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Guest31141a more pernment link01:05
wpwrakvictory ! successfully got a set of component prices from digi-key with wget :) they don't obfuscate it as much as i had thought. but they now have a bit more complicated urls. ah well ...15:01
larscwe should try to encourage them to have a nice machine friendly interface for this15:07
wpwrakit's not ovelry bad. here is my script: http://pastebin.ca/220320515:09
wpwrakyou'd invoke it with things like ./fetchdk LTST-C190KRKT/160-1436-2-ND15:09
wpwrakah, after getting rid of the  [ -r _tmp ] ||  of course. that's for debugging ;-)15:10
lekernelwpwrak: what board are you working on?15:49
wpwraka variant of the ledtoy15:55
wpwrakkeeping things simple for once ;-)15:55
lekernelwarming up for the M3? ;)16:02
lekernel(assuming I can get enough interest with some vaporware. don't want to bump into this horrible publicity starvation problem again...)16:03
wpwrakheh, dunno. trying to do something that should succeed for a change :)16:03
wpwrak(publicity) not sure if M3-the-pro-video-mixer really needs all that much publicity16:04
wpwrakthat is, as long as the relatively small clientele knows of it16:04
lekernelI won't really go before collecting a few thousand email addresses of genuinely interested people16:06
wpwrakheh :)16:07
wpwrakif all else fails, you could still the addresses. highly selective. must be worth several nanocent apiece ;-)16:07
wpwraks/still/still sell16:08
Action: wpwrak should not multitask16:08
Action: kristianpaul agree16:15
rohhm. anybody interrested in a spdif-mux?17:03
rohor rather.. a spdif transmission system which uses structured rj45 cat5 cabling17:08
wpwrakcabling up for the next party ? :)17:15
rohwpwrak: nope. just regular hw demand17:42
Guest43751I have had some success with mixing audio from different apps playing at the same time. I have had to force them individually. I have done the simple approach in my /etc/asoundrc http://alsa.opensrc.org/Dmix17:44
Guest43751but it does not seam to make a difference.17:45
Guest43751I have also been trying to get the sample rate down so music is not affected. http://alsa.opensrc.org/Dmix#Does_dmix_affect_sound_quality.3F17:47
Guest43751The simple approach: http://alsa.opensrc.org/Dmix#5._The_simple_approach:17:48
rohGuest43751: you can stop now. dmix is dead and will proably vanish soon17:48
Guest43751so what do you suggest?17:49
rohand it doesnt solve any problem. its remixing in sw, and it doesnt matter if you do that in user or kernelspace.17:49
Guest43751ok so what, does the NN have this hardware mixing mentioned here and there?17:52
Guest43751I am clueless as to what is needed.17:54
Aylait does not17:55
larscroh: the is no support for mixing in kernelspace18:01
rohlarsc: well.. there shouldnt be anyhow ;)18:02
Guest43751ok, so then the only way is software. If not dmix then what? 18:02
rohconfigure a less cpuwasting resampler if you do not have enough cpu for good quality18:03
larscGuest43751: on the nanonote it is dmix18:03
Aylalarsc: OSS4 does mixing in kernel space18:03
larscAyla: let me be more precise: there is no support for mixing in kernelspace on linux.18:05
rohon a nanonote you dont need any resampler anyhow... not enough cpu for more thzan one stream18:06
Guest43751with forced dmix it can mix 2 or 3 sources of audio at the same time but there are sound effects not music. When I play music and send it to dmix I believe I have the sample rate problem mentioned in the article. So I need dmix to resample at 44.1kHz not 48kHz.18:11
Guest43751My aim is to have audio notifications while I listen to music,video, play games, etc.18:13
wpwrakjust suspend the music while the notification is playing ?18:16
Guest43751need to recompile gmu. which I plan to do any way.18:16
Guest43751gmu only has cl control in newer versions.18:17
Guest43751but what about the games?18:17
rohwpwrak: too simple ;)18:17
Guest43751now with the re-sampling. quick questionIs 18:19
Guest43751is "pcm "hw:0,0"" right for the NN?18:20
Guest43751or if you know some key words to search with , that would be great.18:28
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