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DocScrutinizer05acrylic is not much more brittle than FR402:33
DocScrutinizer05and i'd not want to eat anything that had thorough contact to any such resin based material02:34
DocScrutinizer05rather use FR4 with copper coating ;-)02:35
DocScrutinizer05even silver or gold galvanized02:35
wpwrakthe critter needs milling, so the copper would only cover part of the surface. and i think i'll save learning how to properly galvanize things for another lifetime ;-) i know the basics are simple, but ...02:40
whitequarkroh: I'd disagree with "20% software", unless you're making an unique device for geeks. that's one of the reasons all attempts at more open smartphones have failed, IMO.08:17
whitequarkwolfspraul: I have a few openvpn-specific questions which you might be able to answer08:17
wolfspraulplease by all means just ask :-)09:07
wolfspraulin the end we have 10 messages back and forth for me to say "don't know" :-)09:07
Action: xiangfu success transfer the pcb design from photo paper to PCB. but I have problem to complete remove the photo paper09:17
wpwrakthen you either 1) applied too much heat, 2) didn't clean the paper enough, 3) cleaned the paper too much, or 4) the paper is not suitable for tuner transfer.09:19
wpwrakcleaning the paper: there's usually some stuff on the surface that can help or make things worse. before printing, you should clean the paper surface with alcohol. the more alcohol you use and the longer you let it soak in, the more of that surface goo is removed.09:21
wpwrakyou gently wipe off the alcohol and the dissolved goo with a paper towel. then let the paper dry for a good while (1/2 h or such)09:21
xiangfuwpwrak, I didn't clean the paper before use. 09:29
rohwpwrak: hm. food.. use stainless steelß09:37
rohwhitequark: you missed the important point. 40% production complication includes all kinds of fail conditions. that includes software09:42
rohhacking something is easy. making it work in an automated production process for thousands of times without manual intervention. thats hard.09:42
wpwrakroh: i can't machine steel09:43
wpwrakthat is, not without mixing it with something soft first. lead or such :)09:43
wpwrakxiangfu: (clean) then i'd suggest to try very gentle cleaning. spray alcohol on it, then wipe it off immediately. don't apply too much force - it's just to remove the alcohol and whatever it has dissolved.09:54
rohwpwrak: fr4 can be really sharp when ground down.. but as long as there is mad-max scenario i'd advice against using it as kitchen tools09:55
wpwrakmad-max scenario = civilization as we know it collapses ? well, you may be on to something there :)09:56
rohi know.10:01
wpwrakfun: in the probes of both channels of my scope the wire of the ground clip is broken due to metal fatigue. at least now some of the weirder results i saw lately suddenly make sense ...23:57
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