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wpwrakgrmbl. it's scary how dependent you become on parametric cad once you start with it. one of these days, i should "take a year off" and turn fped into a proper 2D/3D cad system ...14:25
larscwpwrak: yea, so much to do, so little time15:02
wpwrakit sucks to be the only one who can save the world, doesn't it ?15:06
larscthe world? the universe!15:08
larsc"saving the world one patch at a time" ;)15:10
wpwrakerr right. i always get the two confused.15:10
whitequarkDocScrutinizer05: SGS2's modem is pretty funny16:53
whitequarkit has verbose text traces compiled in16:53
whitequarkand its service mode has a switch16:53
whitequark[*] DEBUG16:53
whitequark[ ] MORE DEBUG16:53
whitequarkjust connecting to a correct ttyACM lets you to observe literally megabytes of its internals16:54
whitequarknot to mention that dumping RAM is trivial.16:54
whitequarkDocScrutinizer05: also, I'm curious16:57
whitequarkin Moscow underground, only one carrier has antennae which provide full coverage in tonnels16:57
whitequarkother ones only cover stations16:57
whitequarkbut if you set txPower to 0xff (I dunno in which units; default is network-configured), then you can get uninterrupted service even in tonnels16:59
Jay7I'll go to YaC this year16:59
Jay7so will be in Moscow around 1 Oct16:59
whitequarkthrough the phone becomes kinda very hot16:59
Guest35674Hello I have decided to update my NN17:41
Guest35674in the latest builds. did gtk & qt apps compile?17:42
kristianpaulnot sure, i heard was removed because wont compile, but is not last words17:46
kristianpaulbet you try it Guest35674/alexander17:46
Guest35674yep :D17:47
Guest35674then I will stick to 2012-04-017:47
Guest35674i did it again. at http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/build-nanonote/ i didn't take in the mininail word.17:49
Guest35674must be more careful.17:49
Guest35674sorry rubbish question17:50
Guest35674what do I need to download from http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/software/images/NanoNote/Ben/2012-04-09/ ?17:51
kristianpaulcheck here http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Updating_Ben_with_usbboot17:53
Guest35674[ ]openwrt-xburst-qi_lb60-root.ubi.bz212-Apr-2012 08:28 129M 17:53
Guest35674[ ]openwrt-xburst-qi_lb60-rootfs.tar.gz openwrt-xburst-qi_lb60-u-boot.binopenwrt-xburst-qi_lb60-uImage.bin17:53
kristianpaulbut i think last reflash_ben script have support for dowloading snapshots as well17:54
kristianpaulbbl lunch time17:54
Guest35674I have version: 2012-04-1217:54
Guest35674ok I think I get it now.18:03
Guest35674Whats with http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/software/images/Ben_NanoNote_2GB_NAND/ ?18:03
Guest35674when there's http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/software/images/NanoNote/Ben ?18:04
Guest35674links to the same think18:05
Guest35674think = thing18:05
Guest35674in usb boot mode you get the logo then nothing but the lcd backlight right?18:26
Aylain USB boot mode you get nothing18:27
Guest35674done it18:32
Guest35674Bus 002 Device 015: ID 601a:4740 Ingenic Semiconductor Ltd. XBurst Jz4740 boot mode18:32
Guest35674upgrade successful20:33
Guest35674How did you lot find MOC on the NN? might try and compile it if it worked well. I use MOC on my desktop.20:34
mthMOC? I guess you don't mean the Qt meta object compiler?20:35
kristianpauli guess the console music player?20:39
mthon the A320 gmu is very popular, I guess that could be ported to the NN as well20:41
mthwej: does gmu support ALSA nowadays?20:41
Guest35674I know20:41
Guest35674I wanted to comper them on the NN20:42
AylaGMU uses SDL20:42
AylaSDL can use ALSA20:42
Aylaso yeah20:42
mthbut it also controls the mixer, iirc20:42
Aylait has an internal volume, no?20:44
Guest35674gmv is hocked up with the vol buttons20:45
Guest35674with the usb cable pluged in the led is dimmer. before upgrade it was bright.20:46
wejmth, as Yla said, Gmu uses SDL, so yeas, you can use ALSA with it. you cannot control the hardware mixer through alsa with gmu, though. but you can still control the volume wiht gmu through software volume control21:03
wejoh and Gmu has long been ported to the NN21:03
mthok, thanks21:03
mthGuest35674: the LED instensity might be pwm controlled, maybe the default brightness just changed21:04
Guest35674the led also flickers21:07
Guest35674does any of the gmu compiles on the devs site work on the NN? I assume not. I want more formats support. I am also usb Etherneting and will see what packages there are.21:08
Guest35674hello gnutoo21:20
Guest35674gnutooL: moc vs gmu on the NN21:26
Guest35674yep internet on me NN21:27
Guest35674yep = yea21:28
wejGuest35674, i have not compiled the latest version of Gmu for the NN as i was of the impression that Gmu is part of the official image. it looks like the official image does not use the latest version though (no idea why). of course you can alway compile Gmu yourself21:28
Guest35674I know22:01
Guest35674are all the packages in the repos included in the image?22:06
Guest35674arrr I see the led flickers on nand read.22:37
wpwrakin the Ben ? that seems unusual22:41
wpwrakare you referring to the red LED (to indicate battery charging) of the ben ?22:42
wpwrakben nanonote22:42
wpwraki wouldn't expect the led to flicker. it's exclusively under the control of the battery charger. and the battery charger shouldn't be affected by nand access or similar.22:45
wpwraksee also the ben's schematics :) http://en.qi-hardware.com/w/images/9/9c/Lb60_schematic.pdf22:46
Guest35674oh well it flicks when I read/play a file. it is connected to my computer22:47
wpwrakthat still seems weird. hmm, i wonder whether i can convince you to distrust your senses ;-)22:49
Guest35674i am running  2012 04 0922:51
Guest35674plugin to computer and play some music22:51
wpwrakwhat i mean is that your hardware shouldn't be able to do anything like this :) so if it does that, either something is wrong or you found a very unusual effect22:52
Guest35674i know22:52
Guest35674I think to vol is on 100% too22:53
Guest35674well 67%22:53
wpwraki wonder if anyone else can reproduce this. if the charger engages a lot of times, it could be unhealthy for the battery22:54
Guest35674oh no not me battery! :o22:55
wpwrakah, when flickering, what timing are we talking about ? it is off most of the time and briefly flashes on ?22:57
whitequarkwpwrak: it seems that whatever goes on in Ben consumes enough current to lower VBATO and therefore VBAT under 4V2 or whatever is the charger threshold22:57
wpwrakwhitequark: that's one possible interpretation, yes. seems a bit odd that the ben would actually discharge22:59
Guest35674briefly flashes22:59
Guest35674like the hd led on pcs22:59
whitequarkwpwrak: what would be other ones, except the malfunctioning charger IC?23:00
wpwrakGuest35674: okay, that would be consistent with whitequark's theory23:00
wpwrakGuest35674: does it go away if you reduce the volume a little ?23:01
Guest35674hag on23:01
Guest35674I don't get this with my all in one laptop power supply that has a 500ma usb23:02
Guest35674only on my pc23:02
wpwrakwhitequark: could be a troubled charger. could be a design flaw of the charger. could be insufficient bypassing. could be the usb host being overly stingy.23:03
kristianpaulcharging the ben always had been tricky, like sudently the charger status led go dim but no completelly off23:03
kristianpauli never liked that..23:03
kristianpaulthen re-plug miniusb all fine :D23:04
wpwrakkristianpaul: agreed. i don't use my bens much on battery, but i always distrust what's going on there. (and, of course, when i use it on battery, i really need that to work)23:04
Guest35674on the lap power supply the charge led is at full brightness23:05
wpwrakGuest35674: hmm. that means that's charging all the time. when done charging, does the LED stay off ?23:06
wpwraks/that's/that it's23:06
wpwrakgood :)23:06
Guest35674have not charged it on the computer before23:06
Guest35674or have I23:07
Guest35674or I don't think I have23:07
Guest35674or = oh23:08
wpwrakwell, you may want to keep an eye on this, and maybe see if you can avoid this condition. charger going on and off all the time may be unhealthy. (but then, it may not matter.)23:10
Guest35674I will23:11
Guest35674I see there's an update for the menu in the repo. Are the any know problems with upgrading the menu?23:11
wpwrakthe thing is that life of li-ion batteries is limited by charge cycles and even partial cycles count towards this limit. now, i don't understand battery chemistry well enough to know whether such ultra-short cycles would also cause significant degradation or if they don't matter.23:12
wpwrakone would also have to check whether the led flashing actually corresponds to activity on the battery or whether the charger changes its mind quickly enough that the battery doesn't experience any change.23:13
Guest35674theres a chap on the puppy (gnu/?) linux who would/might know23:14
Guest35674forgoten his name23:14
kristianpaulwpwrak: how performed then ben on your last public manisfetation  ?23:19
kristianpaulben's bateery*23:19
wpwrakit did very well. i had it running for maybe two hours and the battery still had plenty of juice left afterwards23:22
wpwrakthe only annoyance was that jlime decided to power off after a very little idle time. so i had to boot all the time.23:23
wpwrakand of course, a backlit keyboard would have been nice :)23:23
Guest35674Its amazing how loud the speaker is. I can hear it by my guess 20M away. Ideal for incorrect password alarm.23:41
wpwraknice idea :)23:42
Guest35674now how to have login screen and lock?23:44
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