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wpwrakxiangfu: seems that either hong kong is slow or UPS updates don't penetrate the great chinese firewall01:12
xiangfuwpwrak, we wait. 01:15
xiangfuI guess it will even slow when arrive China custom.01:17
wpwrakyeah, or maybe they do customs before departing hkg ? that would explain the delay01:17
wpwrakwell, we'll see. sometimes, tracking data arrives in bursts. the universe is still full of mysteries ;-)01:20
wpwrakaah, progress at last :)03:48
wpwraki guess "import scan" means that it's still at customs03:49
wpwrakxiangfu: seems that customs want personalized attention :-( "Clearing Agency is requiring an invoice comparison to the items being shipped."06:27
wpwrakif it works like it does here, UPS should bring you some papers. with these, you then have to go to the customs depot and do whatever procedure they have in place there. let's hope it06:37
wpwrak's not as messy as in argentina ...06:37
xiangfuwpwrak, I will keep my phone power on. :)06:42
wpwrakyou could try to call UPS and ask if there's anything you can do. but most likely, you just have to wait for the papers to arrive.06:43
xiangfuwpwrak, ok. I will try to call them.06:44
xiangfuwpwrak, just finished the call. she said they will contact me in 3 days. 06:55
wpwrakhmm. pretty slow for what should be a routine task :)06:57
wpwrakof course, with the weekend ...06:58
wpwrakah well, more time to finish the software then. i have most of the basics working now.07:00
viricdamn serial port damn07:20
viricstty -F /dev/tty0 -clocal ...07:20
viricand then I get only EIO07:21
viricuntil i reboot the computer07:21
viricThe same happened to me in another computer, when I used the usual pc 16550 uart07:21
viricis all that code rotten or what, for uarts?07:21
viricthat doesn't happen to me in ftdi cables.07:23
viricdoes anybody use a serial port here?07:27
larsconly usb to serial bridges07:35
viriclarsc: on both sides?07:35
larscon the other side is usually a embedded board07:36
viricdebugging the uart is not a nice thing I guess.07:36
viricuart driver07:36
larscbut lots of them have uart16550 uarts07:36
larscor similar07:37
virichm ok07:44
viricand what stty settings do you use in the workstation side, for 'cat /dev/ttyUSB0' to work?07:45
larsc only use screen /dev/tty...08:00
viriclarsc: with screen? hm08:05
larscyes, best terminal emulator ever ;)08:06
larscwell at least better than a lot of the alternatives08:06
virichow does it handle the ctrcts, dts, dsr, mess ?08:06
larscno idea08:09
viriclucky you :)08:15
xiangfuwpwrak, UPS is better then EMS. :) they just tell me that the package have cleared by custom. 08:22
xiangfubut today is too late to deliver. and ups not work at weekend. so I will get the package next Monday. 08:23
wolfspraulxiangfu: werner will not believe that paperwork issues can just disappear like that08:37
wolfspraulbut it's china, right? lots of paper is fought with lots of more paper and lots of stamps, and then it's all fine08:37
wolfsprauland people can go have dinner on time at 6 PM...08:37
wolfspraulfor my part I expect nothing until you hold the functioning device in your hands :-)08:38
xiangfu(lots of paper is fought with lots of more paper and lots of stamps)  :-D08:46
wpwrakxiangfu: whee ! got lucky then ;-)09:51
wpwrakwolfspraul: perhaps it was just a way for UPS to have an excuse for not delivering it today09:52
wpwrakwolfspraul: after all, it was already getting late ...09:52
viricgrmbl this ttyS0 line looks like not connected at all. No remote operation makes it receive an irq09:52
viricis xon/xoff implemented in the uart or the driver?09:53
whitequarkviric: maybe the interrupts are just broken11:56
whitequarknot very uncommon11:56
Guest29702a 32gb sd card fat is ok right? hmm12:27
Guest29702oh no never mind12:28
viricwhitequark: the interrupts counter increases when I do local stty operations12:36
viricbut as for now, I can't really distinguish the situation from a no-cable situation :)12:36
Guest29702my nano note came! :D12:47
xiangfuGuest29702, great.12:53
kyakfriday evening, a new toy comes up, the weekend is ruined :)12:55
Guest29702its abushctafter btw12:56
Guest29702just in time for bitcoin201212:57
viricwhitequark: 'interrupts just broken', you mean a hw problem?12:58
Guest29702btw will the batt last all day?13:03
kyakyou realize it depends on what you do with your nanonote, right?13:04
Guest29702gmx and todo & cal13:07
Guest29702which img is best? Image_2012-04-09? curectly i have 2011-11-1313:13
wpwrakaah ! restored to power :)13:14
xiangfuGuest29702, Image_2012-04-09 include all application and newest openwrt.   for Image_2012-07-11 there are QT/GTK program broken. gmx and todo & cal works fine. 13:17
xiangfuGuest29702, if you don't use any QT/GTK program. you can jump to latest image.13:17
Guest29702hmm thanks13:18
Guest29702whats inittab? : "Make nanonote inittab work with minimal, it will try to load gmen2x or sh"13:20
xiangfuGuest29702, you can ignore that commit. it's for minimal build image. 13:23
xiangfuGuest29702, so far all nanonote user using the full_system image.13:23
xiangfuif there no gmenu2x . it will load sh for login.13:24
viricinittab is a sysvinit configuration file13:27
Guest29702my todo list: flash,fill up 32gb sd card with goods, mplayer osd gui, poweroff audio, if python clap script to play/pause music. :)13:27
Guest29702oh and play with all the apps13:27
Guest29702:D and bitcoin1012 time table13:28
whitequarkviric: sw one13:28
whitequarkeg incorrect in-kernel routing 13:29
viricwhitequark: well the numbers increase when doing local changes to ttyS013:30
whitequarkI'd place a debug printk within the handler and dump the uart state register13:30
viricit should have debug code that can be enabled13:30
viricwhat do you think of CONFIG_DYNAMIC_DEBUG?13:31
viric(a bit unrelated to the UART)13:32
viricdo you think it helps the kernel run fast, while having debug traces activable?13:32
viricwhitequark: I could wire tx to rx. that should make for a test.13:34
Guest29702any one going to bitcoin 2012 london?13:36
paul_boddieFollowing on from my comment on licence compliance a few days ago: http://lwn.net/Articles/515146/13:39
paul_boddie"Integration of a legal information reporting infrastructure, which allows to generate detailed informations about the licenses and source code of all components of a system generated by Buildroot."13:39
paul_boddieOne fewer excuse for vendors. :-)13:40
viricwhitequark: I'm trying to investigate hangs...13:52
viricwhitequark: and one of the hangs happened at kernel boot, a while ago. Last line on screen, was: 13:53
viricSerial: 8250/16550 driver, 4 ports, IRQ sharing enabled13:53
viricWhile on normal boot, it would be followed by:13:53
viricserial8250: ttyS0 at I/O 0x3f8 (irq = 4) is a 16550A13:53
viric00:08: ttyS0 at I/O 0x3f8 (irq = 4) is a 16550A13:53
viricI think the serial port can receive, but not send13:59
viric(pin 3 touching gnd, makes rubbish to come)13:59
viricthis thing is all broken. I'm stracing, this serial port blocks for seconds on close()14:04
paul_boddieGuest29702: I guess your NanoNote had been updated to that 2011-11-13 image. Unless you want to mess around flashing the NAND, I recommend sticking with that image for now.14:30
larscwolfspraul: Maybe you know this, when you sign up for a USB VID, was it possible to check a box somewhere which says that you want to appear in the offical usb vendor id list on usb.org?14:58
whitequarkviric: hm, that's quite strange.15:09
whitequarkcan the hw be broken?15:09
viricI've no idea. It hangs from time to time, since months15:10
viricI've updated the bios two times, in the last two years. Now I've the latest frmo january.15:10
viricit's an asus deluxe board + phenomII15:11
viricit was a bit expensive.15:11
whitequarkah, so x86.15:17
whitequarkI guess it's just broken in some weird way.15:17
wpwrakor, perhaps, weird in some broken way15:21
viricyes damn computer15:33
Guest29702trying to rec for mic. All I getting is a high pitch squeak that fades down. like an air rad siren. what command do you use? rec -c 1 ./nnmic.wav15:35
Guest29702yey got it recording working. had to adjust the (mic) levels more 16:02
Guest29702must not ask questions of easily...16:02
Guest29702of =so16:03
Guest29702now I have raised the mic level back, still works. odd, or was upping the master levels to 100 that fixed it?... oh well16:07
larscmight be a bug, can you try to reproduce it by rebooting the device?16:37
Guest29702I will have a play later and see.17:20
Guest29702streaming ogg's from magnatune.com play but the ones from jamendo don't. http://developer.jamendo.com/en/wiki/OggVorbis17:21
Guest29702is this fixed in newer images?17:21
Guest29702the problem with recording is if the master catuar is not turned up then you get the werd recording. the levels I set are not saved. so on reboot it's back to the problem21:56
whitequarkGuest29702: try "alsactl store" and "alsactl restore"22:00
whitequarkor maybe "alsactl init" will help, through that's unlikely22:00
Guest29702nope don't work22:25
Guest29702I get with the restore command: cannot open /var/lib/alsa/asound.state for reading : no such file22:27
whitequarkmkdir -p /var/lib/alsa maybe?22:27
Guest29702alsactrl load_state:1581?22:30
Guest29702I think I have read about this some were...22:31
Guest29702asound.state thing that is22:31
Ayla/usr/sbin/alsactl -f $ASOUND_STATEFILE restore22:35
Aylathat's what we use on opendingux22:36
Aylato memorize the mixer settings22:36
Guest29702bingo. the defualt place asound.state is saved into is /etc/.23:16
Guest29702forcing init to save into the default place restore looks does not seam to work23:17
Guest29702oh btw the oggs do play. It seams the sd card that came with my 2rd hand NN is dodgy.23:54
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