#qi-hardware IRC log for Monday, 2012-10-01

wpwrakkristianpaul: if you find out about the devastating power of your local earthquakes only in IRC, they can't have been too bad ;-)02:32
wpwrakviric: around here, the maps suggested the epicenter was fairly close to where kristianpaul lives. and generally, the reasonably optimistic reports shortly after the quake have a tendency to get much worse a few hours late. like from "no fatalities reported" to "10% of the population dead or swept into the sea. and we've lost communucations to about 80% of the area"02:37
Action: pabs3 is reminded of that story about some researchers who were able to predict earthquakes using twitter faster than using sensors02:41
whitequarkpabs3: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/earthquake-twitter-users-learned-tremors-22648104:01
afroguyhi all06:44
Fallenouthey seemed to have prototyped on zynq board10:02
lekernel"The Parallella boards will cost more, however. Arduino boards or Raspberry Pi computers cost roughly $35 each as opposed to $99." thanks for the reminder, gigaom reportards. next time, maybe you should throw a $1.5 bag of carrots into the comparison.10:04
Fallenouand even comparying those, it's ridiculous10:05
Fallenou$35 and $99 ... it's really close10:05
Fallenoueven if we accept to compare those projects which are totally different10:05
Fallenouit's not like $35 and $50010:05
larscFallenou: yea, that's the ZED board. Considering the original price tag of the ZED board 99$ seems quite ambitious11:17
wpwrakgrmbl. blackout again ...11:54
kristianpaulwpwrak: as i said i was lucky in case it could had been worst i was out of the town13:54
kristianpauland i hope i'll sooner out for 2013 Q1, my current city have reports for 1700 of 9-12 earthquakes13:56
kristianpaulwell all the valley is full of micro faults..13:58
wpwraksounds like fun :)14:06
kyakdamn, i'm confused18:10
kyak* * */7 * * something - runs it every minute instead of every 7 days18:10
kyakit feels like the first wildcard (minutes) is more important18:11
kyakmaybe what i've written means "every minute AND every seven days"18:12
kyakoh ok.. google says it's "every minute of every hour every seventh day"18:13
kyakguest today is the seventh day, and i got like 960 backups :)18:14
kyakshould be 0 0 */7 * *.. now what happens if my laptop is off at the time? is the cron job queued?18:15
viricno, it's not queued.18:16
viric(with that syntax)18:16
viriceven more, if you use vixie cron, it can't be queued.18:16
viricfcron has more features.18:16
kyaki'm suing cronie18:16
kyaklol, using18:16
viricI don't know cronie18:16
wpwrakoh, lovely name choice18:17
kyakhm, i thought it's very popular.. used in several distros by default18:18
kyakok.. need to figure out how to backup well then..18:18
kyakthis one looks good http://xyne.archlinux.ca/projects/cronwhip/18:26
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