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kyakxiangfu: hi! what do you mean by "sound problems" in gmu?06:56
kyaki tried with some ogg file, there are no problems whatsoever06:56
xiangfukyak, I am use the buildhost image. it give me:09:08
xiangfuaudio: Opening audio device...09:08
xiangfuaudio: Could not open audio: Couldn't open gmu.bmp09:08
xiangfufileplayer: Couldn't open audio: Couldn't open gmu.bmp09:08
xiangfuaudio: Device not opened. Cannot set pause state09:08
kyak"Could not open audio: Couldn't open gmu.bmp" - makes no sense :)09:09
kyaki'll try the buildhost image.. currently had no problem with my own (which is not different at all, just couple of packages thrown out)09:10
xiangfukyak, do you think it 's SDL sound problem?09:33
kyakwell, you mentioned some problems with mplayer.. so i'm not sure09:44
kyakoh, sorry09:45
kyakyou said gmu/alex4/supertux have sound problem09:45
kyaki'll try that later..09:47
kyaki started gmu from command line, not from gmenu2x if that matters09:48
xiangfuI also try gmu from command.09:51
xiangfukyak, what is the output of alsamixer -Vall?09:51
xiangfuI have 2 'Master' , no 'PCM'09:51
wejit does sound very much like an SDL problem. this "Couldn't open gmu.bmp" is an SDL error message (which indeed does not make any sense)09:59
wejit could be as simple as just a wrong value of an SDL environment variable.10:00
kyakxiangfu: sorry, my Nanonote is left at home, i will tell in several hours10:45
kyakxiangfu: do you have any problems with other sdl apps, like nightsky?10:46
xiangfukyak, no10:48
xiangfunightsky works fne10:48
kyakdamn, at least someone has sdw-823 working :)11:07
kyaki had no success trying to make it work, despite of the fact that i had tried two such cards11:08
kyakmaybe i'll give it another try..11:09
kyakor even better, package atusb kernel module for my laptop, which i wanted to do long ago and throw sdw-823 away11:10
hellekinis Broadcom feeling the heat of competition? http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/222112:43
viricsounds like great news12:52
viricwe'd have to see if this is more than marketing12:52
xiangfukyak: the problem is the buildhost package 'libsdl_1.2.14-2_xburst.ipk'.13:58
xiangfukyak, I just remove the dl/SDL-xxx file. and compile it again. seems it works fine now. let's wait the final image. :)14:16
mthhellekin, viric: it's not as big news as the announcement makes it sound, since the GL implementation runs on the GPU15:25
mthwhat they released is ARM code to do remote procedure calls into that GL implementation15:25
hellekinthank you for the clarification mth15:26
mthcheck the comments by Luc Verhaegen15:26
mthit's a good thing they did release that code, but it's only a small step in terms on openness15:26
hellekinon another topic, wpwrak do you remember the discussion we had in Porto Alegre regarding possible strategies for Qi, and especially Software Defined Radio?15:27
hellekinI'd like to discuss that more, because I'm working on a plan to massively deploy SDR in latin america, with the help of DRM and FNF15:27
mthmeh, it doesn't just replace words...15:28
hellekinyeah, given your regex, it should have replaced only only->ofly ;o)15:29
hellekinfail :)15:30
qi-botThe build was successful: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/build-nanonote/openwrt-xburst.full_system-20121024-1609 15:53
whitequarkmth: it's nothing at all in terms of openness16:15
whitequarkthat stuff was basically R/E'd already16:15
whitequarkit's just no one needed it that much to write a EGL shim on top16:16
hellekinwhitequark: openness? Do you mean freedom? When my mouth is open, flies are free to enter it.16:35
wpwrak(broadcom) still nice :)16:45
wpwrakhellekin: yeah, i roughly remember. i think the main issue is to a) find a viable use case and b) finance the deployment. you may also need to find someone to provide the fixed infrastructure.16:47
wpwrakhellekin: SDR would be a technical choice, not a feature that you use as a differentiator for selling the system, wouldn't it ?16:48
hellekinwpwrak: if the deal is to deploy thousands of SDR devices for bridging the digital divide, and have that devices made in Brazil, I think both (a) and (b) can be covered. You're in Buenos Aires, right?17:03
hellekinI need you to meet Thiago from the Digital Radio Mundial... I can't talk about the general strategy on IRC, but I can invite you to come for dinner at our place and discuss it. Then you can decide whether you want to participate...17:05
hellekinHonestly, I think we are on a solid track :)17:05
viricFrom: Theo de Raadt <deraadt@cvs.openbsd.org>18:12
viricWell, they are lying to everyone.18:13
viric> Well, they are lying to everyone.18:13
viric> Their "open source" is nothing but a layer of code which calls into a18:13
viric> closed source back-end.18:13
viricmth: alles klar18:17
wpwrakhellekin: yes, i'm in BUE. sure, we can discuss it, crazy idea or not ;-)18:49
hellekincrazy enough to work :)18:50
wpwrakviric: lovely. i think we need a new word that combines "open", "closed", and "fraud". maybe "bastard" ?18:50
hellekinwpwrak: open source18:51
wpwrakhellekin: and i'm glad the "DRM" you mentioned isn't the evil one ;-)18:51
hellekinabierto como un culo18:51
hellekinsure ;o)18:51
hellekinwe need to reappropriate not only hardware, but also acronyms. :)18:52
wpwraklet's hope it isn't just s??t that comes out ;-)18:52
mthwpwrak: openwashing? (similar to greenwashing)18:52
hellekinmth +!18:52
wpwrakmth: i think that's already in taken18:52
wpwraks/in /18:53
hellekinah doesn't work on others posts :)18:54
Action: hellekin end of pause 18:54
wpwrak"i pink pat's already taken" ? that's an odd one. is it from the cybernetic lyrics department ?18:55
hellekincyphernetics pyrics department18:55
wpwrakfunny, when you google for "pyrics", nothing immediately identifiable as fire-related shows up18:59
hellekinyeah, Greek is missing from Google Search algorithms19:01
wpwrakhellekin: anyway, when do you propose to meet ?19:01
wpwraki kinda doubt any language spoken within a few astronomical units from google HQ is missing in their algorithms :) they may just not think it likely that someone from .ar would be interested in results for .gr19:02
larscyea, I'm always astonished how different the search results are depending on which google.tld you use19:07
wpwrakor where you are ...19:07
larscthat's not so bad if you search for generic things19:10
larscif you search for barbershop you'd probably get something close to you19:10
hellekinwpwrak: whenever you want, we're all living under the same roof ;o)19:11
wpwrak(barbershop) hmm, i guuess youre right, technically: www.imdb.com/title/tt0303714/19:11
wpwrakhellekin: how does friday sound ?19:12
hellekinwpwrak: perfect. What time? Are you free during the day or do you want to have dinner?19:15
wpwraki'm free the whole day19:17
hellekinok, then we can have lunch and enjoy the Sun :)19:18
hellekinor whatever you like19:19
wpwraksounds good to me19:19
wpwrakfriday should indeed be sunny :)19:20
pcercueiis the data copied when calling realloc() ?20:13
pcercueior is there some mmap-fu being applied?20:13
larscit's basically up to the implementation how it does it20:19
pcercueithen I believe I should avoid it if possible20:19
larscif there is enough space to hold the extra data the allocater will just extend the region20:20
larscotherwise it will allocate a new region which is large enough20:20
larscand do a memcpy20:20
viricrealloc is quite comfortable20:30
viricI like to use it20:30
whitequarkhellekin: well, OSS and FOSS are different things.20:41
whitequarksome people I know do not consider BSD-style licenses to be "truly free"20:41
whitequarkI, in fact, do not consider GPL-style license to be "truly free". it's a weapon in fact, and quite a powerful one.20:42
whitequarkwpwrak: "broadcom" and "nice" in same sentence? were you replaced by a corporate agent?20:44
wpwrakwhitequark: well, i give them the benefit of the doubt. that one seems to be a shady deal, though21:01
whitequarkwpwrak: there was no single instance when broadcom willfully released something good21:02
whitequarkI believe they opened the bcm4312 wifi driver some time ago, after years of struggle, and it wasn't particularly good21:02
wpwrakbad but open code can be replaced with good code21:04
wpwrakbad closed code will always stay bad21:04
hellekinwhitequark: that is open source https://blog.mozilla.org/futurereleases/2012/10/22/help-us-test-the-social-api-with-facebook-messenger-for-firefox/21:17
whitequarkhellekin: oh, talking about firefox... I don't understand what do they like so much in the bazaar development model.21:54
whitequarkthe fact that bugs which bother lots of people can be opened for 12 years?21:54
whitequarkobjective #0 for a programmer is to produce good software. being an open source project often helps. if objective #0 is not fulfilled, then there is no value in allowing as much people to participate as you want or whatever.21:56
pcercueiit's like objective #1, but for computer guys? ;)22:02
hellekinpcercuei: lol ; whitequark true, and that model allows marketers to take over and deal with evil corporations like facebook instead of promoting freedom. It's ugly what they're doing23:05
hellekingotta run... ttyl23:06
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