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qi-botThe build was successful: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/build-nanonote/openwrt-xburst.minimal-20121023-1449 01:50
Action: kristianpaul need sun, rain all day.. :-|03:30
kyakxiangfu: hi! i've an idea. how about you announce a call for help/call for fix a month before the planned release? during this time, you could release testing images so people would test/report bugs and fix fallouts03:55
kyakbtw, xburst-tools is not working on linux-3.6.. downgrading to 3.5 helps, but it becomes hard for me to downgrade since i have to downgrade other packages as well (like third-party kernel modules)03:58
kyakdo you have an idea what could have caused the regression?03:58
kyaknot working means error -110 timeout03:59
xiangfukyak, (how about you announce a call for help/call for fix a month before the planned release? ) yes. I agree. let's do this on next release. 04:00
xiangfukyak, you can try replace all 'usleep(100)' to 'usleep(200)'.04:01
xiangfukyak, usbboot/src/cmd.c and usbboot/src/ingenic_usb.c04:02
kyakxiangfu: i'll try that, thanks!05:24
whitequarkis it just me, or specifying street locations by absolute coordinates is WAY more convenient than that old way?..08:36
kyakand what's the old way? :)08:37
virichouse number?08:38
viricwhitequark: it depends on how cybernetic you live.08:38
kyakah, house number.. so old :)08:39
viricolder is "in front of the shoe shop"08:40
viricI particularly dislike getting too dependant on having an electronic device working.08:41
viricbut some people find acceptable giving excuses like "I had no battery left, so I couldn't come"08:42
larscI recently stumbled into a guy on my way home from work who asked me for directions. He had a smartphone with GPS and maps and still he managed to walk literally into the opposite direction for over a km08:53
lindi-maybe he was mapping for openstreetmap08:53
larscno, he wanted to go bowling08:54
whitequarkviric: well... you see, the problem is10:20
whitequarkMoscow is growing, not entirely unlike a cancer cell10:20
whitequarkand it has just eaten another village outside, and now half of the map vendors/users of maps think that I live inside of Moscow10:21
whitequarkand the other half thinks it's outside10:21
whitequarkI'm not entirely sure either.10:21
whitequarkbut 55.7056N 37.9200E satisfies everyone.10:24
viricfor a particular subset of 'everyone', I'd say10:24
whitequarkviric: well, I don't really know [personally] any people who do not have access to Google Maps10:25
viricok ok10:30
kyakyou don't know my mom? shame on you :)10:41
kyakalso, yandex maps does a better job on your address in this case10:45
kyakapparently google doesn't know the difference between "street" and "boulevard"10:46
viricgoogle maps has quite enough troubles10:52
wpwraklarsc: bowling for gps ? :)12:09
larscbowling for gps?12:28
wpwraklarsc: the guy who was lost, searching for a bowling place. we already have "bowling for columbine", so ... :)12:39
larscI still dont get it :)12:49
wpwrakwell, it was relatively lame anyway :)12:50
whitequarkkyak: more like "don't care about anyone who is not able to use gmaps". ymmv.13:02
whitequarkwhoever here things github is not free enough13:02
whitequarkbasically a github clone.13:08
wpwrakxian9fu: ho ho ... "fist upload". putting the new powers to use :)13:59
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