#qi-hardware IRC log for Sunday, 2012-08-26

marcos_Hi people, I came here again for trying to solve the issue about pulling with an anon user21:01
marcos_When trying to do a git clone in the qi-kernel, I receive the following message: fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly21:01
mthwolfspra1l said a server upgrade is coming soonish, but I don't think this is a capacity problem, so perhaps it could be investigated before the upgrade?21:02
mthsince SSH is working fine on the same repo, it's unlikely the repo size is causing this, imo21:03
viricmy clone is too old to share it usefully21:03
marcos_viric: Thanks, but I was trying to do a pull a change that was aplied yesterday21:04
viricso, futile.21:04
marcos_Maybe an github account mirroring the repo would be what we need in these cases21:06
mthI used github before moving to qi-kernel; if this cannot be fixed I can move back, but I'd prefer to stay at qi21:09
viricmake use of the decentralized power of git21:10
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