#qi-hardware IRC log for Wednesday, 2012-09-05

viricif my computer hangs, but the at keyboard does not have leds blinking... does it mean it's not a panic?12:29
mthdoes led blinking work with usb keyboards too or just with ps/2?12:30
viricIt's a ps/2 in this case.12:30
viricthat's what I meant by 'at keyboard'12:30
mthah, I read it too quickly12:31
viricI mean, if I force a crash (sysrq-c), they blink12:31
viricbut when my computer hangs (sometimes), it does not blink12:31
whitequarkdepends on your kernel version13:28
whitequarkwith newer kernels (3.5 is what I mean, through I'm not exactly sure when it has started), leds no more blink on panic13:29
mthlarsc: do you know what the relation is between gpio and pinctrl in the Linux kernel?17:47
mthdevres can manage pinctrls, but not plain gpios17:48
larscit can17:48
larscsee drivers/gpio/devres.c17:48
mthhmm, they forgot the update devres.txt then?18:04
larscit is new though18:05
larscI think 3.518:05
mthbut in whatever version the implementation is added 3.5, the docs should be added as well ;)18:05
mththe implementation does exist in 3.5, in any case18:06
larscat some point we should switch our jz_gpio_set_function over to pinctrl18:08
mthlarsc: what is the practical difference between SND_SOC_DAPM_HP and SND_SOC_DAPM_LINE?18:28
mthI have a single port here that's used for both headphones and TV-out, so I'm not sure what to label it18:28
larscin practice there is not really a difference I think18:30
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