrakGNUtoo: as a rough estimate, expect to be able to get about 150 kbps for payload data (at the standard rate)15:48
wpwrakGNUtoo: atben/atusb can also operate at non-standard higher rates, but that reduces distance15:49
GNUtoo-desktopbasically the idea is to find the best device for making an software updatable webradio player17:07
GNUtoo-desktopso that I can update mplayer which will be a dep of the app I will make for it17:08
wpwrakhmm, not sure if the ben's audio is good enough for a home entertainment system17:15
GNUtoo-desktopit's only for webradio17:16
GNUtoo-desktopcurrently we use the pma430 for that17:16
GNUtoo-desktopbut its batteries are dying17:17
GNUtoo-desktopand you can't power on without the batteries17:17
GNUtoo-desktopthey are inflating or something like that17:17
GNUtoo-desktopI don't know the exact word17:17
wpwrakso it had to be portable ?17:17
GNUtoo-desktopa chumby would have been find too but it cannot be bought anymore17:18
wpwrakwhy do you need batteries then ? just connect a power supply instead of the batteries17:18
GNUtoo-desktopbeside they had old openembedded17:18
GNUtoo-desktopgood idea17:18
GNUtoo-desktopthere is no risk in doing that?17:19
wpwrakas long as you don't exceed the battery voltage, it should be find17:20
wpwraktoday is typo day :)17:21
GNUtoo-desktopok, thanks a lot!!!!17:21
wpwraknp :)17:22
wpwrakif the battery has a third contact, not connecting a real battery may cause the battery charger to "think" the battery is defective and refuse to use it17:23
wpwrakbut most likely, it would simply not try to charge, which you'd avoid anyway17:23
GNUtoo-desktopthere are only 2 contacts17:24
wpwrakdo you know the design voltage of the battery ?17:25
GNUtoo-desktopno but I've a voltmeter17:27
wpwrakor just get this: http://www.newmp3technology.com/mb420.htm17:30
wpwrakor this http://www.newmp3technology.com/420batterykit.htm17:30
wpwrakso it's 3.7 V. that means that the charging voltage is around 4.3 V17:33
GNUtoo-desktopthanks a lot17:37
kristianpauldoes any onw know a chdk friendly camera with similar weight as a go pro?18:26
wpwraklooks huge18:29
kristianpaulthis what i get with a canon a470 http://vimeo.com/5333220018:31
kristianpaulafaik the plain was bit noise heavy 18:32
kristianpaulbut i can go even higher18:32
kristianpaulbut batteries add weight camera it self is lighweight..18:32
kristianpaulbut i dont want buy a go pro..18:32
kristianpaulnot have to be a go pro, drift inovation have a nice camera.. but i was trying to find alternatives18:33
kristianpaulalso i need high resolution because the idea is do mapping18:33
kristianpauli can go as up some clouds18:34
kristianpaulbut no with that camera..18:34
kristianpaulwpwrak: any recomendations?18:38
kristianpaulmy budget is low :)18:38
wpwrakah, you built a drone :)18:40
kristianpaulstill very basic i havent a ground station yet18:42
qi-bot[commit] Paul Cercueil: Add initial support for the GCW Zero (packages) http://qi-hw.com/p/gmenu2x/d4c086a22:05
qi-bot[commit] Paul Cercueil: Open OPKs only if compatible with the current platform (packages) http://qi-hw.com/p/gmenu2x/c6a83e122:05
qi-bot[commit] Paul Cercueil: Dingux: remove empty sections 'emulators' and 'games' (packages) http://qi-hw.com/p/gmenu2x/59ece3122:05
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