#qi-hardware IRC log for Tuesday, 2012-11-13

arossDOTmeNN Decent CL Countdown (decentclcountdown-nn)00:00
wpwrakthat's a very cryptic name :)00:00
wpwrakwhat's "CL" ?00:01
arossDOTmecommand line00:01
wpwrakand why the emphasis on its decency ?00:01
arossDOTmefun fun fun00:01
arossDOTmeopen to change. any suggestions?00:02
arossDOTmebut is it CL? when it uses fbterm for guiish look.00:02
wpwrakdunno. it's just very non-descriptive. what sets is apart from other countdowns ?00:03
arossDOTmehollywood style00:03
arossDOTmemakes ones NN look like a hollywood bomb00:03
wpwrakif it looks guuish, perhaps the command-line shouldn't be emphasized00:03
wpwrakah :)00:03
arossDOTmelooks and sounds00:04
arossDOTmeYea i don't know....00:04
wpwrakmaybe "Big Ben Countdown" ? (Ben = Nanonote)00:04
arossDOTmeno i mean :)00:04
arossDOTmebut I think of analog clock then00:04
wpwrakor just "Large Countdown" or such00:05
wpwrakactually ... if you're planning to make lots of little tools like that, maybe a project for all of them would be more convenient00:05
wpwrakjust like my http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/wernermisc/00:05
arossDOTmeyea thats might well be best00:06
arossDOTmewhat about decentcountdown or funfunfuncountdown or FUN=Flipping Ultimate Numdown00:06
wpwrakARoss' Ben/NanoNote Utilities/Tools/Gadgets/...  or such00:07
arossDOTmeAPP=Alexander's Personal Projects?00:08
wpwrakAlexander's Private Collection ? ;-)00:08
arossDOTmegoodies will do00:09
arossDOTmebut how does that translate?00:10
wpwrakAlexander's Goodies ?00:10
arossDOTmeyea that will do00:10
wpwraksounds good to me00:11
arossDOTmeor ... APP = Alexander's Pampered Projects? lol00:11
wpwrakheh ;-)00:11
arossDOTmethen again APP might be a laugh. what ever you want00:11
wpwrakAnimal Protection Party ?00:13
wpwrakAssessing Pupils' Progress ?00:13
wpwrakthese are some of the better choices on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/APP00:14
arossDOTme Assessing Pupils' Progress is tempting. Can I change the long name myself? I assume the short one is not to be changed.00:16
wpwrakyeah, seems that you can change the long name00:19
wpwrakso .. what shall it be ?00:19
arossDOTmeoh go for APP00:20
arossDOTmelets see what fun I can have with the full name. he he00:20
wpwrakmmh, i'd prefer a short name that's not quite so short (and generic)00:21
arossDOTmeok asgoodies00:21
wpwrakwhat would the long name be ? Alexander's Personal Projects ? Alexander's Pampered Projects ?00:21
arossDOTmegoodies, a-goodies00:21
wpwrakare these still short names ? or shortname = asgoodies, long name = goodies / a-goodies ?00:22
arossDOTmehmm "Bang Goes the NN." lol00:23
arossDOTmethose are short00:23
wpwrakfor the repository, we have git and apparently also subversion (svn). default is git. is that fine ?00:23
wpwrakasgoodies or a-goodies then ?00:23
arossDOTmeheck a-goodies00:24
arossDOTmesorry for being a pain00:24
wpwraka-goodies it is. tentative long name ? Alexander's Goodies ?00:25
wpwrakwolfspra1l: i don't remember ... did we ever have user-driven project creation (pending approval) on projects.qi-hardware.com ? i thought we did, but it's been a while since i didn't admin-create my projects.00:27
wpwrakwolfspraul: or to this nick :)00:28
wpwrakarossDOTme: long name = Alexander's Goodies ?00:29
arossDOTmeyea just do that00:30
wpwrakThe project has been created.00:32
wpwrakand you picked a good name - it's right on top of the list :)00:32
arossDOTme...not that I planed to have my name at the top.00:48
wpwrakwell, considering that some of my projects took the three top positions, a bit of change isn't so bad. makes me look less greedy ;-)00:56
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