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kristianpauli need that device00:49
kristianpaulfor my server :D00:49
kristianpaulAll watched over by machines of loving grace  http://lwn.net/SubscriberLink/523537/0ab1f2cc31a0f6bb/02:48
DocScrutinizer05kristianpaul: thanks03:38
rohkristianpaul: have you seen the bbc documentary about that string03:51
arossDOTmeAnyone had success with background image for fbterm? Will look in logs for replies.05:02
kyaksounds like you didn't succeed?05:04
kyakany errors?05:04
arossDOTmethe wrapper script in the man page used fbv for the image. I have tried fbi and imgv.05:06
arossDOTmeI think what happens is when the image viewers quit the last framebuffer gets over written05:07
arossDOTmesome of what I have been trying:05:08
arossDOTmeecho -ne "\e[?25l"05:08
arossDOTme#(sleep 2 && pkill -3 fbi) &05:08
arossDOTmefbi /usr/share/decentclcountdown/Background &>/dev/null &05:08
arossDOTmehopefully you can guess what combinations I have tried.05:09
arossDOTmesearch "fbterm background image" to see what I am aiming for.05:09
kyakthis sleep thing looks suspicious05:11
kyakcould you try something like this?05:11
kyaki.e. quiting fbi/imgv correctly05:12
arossDOTmeI have. hence the sleep and pkill05:13
arossDOTmepkill -3 = quit05:13
arossDOTmeand manualy pressing q05:13
kyakthe sequence might be wrong. fbi starts, and it's going to be killed in background two second later. fbterm starts, takes a screenshot. But then fbi quits and resets your fb05:15
kyakso you need to mimic the man page behaviour with fbi exactly05:16
kyakanyway, this is just an idea, i never bothered to have a background image in fbterm :)05:16
kyaki also think that fbv is worth porting...05:18
arossDOTmeI have tried that too05:18
arossDOTmeoh me port fbv. not a glue05:18
kyakbtw, there's also zgv05:18
kyakwhich yo ucould try05:19
arossDOTmelol glue = clue05:19
kyaki got you :)05:20
arossDOTmethanks zgv and an & and a slepp does it05:23
kyakoh, so it has something to do with fbi/imgv...05:24
kyaki've stumbled upon another ugly hack:05:24
kyak1. fbi image.png05:24
kyak2. switch to another tty05:24
kyak3.cat /dev/fb0 > background.fbterm05:24
kyak4. start fbterm with fbterm-bi05:25
kyakprobably item 4 is just "start fbterm"05:25
arossDOTmehow to automate tty switch? this is for a script you see05:26
kyakthere should be a way, but who cares since zgv works :)05:26
arossDOTmeI would like to know for another project05:27
arossDOTmearr chvt05:28
arossDOTmeso tty was the keyword I was missing from prev searches. thanks for the rem05:28
kyakno problem.. i've found this on a non-English forum, so don't blame yourself :)05:29
arossDOTmefancy computer self destruct project gets a bit closer to becoming reality :/....05:30
kyakwhat are you up to?05:30
arossDOTmeohw.. 05:31
kyaksomething evil :)05:31
arossDOTmepress red button>X dies>switch tty>start fancy decentclcountdown > send pass and go command to arduino embedded in black powder/smoke/stink/thermite bomb :O05:33
arossDOTmeok maybe not wast an arduino05:33
arossDOTmeoh, I forgot the asking for correct pass before it begins05:35
arossDOTmenow my decentclcountdown script is even more awesome and even more broken :/.05:46
kristianpaulroh: yeap11:01
kristianpaulroh: the russian lady and everything else, that comunitary pong game etc11:01
rohyeah.. quite disturbing11:10
virickristianpaul: what is that about?12:59
kristianpaulroh: ;914:07
kristianpauli enjoined14:07
kristianpaulviric: from what i understood is a series of  documentaries by the bbc about the influence on tech on society and some magic17:58
e2580we have launched our open source hardware encrypted storage device on indiegogo who wants to see it18:35
kyakwpwrak: in a quick glance, is it all good: http://dpaste.com/831680/ ? I'm just wondering if i should go on and try to compile atrf-* and dirtpan, or something needs to be fixed here18:58
kyakthe error is gone after reboot...19:06
kyak# iz add wpan-phy019:07
kyakCould not get multicast group ID: No such file or directory19:07
kyakiz scan/list/listphy all return the same error19:08
kyakok, i need to load at86rf230 module manually19:13
kyakbut if it is loaded, i get at86rf230: probe of spi32766.0 failed with error -2219:13
kyakand then i had kernel panic three times19:14
kyaksometimes when i plug out19:14
kyakor just randomly19:14
kyakwith at86rf230 i get:19:16
kyak# iz add wpan-phy019:16
kyakReceive failed: No such device19:16
kyak(if kernel doesn't panic sporadically)19:17
wpwrakcould it be that there's a conflicting driver ? e.g., mmc ?20:40
mth22 is EINVAL; for already-claimed GPIOs I'd expect EBUSY instead20:45
wpwrakwell, EINVAL is kind of everything :) with we had error messages that were a bit more specific20:52
wpwraksomething like "foo.c (line 123) is unhappy". haven't found a nice way to do such a thing, though. also, you'd quickly run into the problem that what you'd really needs is a stack trace. that's where things get messy.20:53
virickristianpaul: like this? http://xkcd.com/808/ :)21:09
qi-botThe build was successful: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/build-nanonote/openwrt-xburst.minimal-20121114-1300 21:44
wolfspraulwpwrak: sorry I'm a little disconnected lately, too many things in parallel!22:08
wolfsprauljust yesterday I started to implement your model->rc idea to reduce all the error handling, and it looks great so far22:09
wolfspraulthanks again! I like those small ideas that make the code more readable or shorter...22:09
wolfspraulI still have to get used to it a little, but if it holds up I will probably use it everywhere in fpgatools (now just a few functions I was working in yesterday)22:09
wolfspraulgood stuff, thanks! If you see other small things like that, please let me know...22:10
wpwrak(model->rc) nice that it works out well :)22:13
urandom__hey wolfspraul, just want to let you know that i like the fpgatools stuff, keep up the good work! i think having open tools ist important22:13
wolfspraulthat's nice, thanks22:15
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