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kristianpauldamn not confuse slice with clb because.. http://web.sdu.dk/jjm/MMMI/Logic/PLDs/Spartan_6/Spartan6.htm02:58
kristianpaullekernel: there is a fpga dictionary somewhere? :)02:58
kristianpaulbut slices are  m x l... http://eetimes.com/design/programmable-logic/4015237/Xilinx-Spartan-6-FPGA-User-Guide-Lite?pageNumber=1 05:22
kristianpaula lot to read :)05:22
kristianpaulnot a common place05:22
DocScrutinizer05fun with sftp05:33
DocScrutinizer05quite nasty bug in my KDE(?)05:33
DocScrutinizer05drove me nuts last 5h05:33
kristianpaultime out? reverse dns issues? not proer hello?05:34
kristianpauln8 !05:34
DocScrutinizer05if you wanna reproduce it: `mv ~/.ssh/id_dsa.pub $elsewhere`05:34
DocScrutinizer05the check ssh working fine05:35
DocScrutinizer05sftp://user@host  working fine in konqueror and dolphin05:35
DocScrutinizer05but only once ;-P05:35
DocScrutinizer05then* check...*05:36
DocScrutinizer05here the sftp:// in filemanager magically creates a new id_dsa.pub, and even worse: a crippled one05:37
DocScrutinizer05and while everything works fine wothout any id_dsa.pub, everything starts blowing chunks with that crippled trunkated crap (only 1023 bytes instead of original 1115)05:38
kristianpaulDocScrutinizer05: good reason to stick on a terminal emulator :)13:23
DocScrutinizer05kristianpaul: meh13:23
kristianpaulbut i admit i like file managers (at least the one from xfce) to visualize more quickly photos and documents13:23
DocScrutinizer05kristianpaul: I just wonder what friggin process thinks it needs to restore that file13:24
kristianpaulthe fu require to make feh to dad is not much confortable to remenber...13:24
DocScrutinizer05and even does that in such a borked manner13:24
kristianpaulDocScrutinizer05: yes thats a nice bug :)13:24
whitequarkfor some reason, every single one person I met who knows what mc is, hates me for using mc.13:24
whitequarknot sure why13:24
DocScrutinizer05I love you for using mc :-D13:25
DocScrutinizer05actually it's the fallback of my choice, when sftp:// URL in filemanager doesn't work13:25
Action: DocScrutinizer05 blames KDE kio foo for doing that id_dsa.pub madness13:26
DocScrutinizer05would any of you, by any incidence, know about how id_dsa.pub is meant to get used/needed my ssh* ?13:27
DocScrutinizer05the most funny part is that everything works just fine without that file even existing13:29
whitequarkno clue, I always used RSA keys in SSH13:29
DocScrutinizer05but some idiot process thinks it has to be there for unknown reasons, and thus creates it, though broken/trunkated13:29
whitequarkmaybe just with fewer bits13:30
DocScrutinizer051023 vs 111513:30
DocScrutinizer051024 sounds like a bug13:30
DocScrutinizer051023 like bug--13:30
whitequarkit doesn't for me13:31
whitequarkthe keys are base64'd13:31
whitequarkand have prologue/epilogue13:31
DocScrutinizer05if you want to do me a favour: rename *.pub in your ~/.ssh to something else, and check if everything still works13:31
whitequarkdefine "everything"? I'm using dolphin as my file manager, is that fine?13:32
DocScrutinizer05ssh outbound, sftp outbound13:32
DocScrutinizer05yep, pretty fine13:32
viricdo you use an agent?13:33
DocScrutinizer05creates new *.pub file for me13:33
DocScrutinizer05viric: please elaborate13:33
DocScrutinizer05prolly not13:33
viricps ax | grep agent13:33
DocScrutinizer05how would I check?13:33
viricsome .xsession start agents13:33
DocScrutinizer05 3023 ?        Ss     0:03 /usr/bin/ssh-agent /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc13:34
whitequarkDocScrutinizer05: yeah, pretty certainly13:34
whitequarkalso I do use an agent13:34
viricthen that same script may be running 'ssh-add' to add keys to the agent.13:34
DocScrutinizer05 3022 ?        Ss     0:25 /usr/bin/gpg-agent --sh --daemon --write-env-file /home/jr/.gnupg/agent.info /usr/bin/ssh-agent /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc13:34
viricand the keys being created if non existant.13:34
viricModify your agent-calling scripts not to create the keys you don't want.13:35
DocScrutinizer05viric: 1000 thanks13:35
viricAnd whether you're required a dsa key or a rsa key, it depends on what public key you put in remote hosts.13:35
viricIf you put the dsa public key in remote hosts, then you'll need the dsa pair.13:35
viricyou are welcome13:35
DocScrutinizer05the fun bit is: the generated id_dsa.pub is the original one, just truncated13:36
viricyou've to check those who prepared your session start scripts, what they do and why13:36
DocScrutinizer05only source I could imagine is far end's allowed_keys13:36
DocScrutinizer05err yes13:37
whitequarkI've no idea how the new id_dsa.pub can ever be like original one13:37
DocScrutinizer05is this weird? or is this WEIRD13:37
viricwell, I think that the private part contains a keypair.13:37
whitequarkthis should not happen AT ALL13:37
viricbut I'm not sure.13:38
DocScrutinizer05maybe, yeah13:38
whitequarkviric: it does for RSA keys13:38
DocScrutinizer05thanks for all the feedback and help, have to enjoy a few minutes of ~rl13:38
infobotit has been said that rl is Real Life (the bad world out there), or known as the Big Blue Box (tm).  Conways game using only rational numbers13:39
viricsqrt(2) can take part in real life, not only rationals.13:39
DocScrutinizer05if you got anything to add, I'll read backscroll when i'm back13:39
viricReal life goes much further than rationality.13:40
whitequarkReal life goes even further than abolishing the rationality altogether; it can be said that it extends far beyond the very concept of rationality, leaving the distinction behind as simplistic.14:15
whitequark(if that's what you meant by "adding something"...)14:16
wpwrakkristianpaul: how was the earthquake ?18:24
kristianpaulwpwrak: not bad19:17
kristianpauli was out of city, actually rural area19:17
kristianpaulwas 11:30 so... then i get out of the house19:18
kristianpaulwait like one minute then back :)19:18
kristianpaulah wait epicenter was in north choco 19:19
kristianpaulthis was a replica, the first one was today 4:30 am and 4.2 magnitude19:20
kristianpaulah wait19:20
Action: kristianpaul reading the news19:20
kristianpauli dint felt like 7.3 to me19:23
kristianpaulpehaps becuse was not in the town/town19:24
kristianpaulha http://paste.debian.net/194712/19:25
kristianpaulwell back to apartement all seems fine..19:25
virickristianpaul: the media I use to read does not cover that earthquake :)21:51
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