#qi-hardware IRC log for Saturday, 2012-09-22

kristianpaulcome on, this is posible ?  http://linuxsampler.org/downloads.html01:53
kristianpaulwell 01:55
Action: kristianpaul sigh01:55
kristianpaulwhen comes to hardware and commercialization around it you realize whats free and was not.. well.. nothing new02:02
wolfspra1lkristianpaul: funny, eh? :-)02:04
wolfspra1lwhat is 'commercial' hw btw?02:04
wolfspra1lpretty much this shows some confused people on the other side, imho02:04
kristianpaulhardware you can sell/trade no?02:05
wolfspra1lI think what they mean is that you just have the guts to call your stuff 'noncommercial'02:05
wolfspra1lat a time when 'non-profit organizations' are paying multi-million dollar salaries to their executives that shouldn't be too hard...02:05
wolfspra1lI do hope this means such software stays out of debian/fedora etc. though02:07
wolfspra1lif they already spend so much time on these licensing issues, they should keep such stuff out02:07
wolfspra1lin the long run it will be public domain anyway :-)02:07
kristianpauldebian, i just installed some wrappers (so tricky !!)...02:08
kristianpaulneed check fedora tought..02:08
kristianpaulindeed, i dont get why they just release it that way02:09
kristianpaulthey could just make money from brand if they want.? or.. dont know actually sell it and profit02:10
kristianpaulif thats really good to be scare of people selling it right away ;-)02:10
wolfspra1lnobody will make any money, it just shows a certain degree of confusion :-)02:36
wolfspra1lwe are all confused...02:36
wpwrak"LinuxSampler is licensed under the FW GPL ..."06:11
wpwrakFW = F...ehm...ooled With06:12
viricFW? :)07:12
lekernelI'm willing to bet that in the end, "non commercial hardware" is mass produced hardware with a low unit cost: raspberry pi, eee pc, etc.11:26
lekernelandroid smartphones :)11:26
lekernelthis is sad...11:27
zearlekernel, i thought non-commercial hardware is like OLPC14:15
rjeffriesmay be of interest: http://blog.ted.com/2012/09/21/tinker-tailor-solderer-fellows-friday-with-catarina-mota/15:22
whitequarklekernel: raspberry pi is anything but non-commercial18:37
lekernelsorry, forgot the <irony> tags :)21:01
viricgood irony :)21:02
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