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wolfspraulwow the openmoko wiki has broken down under the spam08:35
wolfspraulthe entire wiki should be set to read-only asap08:35
pabs3wolfspraul: have an example? looks ok to me08:41
pabs3ah, RecentChanges :/08:41
wolfspraulcheck RecentChanges08:41
wolfspraullooks like a fake account every few minutes, two new spam pages her hour or so08:42
wolfsprauland the heroic folks that kept pressing the delete buttons all these years seem gone :-)08:42
wolfspraulneeds to be set to r/o asap08:42
pabs3passed the message on to LaF0rge, will send a mail too08:43
wolfspraulpoor Harald :-) that was not my intention :-)08:43
wolfspraulI would have set it to r/o a long time ago, just checking now since I keep cleaning the qi wiki but need to be careful there08:44
pabs3afaik he is the only one with access to the servers, not sure if mediawiki or the openmoko wiki has admin users that can do that08:45
rohpabs3: i can surely give you access if you want to help08:46
pabs3hmm. I volunteered for that a bunch of months ago but Harald wanted to clean up some private stuff before giving me access, don't think anything happened with that yet08:50
rohmay be.. but for the wiki for example that should be no issue i guesss08:53
pabs3maybe see what Harald says first08:54
rohhe has enough on his plate and surely doesnt care if someone cleans up the wiki ;)08:57
rohi'll tell him next time i meet him08:57
rohwhats your username in the wiki?08:57
pabs3to be clear, I was volunteering for sysadmin stuff: http://lists.openmoko.org/pipermail/community/2012-May/067003.html08:59
Action: pabs3 bbiab09:01
rohaaha.. ok.09:01
rohi'll just give you some wiki priv's for now09:01
rohpabs3: gave you admin and buerocrat perms.09:04
rohso you can block spammers at least09:04
wolfspraulwon't work as the bots create new accounts automatically09:08
wolfsprauleven generously blocking ip ranges won't work since they probably sit on botnets or other variable ips09:09
wolfspraulthe only thing that would work is to upgrade the captcha to the very latest-gen, or block all edits wiki-wide, or (haven't tried that yet) block the creation of new accounts09:10
lindi-wolfspraul: or require users to type their openmoko mac address :))09:13
pabs3yeah, for the Debian wiki, recaptcha worked well but some folks complained so we had to implement a bunch of other stuff09:21
Action: pabs3 wonders if reverting to an older copy of the database with less spam would be best09:22
rohi need to run... if there's nothing happening, holler me09:23
Action: pabs3 gives up on blocking the spammers, they register as fast as I can block them10:27
pabs3huh, even getting upload spam: http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Special:NewFiles10:42
paul_boddiehttp://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Combating_spam has a few solutions for spam, although I've never had to configure MediaWiki for this kind of thing.12:17
paul_boddieI guess you're used to configuring MoinMoin for this kind of thing?12:32
whitequarkthis fucking country can't even make a decent electric stove14:12
whitequarkthe moment I turned it on, something inside died and it became perma-on and tripped the circuit breaker.14:12
whitequarkI'm so glad I had that breaker in the first place. the previous flat I've rented did not.14:13
rohyou live somewhere weird14:16
whitequarkroh: russia14:20
whitequarkI'm not terribly surprised that this happened, to be sincere. just annoyed.14:21
whitequarkme: "it's big, heavy and there's some crap inside" friend: "that's called "done according to Soviet spirit!". indeed.14:28
whitequarknow I face a choice of either: 1) calling a professional and paying >$300 upfront, which I don't have atm 2) calling a... state-funded technician, who'll probably be drunk and not very qualified.14:29
whitequark3) fixing it myself, during which I'd probably injure myself with some really big, heavy and not properly fixed part of it.14:30
Action: lekernel has had funny experiences attempting to fix soviet stuff14:53
paul_boddieI once lived somewhere that had a Soviet fridge.15:03
wpwraksiberia ?15:13
viricdid east germany have soviet fridges?15:16
paul_boddieA previous apartment in Norway. There was a fridge from a company called Elektra that said "Made in the U.S.S.R." on the back.15:36
lekernelas far as I can tell east germany manufactured a lot of stuff locally15:41
viricyes, I also heard so15:41
viricuntil the unification, where there was a conflict of interest between the east factories, and the lobbying west companies15:42
lekernelit seems a bunch of eastern companies went bankrupt as everyone wanted to buy western stuff instead15:43
lekernelformer east germany is full of abandoned factories, which are sometimes nice to visit, but often vandalized heavily15:44
paul_boddieWasn't there a famous East German motorcycle manufacturer that was able to survive post-reunification due to its cult reputation or am I mixing up stories?15:49
lekernelthis one? http://www.thelocal.de/national/20090106-16577.html15:51
paul_boddieProbably. Oh well!15:52
lekerneleast germany also has an impressive number of abandoned russian military barracks, which are nice places to see soviet propaganda (frescos, sculptures etc.) uncurated15:58
lekernelthough (around Berlin at least) they are disappearing fast to make room for apartments15:58
viriclekernel: I watched recently 'Catastroika', and it explained the bankrupcies with a more 'planned' point of view15:58
qi-botThe build was successful: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/build-nanonote/openwrt-xburst.minimal-20121030-0832 17:14
wpwrakviric: sigh, the wikipedia article on their previous work "debtocracy" is sad. " The term is coined from the words "ÇÁ­¿Â" (debt) and the Greek "ºÁ¬Ä¿Â" (power, -ocracy)". c'mon ...20:30
wpwrakthen they give the examples "in a similar manner of other words regarding forms of government (such as democracy, aristocracy, theocracy etc.)."20:31
lekernela lot of activist stuff those days is sad for similar reasons20:49
virichm I'm not following20:55
viricwhat makes you feel sad?20:56
viricdid you want a better naming?20:57
viricor you dislike how the wikipedia article worded that?20:57
wpwrakwhat makes me sad is that the authors of the article don't understand the structure of the language. there is no "-ocracy". it's "-cracy". the "o" comes from the first word, aristOs, demOs, theOs.21:03
viricAh, the article then. ok21:04
viricfix it21:04
wpwrakphew :)21:04
viricthat's sad too ;)21:05
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