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wolfspra1lHS codes00:20
wolfspra1lthere are so many ways to make money in the world :-)00:21
wolfspra1lit's all our ingenious inventions!00:21
wolfspra1lat least a few more people are fed, see it positively...00:21
wpwrak"harmonized system". a system of 4-10 digit codes for identifying goods for custom purposes00:31
wpwrakxiangfu: thanks ! nice ... your zip code is binary ;-)04:05
xiangfuI should write 0x2C :)04:05
wpwraksee if the postal workers can figure it out ;-)04:16
qi-bot[commit] Marcos Paulo de Souza: MIPS: JZ4770: SLCD: Use SIMPLE_DEV_PM_OPS instead of dev_pm_ops (jz-3.5) http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/c19956e04:59
paul_boddieYocto? I've heard not particularly encouraging things about OpenEmbedded, although perhaps they might also be said about OpenWrt.15:05
paul_boddieIt took me ages to figure out how to build just the toolchain with OpenWrt, although I doubt that it would have been slower to just disable all the packages and do a plain "make". The toolchain is surely longer to compile than the Linux kernel plus modules.15:10
kristianpaulplain make usually works15:12
paul_boddieYes, but I thought it would save time to just build gcc and friends. That should really be an obvious make option and/or be obviously documented.15:14
paul_boddieAnyway, my extensive searching revealed an apparently huge number of embedded build systems, perhaps indicating that everyone struggles with this kind of thing.15:17
wpwrakthe trick for surviving with OE is to outsource the maintenance ;-)15:24
paul_boddieI think that's what everybody is thinking. Modern capitalism at its finest! ;-)15:35
paul_boddieStill, project momentum is half the battle here: if you can have enough people doing maintenance of the different builds, there's less duplication of effort and higher reliability.15:40
paul_boddieIt means that people like me don't have to acquaint themselves with the build system *and* the architectural and technological decisions of the GNOME project over the past n years.15:42
wpwrakyeah. i've seen OE hell at openmoko, where virtually everyone was exposed to it. and i've seen OE work very smoothly for the ben, where it was "outsourced" to jlime. pity jlime sort of faded away.16:00
paul_boddieIs jlime worth looking at in any sense?16:01
wpwrakit may still be the easiest way to get X11 on the ben16:02
paul_boddieI remember the OpenMoko software development situation. I once looked at MokoMakefile and was somewhat disappointed. For a start, it didn't really work like a Makefile, although you can say that none of this stuff retains the "make only what's new" properties of classic make.16:02
wpwrakbut the problem is that it's no longer maintained. so it's gradually dying.16:02
wpwrakat OM, people used bitbake even to "make" the code they were developing ...16:04
paul_boddieI'm not really that interested in X11 on the Ben. It's a powerful demonstrator of running X on a screen even smaller than the original X workstations managed to do, but I doubt the practical benefits in terms of applications.16:04
wpwrakwell, you have a lot of thing that "just work" with X11. you don't even have to think about why or how.16:04
paul_boddieAgreed. Configuring stuff for the framebuffer is likely to exercise code that isn't often exercised. And I suppose X11 provides the screen-sharing framework that the framebuffer doesn't, unless you can have many virtual framebuffers.16:06
mthlarsc (or anyone else who knows): about this line: load-$(CONFIG_MACH_JZ4740)      += 0xffffffff8001000023:52
mthwhy are the leading f's there?23:52
mthit breaks u-boot's mkimage tool on 32-bit host systems23:53
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