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wpwrakyeah, atben has the problem that there are pins that are outputs but in some cases you should connect them to ground anyway. there's no nice solution for this. one can either make the pins something else, to avoid running into ERC complaints, turn off these bits of ERC, or just endure the errors.00:07
whitequarkdo I get the plural/singular correct here? "If any of the conditions is not satisfied..."00:08
whitequarkor should I s,any,either,?00:08
wpwrakso what i do in this case is that i just remember what errors to ignore :) i actually made a patch for a filter that would remove specific conflicts, but the kicad folks didn't like it :-(00:09
wpwraksounds correct to me00:10
whitequarkthe "conditions -> is" transition quirks me00:10
wpwrakor, if the number of conditions is exactly two, then you could say "if either condition is satisfied"00:10
whitequarkoh. "either condition", not "either of the conditions", thanks.00:11
wpwrakah, wait. but that would change the meaning00:11
whitequarkeither is or, not xor, right?00:12
wpwrakeither means A && B. for A || B, "if at least one of the conditions", "any of the conditions", ...00:12
whitequarkwait whaaat00:12
whitequarkmy dictionary lists both && and || for either00:13
whitequarknatural languages suck00:13
wpwrakxor would be "exactly one of the conditions" or "either <A> or <B>". with either you have to name them. you can use (for xor) "if either one or the other condition", but that sounds a bit clumsy00:14
wpwraki think "either" used as "or" still means && :)00:16
kristianpaul(erc explanation)00:17
wpwrakbut perhaps it's best to avoid "either" in such a context00:20
whitequarkwpwrak: especially that it's intended to be a specification, yes.00:20
whitequarkthat also means I kind of misused "either" for, well, my whole conscious life00:21
wpwrak(plural -> is) the "one of" is a selection. you pick one of a multitude. e.g., |X| > 1 but |one of X| == 100:22
whitequarkwpwrak: I understand that theoretically it should be the case00:22
whitequark(by the way, sometimes I feel that I've built a small LALR parser in my head specifically for these ambiguous situations)00:23
whitequarkya know, the "any of" predicate has a higher priority than "is", and "is" is left-associative00:23
whitequarkand so on00:23
whitequark... and that you have several completely different semantic forms of `if', but they're represented by exactly one token, and now you need infinite lookahead to ever parse that, and it sucks just so much00:24
kristianpaulthink fast think slow :)00:25
kristianpaulnow you are mastering beyond ! 00:25
whitequarkand the whole quoting issue. is the word "word" a word. I believe that this is a fundamental problem in NLP or something like that.00:26
whitequarkI can't remember how is it called, through00:26
viriclarsc: thanks to you I appear in the 3.6 kernel log :)21:41
viricwhat a honor21:42
wpwrakviric: now you'll get all those calls from google recuiting ;-)22:14
arossDOTmewell done23:51
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