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wolfspra1lgood morning00:07
wolfspra1lthat's becoming embarassing, so... "remote hung up unexpectedly" - I also got that00:07
wolfspra1lserver syslog says "qi-kernel.git repository not exported"00:07
wolfspra1lI'm not so familiar with git, if anyone knows how to export it, go ahead00:08
wolfspra1lcouple options. git-daemon-export-ok file in .git, --export-all for git-daemon00:09
wolfspra1lthey say git clone --bare may still work? trying00:09
wolfspra1lok I created a git-daemon-export-ok file server-side, was missing for some reason00:13
wolfspra1lmy git glone is now not getting that immediate error anymore, but also doesn't seem to start downloading yet00:13
wolfspra1lI'm behind a slow vpn link so maybe someone else can try too00:13
wpwrakdid you do a  git gc  ?  that may also help to speed up things a little00:14
wolfspra1loh well "fatal, remote end hung up unexpectedly"00:14
wpwrakwould have been too easy :)00:15
wolfspra1lthe export-ok file got deleted?00:15
wolfspra1lmaybe indefero is watching and it's set private or so? checking...00:15
wolfspra1lsource: "signed in users"00:17
wolfspra1lopen to all, save changes00:17
wolfspra1land now it's downloading :-)00:19
wolfspra1lthe kernel was configured (in indefero gui) to not give source access unless for signed-in users00:19
wolfspra1lproblem solved (hopefully, awaiting confirm), back to morning coffee and then fpgatools :-)00:19
mthI'm running a clone now00:26
mthit is counting remote objects, so it is at least doing more than before00:26
mthwolfspra1l: it seems to be working now; thanks!00:29
wolfspra1lyou are welcome, but it was as easy as a setting in the gui :-)00:30
mthI didn't let it finish to spare the poor server, but it does finish the counting stage00:30
wolfspra1lwhich said "don't give access to users that are not signed in", which is exactly what the server did (although the error msg was not very helpful, of course)00:30
wolfspra1lserver should be ok, no hesitation00:31
qi-botThe build was successful: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/build-nanonote/openwrt-xburst.minimal-20120826-0846 10:53
GNUtookristianpaul, hi,  did you see on hackaday that someone used the rtl-sdr to make a GPS ?14:14
kristianpaulusing a gnss gps project, gnuradio thing right?14:17
kristianpaulafaik i cant reproduce that locally i have a differente rtl-sdr dongle, actually the one with worst clock...14:17
kristianpaulbut GNUtoo 14:17
kristianpaulthats a distraction from the real gial14:17
kristianpaulstill good for hacking and academic porpuses i dont see any practical on it right now..14:18
GNUtooindeed the precision seem worse14:18
lindi-kristianpaul: it's good PR for SDR14:18
kristianpauloh sure14:18
kristianpauland will be nice if i could fit a dual core intel-like procesor device on my hand..14:19
lindi-kristianpaul: and maybe that gps will work at higher altitudes that normally permitted14:19
kristianpaulyes !14:19
kristianpauli hope too14:19
kristianpaulbut still, you need carr the laptop too at hihg altitude?14:20
kristianpaulperhaps i'm biased and dint consider the chance it can be run from a pi or similar devices tought14:20
kristianpauli just afraid (perhaps just me) SDR still resides on the desktop side not much mobile tought..14:20
kristianpaullindi, GNUtoo what you think?14:21
GNUtooI think raspery pi is not the answer14:21
GNUtooit require a proprietary firmware to boot the CPU14:22
GNUtoobasically the GPU boots the CPU14:22
kristianpaulbootrom ;-)14:22
GNUtootrough proprietary GPU code.....14:22
kristianpauloh the gpu?14:22
kristianpauldo you know any dual-core intel-like based phone?14:23
kristianpaulWhere was that intel phone btw... DocScrutinizer05 ?14:23
GNUtoono idea about intel phones, I'm sitll on ARM14:24
kristianpaulcan you decently run gnuradio on a ARM phone?14:25
kristianpaulgnuradio decoding for example FM from a rtl-sdl compatible dongle?14:25
kristianpaulbtw lindi-, cant rtklib do the same?14:26
kristianpaulas the gnss-sdr14:26
kristianpauli was thinking the order day about rtklib + satellite navegation data solution14:27
kristianpaulseems rtklib a long term solutio to get in support in upstream to projects like namuru14:28
lindi-kristianpaul: nope, rtklib is bit higher level14:46
lindi-kristianpaul: you need to measure the pseudoranges first14:46
lindi-kristianpaul: and phase14:46
lindi-kristianpaul: also rtklib currently is not really maintained as a library14:47
lindi-kristianpaul: the upstream is just more interested in research than build systems :)14:47
kristianpaulgood to know, thanks !14:48
wpwrak(rpi) GPU boots the CPU ? with proprietary code ? nvidia should love that idea :)14:49
GNUtookristianpaul, look at the E10015:34
GNUtoothey run gnuradio on arm15:34
kristianpaulwhat's the e100?15:53
lindi-USRP E10015:54
lindi-kristianpaul: https://www.ettus.com/product/details/UE100-KIT15:55
kristianpaulah fancy :)15:58
wpwrakthe "Harmonized System" must be to bureaucracy what teleportation would be to transport.23:03
wpwraka gazillion of categories, with hardly a good place to fit electronics, but then you get things like being able to specify detail like whether christmas decoration is made of glass or something else.23:05
wpwrakbetter yet, they change it every year, adding or removing things. so last year's code may not work this year.23:06
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